Revenge of the Bullied

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The day that I left my previous work, my colleagues each gave me their farewell messages.

Revenge of the Bullied

The day that I left my previous work, my colleagues each gave me their farewell messages. Some of them went as far as saying what their first impression on me is. Most of them said that they’re afraid to approach me in any way because I’m too intimidating and I look like I’m going to hurt them or something. I wasn't at all surprised by their comments. I've been receiving feedback like those from people that I meet everywhere. Even my brother’s friends who visit him at home have said such things.

It wasn't always like that. I used to be just the ‘quiet kid’, and the ‘quiet kid’ types are the ones who always got picked on or bullied, and I wasn't an exception.

It all started when I was in kindergarten. I had a classmate named ‘Fatima’ who was one mean kid. She used to always take my stuff and either break or lose them, and at that time I already considered her mean in my young mind, not knowing that it was just the start.

First grade, I felt huge relief when Fatima didn't end up to be in the same class as mine. I thought I would be living a peaceful life from then on and my crayons and pencils would be safe from her evil clutches. That year I tasted the first real bullying in my life in the hands of another classmate, Ariel who’s incidentally, our home room adviser’s son no less. He was sitting in front of me in class, and whenever he felt like it, he would turn around and spit on my face. Since he’s the teacher’s son, I couldn't do anything about it because when someone tried to tell the teacher about his son’s evil deeds, she would only ignore them and let her son do what he wishes.

Second grade, Fatima’s my classmate again. -_-

So when I thought I was safe from the spitting Ariel, my worst nightmare from kindergarten returns, with an even viler attitude. That time, not only would she forcefully take my books and stuff, she would also kick me under the desk or pull my hair whenever I tried to resist.

Then one day, when she was trying to pry my textbook away from me, I just felt something snap inside me. It’s like a volcano of emotions and pent up anger just exploded that when she started kicking me again, I kicked her back, harder and repeatedly until she cried and caught the teacher’s attention. When I saw her cry, I couldn't contain my happiness. So that’s what it felt to be the one causing pain. It felt great, for once to be the one on the opposite side of the spectrum. Then I realized I should have done that a long time ago. I shouldn't have allowed those kids to treat me like they did. I should have long since fought back.

Since then, I told myself that I would never let anyone hurt or bully me again. I mastered the art of being intimidating just to let others know at one glance that I’m not some weakling they can push around.

So to all those who have experienced bullying who decided to fight back, cheers to us. To those who are still being bullied, don’t let those bullies continue tormenting you. To all those bullies out there, every single act of violence you have committed or still continue to commit will come back to bite you in the ass someday, because I’m telling you, a person can only take too much before they say it’s enough.


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author avatar snerfu
14th Oct 2014 (#)

I like the kindergarten kid a lot, though one has to "put the foot down" ha ha like you did. Great article Salem, makes good reading.

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author avatar Salem
15th Oct 2014 (#)

haha thank you for reading. :)

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