Retards in the Universe

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An opinion article based on people that introduce themselves as a member of a particular religion or cult belief system.

Retards of the Universe

People that introduce themselves to you and mention their religious affiliation as part of their introduction are sociopaths and should be avoided at all costs. These people throw up ancient belief systems as a filter through which all communication with them will be processed while judgements are made upon your every word and action. It is a form or pre judgement that they force on you as part of their internal system or moral code. All of this is done before you even have the chance to communicate with them. It is ultimately an abdication of personal responsibility and akin to racism when one really examines this type of behavior.

"Hi , I'm Dano, Mormon LDS..." or "Hi there, I'm Terry, re-born Christian.." Think of the sheer arrogance inherent in statements such as these. I never asked you, sir, about your religious affiliation. We are not in church or temple nor are we on a retreat. These people might as well throw a bible or a copy of the Qur'an at you before they speak, it would be the same thing. If I am to communicate within their prescribed way, I should probably do an in depth study of their particular religious persuasion before I attempt to speak to them. After all, did they not just say that all utterances from you will be held up to the scrutiny of the ancient text with which they are so enamored?

Religious introductions give people the ability to immediately position themselves as superior to you in every way you can imagine. Superior in the ways of family life, business, lifestyle, personal habits, where you live and what you do every day as well as who you befriend and where you go on the weekends. That's a lot of superiority. It even extends to what you eat, when you eat it and who you marry. It really is a gigantic superiority complex and so conveniently justified through a 'belief' system. The superiority is an impenetrable filter through which they control and impose upon you. One needs to ask oneself if you even have the right to exist in the wake of such firmly held superstition.

Racism is defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior or superior. How is fervent, openly expressed and stated religious introductions not the same? The religious introduction types are guilty of mental racism. Their division of humanity is based on belief systems as opposed to physical attributes, making them mental racists. The mental racists are just as dangerous as the Aryans or the Muslim brotherhood. They have the justification of thousand years old texts, billions of dollars of support and brainwashing of the masses. The mental racists might not openly call for violence however we all know they will violently protect their particular superstition. An example of this is the killing of abortion clinic doctors. Another example is the death of children in hyper religious cults who refuse all form of medical attention.

The subjugation of logic and reasoning on behalf of the mental racists have made them the retards in the universe. They are a dangerous breed and should be confronted on every occasion of religious introduction. I am looking forward to the next time some hapless mental racist introduces himself to me as a cult member of one or the other 'religions'...I'll look him dead in the eye and ask him why he's bringing up his cult affiliation with me and just stare and wait for a response. I can't wait for the justifications.


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