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My desires and hopes ...Carol, Ma’am... my most respected lady Authoress on WIKI
Life is like a coin Verse is soft and sweet be happy NOW READ ON PLEASE....

My desires and hopes

My desires and hopes

Carol, Ma’am

Life is like a coin
Verse is soft and sweet
be happy

is sadness

also it comes
but for fewer moments

yet makes us lead
a life of satisfaction

we love and live
then also a goodbye bid

such is life
all by now know it

Ma'am you are on the way to celebrity
may the sun shine
upon thee

Forever lastingly...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
10th May 2018 (#)

A well deserved tribute.

If life is one-sided with only happiness, then it will be boring. If it is only misery then all will opt for euthanasia!

Our creator knows how to keep us guessing with happiness and misery alternating! siva

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author avatar LOVERME
10th May 2018 (#)

creator is too busy creating
keeps all in hopes
of his/her meeting
where will ye or he.she be
beyond eternal eternity

will he be there go and we must see but how will we convey to all will still remain a mystery
we all bask in superfine folly while the unknown enjoys his /her creativity
through millions of couples like you and me
well opposite sex did I mean
So bless your creator for remaining unseen and we thus in his her absence master the scene he will for millenina remain unseen let thos e who want to bask in IGNORANCE let em be you are Lord SHIVA all know ye may be they all will also know Loverme through thee

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th May 2018 (#)

You are also like our creator, choosing to remain anonymous, unseen, hiding behind the rose!

Our creator knows once he shows his "face", we humans can be unforgiving. He just does not trust us.

We are hypocrites - other species do his bidding while we create havoc knowingly.

We even try to pull the wool over his eyes! siva

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author avatar LOVERME
11th May 2018 (#)

YOU speak well Mi LORD for all
as WE.......................

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author avatar Retired
14th May 2018 (#)

Excelent tribute LOVERME....

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author avatar LOVERME
15th May 2018 (#)

Kindness lies in appreciation some love deprecation shun em
6th visit I must now bow

THP 18 THIS IS a true one no story sad 'tis
thanks THP 18 for coming by Even Shiva won't feel shy he is like a bhai bro

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