Review of Gaiam-TV's Open Minds: Rhineland Mystics Hildegard von Bingen with Matthew Fox

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Although this is a review of an interview of Matthew Fox, who is twice acknowledged, what I have to say is more of my own philosophy mixed with what he and Regina Meredith were discussing. It is categorized as "religion" because I think it would make a good sermon. I've been playing her music in the background for years but did not know she had visual art, poetry, prophecy.

A sin of Omission

I have music on in the background always when I read. The synchronicity is connected for me with my concept of "God" as "future self" that part of my soul which has already reincarnated in the future and has learned some things this self is still struggling with. That wiser, older future self listens to this self's prayers, and answers them, by putting reminders here and there. So I found Hildegard, Gaiam, and many other things...I cannot understand the lyrics but the tone is comforting, familiar....then years later I find these interviews telling me why I would have a connection to is similar to looking up "Blavatsky" in wikipedia and seeing that one of the photos from 1850 or so looks almost exactly the way I looked at the same age, in 2005 or so. The photograph and similar face got me to look up "theosophy" and see why it might be interesting to me now. Same with Hildegard. Where do these reminders and tidbits actually come from? Who knows. The great mystery.

Pandora has some of her music and the funny thing is I was playing it right before Gaiam posted this interview with this interesting and candid man.

Guilt is very Jewish but he's right there is no idea of original sin. I had just also had this conversation in the park across the street, with a neighbor who is Catholic (I am a Jew), about sin. I told her it's all perception, there is no sin, only what Buddha calls "skillful" and "unskillful" choices, then, karma, consequences.

I also find it interesting that Celts originally came from India. Germans, Irish, Welsh and Polish people were also Celts. So Polish Jews could have some Indian roots? I have been saying this for at least 15 years. Now I have theological confirmation. Thank you.

Here is what Pandora says about Hildegard: Hildegard of Bingen

1098 - September 17, 1179
born in Bemersheim, Germany, composed during the Medieval period

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), the first composer whose biography is known, was one of the most remarkable and forceful individuals in Medieval Europe. Placed in a convent as a child, she took vows and eventually became an abbess, founding two convents of her own. A visionary mystic, she was also accomplished as a poet, painter, naturalist, theologian, and preacher, and she served as an advisor to political and religious leaders. Her music, which is notable for its distinctive departures from the conventions of plainchant, includes over 70 hymns, antiphons, and sequences, and the first surviving liturgical drama Ordo Virtutem. ~ Stephen Eddins, Rovi

She is also known as a Sybil, an oracle. One of her paintings is “blue man” man who creates from a place of love; of unconditional love. As our Creator created us by speaking from the throat chakra, the blue frequency, shaping pure love, essential love-stuff. What David Wilcock calls Source Field.

The color of love is green, the heart chakra. So green man is the precursor perhaps of the Jolly Green Giant, the nature-man, one of the archytypes of being human on Earth, on Gaia. Green leaves raise their bodies up to the light then become one with it. If you sit with the plants for an hour in the sun, you can see them slowly moving until they glow. They shimmer. In and out of they merge with white light, with unity.

John 1:14, New Living Translation, "So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father's one and only Son."

One Son or One Sun? This fits with the idea that first there was sound (Father) then light (sun, a star). It supports the theological notion that "unfailing love and faithfulness" such as a MOTHER has for a SON is the cause of this creation. Jesus=mankind. We are all that. Each mother gives each of her sons DNA. The DNA is like an unpacked tent, it is a zip file, compressed, folded. Our lives are a journey of remembering what we already have, seeing what fits here/now, unpacking and unfolding the spiritual tent. Until we get to this spiritual point we grab onto various forms of Maya, of illusion...which Catholics might call demons, devils, or even "sins." It does not have to be an obvious sin. It might be masquerading as "love" sort of an attachment of "love" to a particular person, allegedly to protect, guide, direct....but also to control. We sin with unskillful choices we make. Until we unpack the spiritual tent.

Said Hildegard, "Adam committed a sin of omission, he did not drink deeply enough of the beauty of life" "everything that is necessary for life is within is." -- Matthew Fox.


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I heard Matthew Fox once. That was enough times for me, being rather fundamental myself! Seems to me to be too 'liberal' in his theology.

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