Reverend Father

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Would you be able to lead a sermon and preach to people good, if the opportunity came aknockin'? Seems Father would, yes...

Reverend Father

Some years ago, Mother had a building built to be a school for the children of the many workers who work at The Chicken Factory.

However, it was no longer the "Old South Africa"; the ANC was now in power and seemed in no way interested in serving the community.

Where, for example, in the "old South Africa" Mother knew she could phone or go make an appointment at the office of the government man in charge of schools and education in the area to come inspect the building etc., this soon proved impossible because the ANC man in charge now would simply never be at work and proved impossible to get a hold of by phone.

It took years to get a response from him and apparently he was at the building once but never let hear a word from him ever again. Some seven years later The Chicken Factory closed down and many workers left, so there was no need for a school anymore. Mother had built the school building all for nothing.

However, some months ago she again had a plan for her building. She would turn it into a church for the ex-workers who now live for free on Tower Hills for some reason.

I didn't like the idea much, because having lots of people who live for free on our estate that we have to pay taxes and utilities on while they all have the use of it is already something that I thought we needed to sort out so everybody know where they stand, before they completely become overbearing.

But to now actually start community things like church services here which will actually lure and attract people here, is really just going blindly into a future problem.

But Mother believes it's her Christian duty or something. Or she just has an inspiration now. Whichever.

Mother arranges that a theological student from the University preach in her church every Sunday when he's available.

Mother and Father also pay him very handsomely for this service of his, even when they find out he's not all honest about how many Sundays a month he has been here.

Today, after Mother and Father return from their own church in Voortrekkerdorp, they decide to go see how things are going at Mother's Tower Hills church.

Not good I'm afraid. Everybody is sitting around, waiting for that preacher student who simply didn't show up today.

Well, we can't have that, decide Mother and Father. Father decides he will preach to them today.

Good thing Father thought the sermon they had heard at church in Voortrekkerdorp was especially inspiring, because he now preaches that same sermon as well as he can recall, to the Tower Hills church congregation.

And from the way Fuhmeelee and Mugalese and some of the other congregation members are nodding their heads, it would appear they find the sermon very agreeable.

Mother is astonished at the way Father preaches to them. She later says he's amazingly good at it.

The sermon is about how a temptation is something that comes from outside, while an affliction is something from inside.

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