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What kind of experience does this paint for you? What landscapes, or mindscapes, form in your head upon immersing imagination in these words?

Structured Chaos

Madness and chaos congeal in this pocket of rejuvenation, and yet when I am here, I feel the environment and events are structured and sensical. Sometimes motion is slowed here, despite still being able to think at regular speed. Some say this place has no color, but I see the myriad of illusions in color. Some say there is no sound, but I hear the cacophonous symphony of seemingly random happenings and splintered voices. Speed itself has sensation here, for I can feel the image of movement! Deciphering the chaotic order cannot happen until I leave this place, for here I am not whole. Smells are not as they seem, if they exist at all, for reality has no hold here. This mental abyss hides doors to nowhere, while simultaneously concealing doors to my innermost secrets. The images here are always trans-mutating, morphing into semblances of themselves or shapes of complete incongruity. You all have your own version of this place, though its properties have ever been debated. I cannot drive to this place, nor fly, nor swim, but in this place I can drive, fly, and swim at once!

What is this place?


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Don't ask my favorite anything; Equanimity steers me well. A love for Nature and Life drives my passion to pursue enlightenment, and heal and inspire the world.

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