Returning Home

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Amy has been away from home for 2 years furthering her modelling career. She left her childhood sweetheart Sam behind. Has the glamorous glittering life turned out to be what she wants after all? Read on to find out more.

Returning Home

Amy stepped off the plane at Heathrow, even though she had travelled overnight, her hair was neat, and her make-up intact. She knew there would be reporters hanging about, doing their best to get a picture of her looking bedraggled. That would sell more papers than her usual glamorous self, but she was wise to them. Her blonde hair hung gently round her face in bouncy curls, her very deep blue eyes sparkled, and her skin glowed with the very essence of good health

She had made a decision, and it was that decision that caused her cheeks to glow with happiness. She might only be 25, but her 2 years in the USA had taught her many things, and earned her a lot of money. Her parents had visited her at Christmas, and that had been lovely, but nostalgia for her home and her friends had always been there inside her, and being away from them all had made them even more precious

Now her plan was to retire from modelling, maybe her career had been a short one, but she had met so many men who thought she was easy prey, but they had soon realised their mistake. She was planning to invest in her own shop, buy herself a home not too far from her parents, and get herself out of the limelight. Being in the public eye had its disadvantages, and she was obviously now a meal ticket for any man she met.

What about Sam?

She still remembered Sam with a pang of regret. They had grown up together, he lived just two roads away, and they had been real mates, true friends, she could tell him anything. She felt proud to be seen with him, he was the fittest boy in her class, and as they grew older and became teenagers, she found herself being more and more attracted to him, and then when Fiona came along, she realised she was in love with him.

Fiona was like an exotic bird with her sleek dark hair, hazel eyes, always smartly dressed, and with an air of confidence that she could snare any man, they were all falling over each other to date her, but she was only interested in Sam. It wasn't as if Amy could accuse her of taking her man, because as much as she wanted it to be, Sam was not her man.

So she had taken up the offer to spend 2 years in California, she couldn't just stand by and watch Fiona trapping Sam into her tangled web. Her love for him was safely locked in her heart, nobody knew, which allowed her the dignity of hiding her broken heart from everyone when she flew off to her new life. For all she knew Sam and Fiona might be married by now, she had never asked after him. Over the last 2 years, she had learned to accept he was not hers, but that pain still lingered, hidden deep inside her.

Two Years had Passed

Sam had missed Amy since the day she had gone away. How many times had he wished they could be more than friends? But growing up together had only made them friends, and he had been too scared to tell her of his feelings, in case he ruined that friendship. Fiona had set her sights on him, but she wasn't his type, too bold and brassy, and when she eventually got the message, he heaved a sigh of relief when she moved away.

He'd met girls at University, but none of them could hold a candle to Amy, he was now 26, but there had never been anyone serious, and it had earned him the reputation of being a ladies man, but there was only one lady that he loved.

He knew Amy didn't care, as she had never even asked after him when she saw her parents, apparently. His mother knew he loved her, but she had to be cruel to be kind, and according to Amy's mother, it was " out of sight, out of mind." She was becoming quite a celebrity, and earning a lot of money, so he guessed when he heard she was coming home, she might even be bringing an American husband with her, and even after 2 years, the thought of that really hurt.

He had studied hard, and was now a qualified lawyer, with a bright future in front of him. He had his own luxury flat, overlooking the river Thames, very near to where he worked, but when he heard Amy was landing soon, he wasted no time in packing a few things, and going to spend the weekend with his parents.

Who would be meeting her at Heathrow

Amy's mother , Kerry rang Sam's mother Sue, her voice sounded very worried.
" Sue, my car is being serviced, and John has taken his to work. I wondered whether Sam would be available to take me to meet Amy today."

Sue put him on the phone, she wasn't sure what to do, as Sam was clearly still holding a torch for Amy, and she did so want her son to be happy.
But Sam didn't hesitate, it seemed that Amy was travelling alone, and he felt this would be his last chance, so he would take it.
" Of course with pleasure, I'll pick you up in about half an hour."
The journey to Heathrow seemed interminable, but it was all so worth it when he saw Amy, bronzed and beautiful, coming through the barrier with her luggage. He stood back politely whilst she greeted her mother, and then she gave him the biggest hug, and her eyes were sparkling.
" Amy you look gorgeous, how do you do it so early in the morning?" remarked her mother, then added. " We are in Sam's car, mine is at the garage. Will you both excuse me, I need the ladies powder room."

Sam took a gulp, he didn't care that he was in the middle of Heathrow, with people jostling all around him. It was now or never. He took Amy's hand.
" Amy, I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship, but I have to tell you that I love you, I can't keep it to myself any longer. Please tell me if I stand any chance with you. I have a well paid job, and a home of my own."

Amy looked at him in astonishment, she was only just awake, and these revelations were a shock, but she could feel a lovely warm glow of contentment stealing over her.Absence really had made his heart grown fonder.
" Sam even if you were penniless, you would still stand a chance with me, why do you think I have come home?"
As his lips met hers, and his arms tightened around her, they were oblivious to the fact that Kerry was now back with them. As for Kerry, she rang John, who wasn't at work to tell him to hide the car until tomorrow, he had wanted to meet Amy too, but she had explained that nothing must stop the path of true love. Well that had taken a bit of organising, talk about love being blind, the whole world had seen it except them, but finally love had found a way.
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author avatar LOVERME
10th Feb 2018 (#)

one would like all to read such a lovely story of two lovers far apart
waiting and hoping
Ma'am Carol your stories make history
Congrats I am glad to know the west is ala changing
as love does ensue
and is promoted by such few
Hope they will get along well too
Now to them we must say adieu
we love you
to each other you must remain true

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author avatar Carol
11th Feb 2018 (#)

Thank you Loverme for your support. I will visit your latest pages too.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
17th Feb 2018 (#)

What a lovely story dear Carol .
As always , I like this kind of ending , as it doesn't leave a sad note for the memory to hold on to .
Praying all is well with you and yours .
Many blessings .
Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
17th Feb 2018 (#)

Thanks for visiting my page Stella. I am well, and I hope you are too.

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