Revisions of Scattered and Broken Thoughts In the Church of the Broken Cross

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Well it's Thursday and I went to group this morning at 5 AM and I decided I wanted to talk about, or say nothing, which ever you chose.

In the Church of the Broken Cross

In the Church of the Broken Cross

Don’t look away from me,
You don’t know me.
You can’t see me, you can’t see
What’s boiling-red-hot inside me.
The emptiness that lives
In the steam there,
In that black seething pit of despair.
And yes, I’m living in darkness now.
Yes it’s me; I’m all rolled up inside myself,
Inside my innumerable little stains,
Rolled up into this hallow little ball
They call a soul- - -It’s a whole new thing

Marked at Birth

Oh why oh why
Did I always chose the wrong side, I cry.
The wrong friends,
The worst of habits.
Was I marked at birth
With a flashing electric sign
On my forehead
That read- - -Evil kid inside
Just rip and peal his hide
And take a ride
Through the darkest of nights?

That’s right
Just hop on board, ma'am I cried
In the crackled voice of teens.
I’ll take you wherever
You never wanted to go,
To that bridge that opens wide
And high with pains of trepidation
Receptive, of course
To the suffering sore at the core
Of the church of the broken cross.

The Mountains Far

So yes! It was me,
I’m the lonely one.
I’m your dark angel,
I came up through the April mold.
I’m just a wish away
Whenever you chose to close your eyes,
So remember that
When you drop in
Through the dust and the darkness
Of the fear of the ride inside,
But make no fuss for me.
Your smiles alone will plainly

Why yes, my Dear
It’s lovely seeing you too
And it is just we two,
Just me and you
Alone in the distant blue-purple
Of the mountains far.
Did you know I was just twelve
When I stole my first car?
A cigarette in my mouth
And the police watching the house
Trying to catch a little mouse,
But I slipped away into the dimness
Of their moonless night.

The Bug in Your Ear

I’m the open-hearted one
Drying in the sun.
The thick red-headed- tongue
Spilling all the juicy little secrets
Into all the diminutive little ears.
So hear me now!
I’m the bug in your ear,
The fright in your fear

And I’m always
Very, very near.

Yes, my dear,
I do live in your thoughts.
And you can no more forget me
Than I can forget you, my Lady Blue,
When he was all alone in the ally that day
Bleeding on the ground,
Your sanctuary,
My sanctuary,
In big red spots

Now we jumped in front of trains.
It’s a real rush man.
It makes you feel alive
As the trains go whizzing by
At twice the speed of sight.
To slip away and just in time
Without a nick or a burse man---oh it’s cool man-
So cool. So go ahead- - -take your turn,
It’s me or you man, so make a move- -
Get in the groove
Let us see what you got
Inside of you,
Inside of the church of the broken cross.

Shook to My Knees

Oh man oh man
I was in the hard rock of my life
And just the other night
When I found a pair of dice,
So I shook them man, yes I shook them,
I shook them to my knees man,
And what do you think?
The kitchen sink?
Hell no man, it's a jackpot of jackpots.
I rich as sin, man.

Did you hear?
They were playing wipeout bingo
Last Wednesday night
As the wind and the world
Went whipping by and bye
Girls in tattered clothes wrung so tight,
Looking nice,
Or the smoke cackled ghosts,
Whatever he missed the most
Says the man inside
With the fuzzy hat
And the big black tie.

Wet All Around You

He was a blind man
Who could not open his eyes
Any wider than the rings
Around his nail
And to hear him cry
Was all you had to catch him by.
They say she was a real tuff old daddy
Who cried wet all around you
In the middle of every night
When she told you
Just go insane, sit down and die.
Well hey man, I’ve already done that
Twice on the 5:05 this Tuesday night?
Neither dead or alive
Between the pages and the spines,

Neither here or lost
In the church of the broken cross.


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I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Utah Jay
5th Dec 2014 (#)

Thank you so much Mark. I really do not believe that most here have any idea how hard you and the other moderators work, or how little your reword is. So from me to you, a thank you for putting up with nuts like me.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
6th Dec 2014 (#)

Wow Utah this poem is very deep and full of many thoughts to reflect, well done my friend!

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author avatar Utah Jay
8th Dec 2014 (#)

Thanks Fern, it just came to me like it is...One day I will re-write it and try to make something of it others can understand.

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