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Part 1 of a story of courage, rescue and the inherent drive to love and be loved.


There once was a knight that guarded the night,
Who prayed and saved the helpless by day.
He slayed dragons and killed mighty beasts,
In all continents west to east.
He had two brothers; both were married.
Because of this,
With his sword, pain the knight carried.
His brothers had beautiful wives no doubt,
And that's why the brave knight felt left out.
He saved others day after day.
Most often women, but they never stayed.
The bravest knight in the world
Wondered why he didn't have a girl.

One day there was a loud crash.
There was a dragon destroying the town with a fire blast.
The dragon killed plenty of people.
Burned holes in the bodies where one could see through.
The dragon killed conscience:
The elderly, middle age, even kids.
But it found a fancy in a beautiful woman.
Her skin was light and radiant.
Her hair was loosely woven.
Hair was straight black and eyes were brown.
When the dragon grabbed her she couldn't make a sound.
He took her and flew away to his cave,
So he could make the beautiful woman his maiden.

The knight saw all of the destruction,
And became so angry he couldn't function.
He dug his fist into the grass,
And pulled up blood in a broken glass.
The knight gave out a loud scream
And said, "I'm worthless, why couldn't this be me?"
Suddenly a survivor came and said what happened.
About how a dragon killed like a savage.
He told the knight about the cave,
And the knight vowed to make him pay.

The knight entered the cave not with caution,
But with anger so he rushed in.
He found the dragon asleep and surprisingly
Saw the woman tied up on top a balcony.
She screamed to him for help and woke the dragon.
He attacked the knight, and the knight jabbed him
With his huge sword that so many have lost to.
The dragon was killed and became number forty-two.
The knight u the woman, liked what he saw,
Those beautiful eyes and skin which only he longed.
He simply took her out of the cave and left.
Her lovely face in his memory it was kept.

The next day the knight was eating
With his two brothers and wives; it was a meeting.
The knight was called; someone wanted to see him.
She thanked him for rescuing her from the dragon.
She asked to marry him; live in a small cabin.
The knight was shocked and took the offer.
Now they have two children:
One son and one daughter.


Challenge, Courage, Fear, Opportunties, Overcome, Rescue, Strength, Warrior

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