Resistance to visit Uncle Dawsey and Aunty Saffy

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Mother and Father have asked me for days if I'd like to go with them on Sunday to Uncle Dawsey and Auntie Saffy. Aunty Saffy is Father's mother's sister.

I had such resistance in me. I was almost angry at them. But why though?

Resistance to visit Uncle Dawsey and Aunty Saffy

I do remember though. Years and years ago, around 2005 if I'm not mistaken, we had been at a family gathering where, as a greeting, Aunty Saffy walked right up to me and said sternly and I thought rather rudely, "Howcome you're getting fat?!"

I don't know if she was joking or what, but I was very put off by it and felt severely critisized. There are people much fatter than me, but she seems used to them being fat because she's just friendly and courteous with them. Only I am the one who has to be held responsible for getting fatter.

I felt so critisized that I just stayed there reading a magazine in the room in which she had greeted me, while everybody else was going outside to the patio to converse further there.

Also another time, I think before that, Uncle Dawsey had taken Father, Mother and me, and some more family members including Uncle Hazel and his wife and daughter and I can't remember whom else, on a road trip to some monuments and relics of a time long gone; ancestors of the family who had died in the Anglo Boer war etc.

Although it could probably have been a delightful day for me, at that time I had such problems with my blood sugar levels that I felt tired and irritated and horrible and just couldn't cope anymore as the day felt it was wearing on.

So I don't really have a good feeling about that time either.

And then there was the time Mother, Father, Petros and I went to visit Uncle Dawsey and Aunty Saffy. They told me that Aunty Saffy can cook really, really delicious meals and that just that alone would be worth going.

So, made all excited at the prospect of a really old fashioned delicious cooked meal, I went along.

Turned out she didn't cook at all. She just put some cold meats, those slices of processed meats that you buy at the supermarket, on a serving plate and that was supposed to be the "wonderful meal" we had so looked forward to. So, although I suppose it's silly, I couldn't help but feel disappointed and wondered why I had come.

I suppose with all these disappointments and offputtings, I had a resistance to going to Uncle Dawsey and Aunty Saffy.

And the more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I felt like screaming at Aunty Saffy should she have anything critical whatsoever to say, and tell her to get her lazy ass in gear and cook her guests a proper meal if she invites them for lunch.

I really thought I wouldn't go.

But, come Sunday morning, I thought why not.

And so, the journey had begun...

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