Reservation: A Way to Retain the Casteism or Racism Alive in India

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Reservation: A Way to Retain the Casteism or Racism Alive in India

Reservation: A Way to Retain the Casteism or Racism Alive in India

In India at ancient time four castes were divided on the basis of their work by some scholars with some good faith. The motive was simple that people from specific caste will learn and get experiences in their respective job and contribute to the society. There was no compulsion for any that he could not learn other thing which does not lie under his caste. The simple logic was to organize the society in a better way and it was also done successfully.

But when power goes in wrong hands, it is always use for bad only. And India was not an exception. People from castes who were capable enough and related to rulers and administrations, when they felt that they are not enough talented to retain their position which they have due to their castes, they started to interpret the system in wrong way to retain their security and status. All people from the same castes were not bad, but bad people from that caste started this and also pressurizing their own people also. In short they create another definition of caste division, which could be beneficial to them. They started to define in a way, like other caste people could not do the job except their own caste. Like Brahmin will only do the worship and learning, Kshatriya will only do wars. Vaishya will only do the business and rest of the works could be done by Shudra. All caste people followed them as they were known as the scholars and the whole society started getting spoiled. People from lower caste could not enter into the temples only upper caste people could go. Think , if god could ever discriminate with his own creation. Ridiculous.

Today in India, After the Independence of the country, Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar fought for the right of those caste people, whose living standard is very bad. And with good faith a provision is done which is called Reservation. Yes, reservation is the process where lower caste people get a liftment, like getting fixed seats in educational institutes, fee exemptions, and jobs. This helped a lot in their uplift.

But today reservation has lost almost its motive and is become the new definition of older castacism. This is divided again in 4 parts. General, OBC, SC, ST. here general could not get the seat of any of the reserved category, no matter how much talented he or she is, or very poor. He is presumed to be of higher cast rich man. And an ST or SC is presumed to be of lower caste and poor man, no matter if he is a son of a business tycoon, film star or any politician. He will get the reservation. Which kind of uplift is this? Is it justified with the society? The reality is that, people from the reserved category, who are able and strong enough they are getting more advantage now than their counterparts in their own caste. And politicians are playing with people and using this weapon to again spoiling the society. By this way, they have the ability to retain the casteism in the society and use their principle to divide and rule.

I just want to share my opinion, that I am a middle class person and I have seen many colleagues of mine who got the advantage of the system, saved a lot of money in their chest being rich people only due to the reason because they belong to some caste under reservation. They have snatched the right of a deserving candidate, may be from their own caste or from general category. Do this system needed really in today’s scenario without any amendment? In my view this is needed for our politicians to win again. Share your views here. What should be done and what should not be?

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Oct 2012 (#)

What looked right long ago, looks wrong now. What looks right now, will look crazy after a while. The best way is to forget the past for a better today and tomorrow. The past dues are settled by the previous generations. Businessmen and politicians are the richest in India while the earlier upper castes are the poorest now. Now everyone worships money. But there are exceptions who know contentment leads to happiness. Agreed, politicians exploit the silent majority, but we are to be blamed for carrying past baggage - siva

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