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I'm between a rock and a hard place here. Is it wrong to think your brother is ridiculous? And with ridiculous, I mean a ridiculous human being who can be nothing other than ridiculous?

"People everywhere are watching me!!!"

Yesterday evening, Mother and Petros are conversing on the stoep of Canyon Manoir. Oh, Petros' conversation can be so depressing. First of course he's dissing everybody richer than him that he knows of.

Then, he gives me uncalled for career advice; apparently now I should go work on a cruiseliner for two years. Petros is so random and irrelevant. Why can't he get his own career in order first?

Then, he talks about his own situation. He wants money, and he's talking of selling his house that Mother and him bought together. Apparently he's now getting paranoid; according to him people are wondering howcome Petros who doesn't work, can afford to live in such an expensive house when the homeless people are all around the area who can't, and, says he, people are now peeping through his windows to see what he's doing in there.

"Where would these people come from?", Mother asks.

"I don't know", Petros replies, "they come over the fence from the park and everywhere and I can't play policeman all the time and watch them!".

Interesting. It seems he's developed some kind of paranoid syndrome. Or maybe people really are looking into his windows to see what he's doing. I just can't see how what he's doing would be that interesting that anyone would like to see it more than zero times to once. Unless they like seeing a fat guy in a small t-shirt.

"I want to earn billions a month, or nothing at all!!"

During the conversation, Mother and Petros works out that a house costing 2 million would probably have a monthly mortgage payment of 20,000. Mother recalls that she saw a job somewhere that would pay Petros R30,000 a month. So, if he took it, he could easily afford the payment and still have 10,000 rands left.

Very put off, Petros exclaims "R30,000??? Oh that's nothing!", and of course refuses to work for such a "mediocre" amount.

He exclaims that he doesn't want the "stress" that a job would bring.

Anyway, now he says he wants to sell the place he has and get the money for a new place that way, but first he wants to rent it out. But of course then he'll need to live somewhere else. So he invites himself to go live in Father and Mother's holiday flat in Cape Town. A bit self-righteous I might say. But what do I know.

He even describes in detail where he's going to put his computer in their holiday flat, and where he's going to sleep, etc. Wow, he's already thought this through in detail.

So, if he lives there, he just needs to move all his masses of stuff that are in his current house to somewhere. Tower Hills is too far, so he doesn't want to keep his stuff there. A double garage is what he needs, he says.

"Well, why don't you take a job then so you can pay for that?", Mother replies with, as she has been for a few times now every time Petros suggests something for himself that is going to cost him money. It seems Mother is smarter than usual this evening.

"Oh Mom," Petros shoots back, "Stop preaching to me and give me a solution rather!!!" Petros is getting impatient.

It is now clear though what he really wanted. He wanted Mother to say that she'll pay for it, or her and Father will pay for it.

Howcome Petros is still expecting his parents to pay for him to live extravagantly wherever he pleases? His thinking doesn't make sense!

I mean sure, at Tower Hills, Father pays for the estate and I live there on the same estate for example. But I like to think I contribute in keeping our "community" and lives going and we look after each other there too, and I don't cost Father any extra expenses! I pay for my own clothes, fuel, pleasures, projects, technology and extravagances, and would never expect Father to pay for me to go live out on my own alone in a house in one of the most expensive seaside cities in the country!

Ridiculing me when I'm fat, ridiculing me when I'm slim, nothing is right

This morning, Mother awakens me urgently to come and photograph Serpent Mountain, as every morning the sun rises over it and every morning it's a completely different, majestic portrait of a scene. This morning, there must be some very feint mistyness in the air, because the Snake's head on top of the mountain casts this stripe of a break of light in the sky, very very beautiful.

I grab my camera on its tripod, that has been standing ready since by now I know such beautiful scenes pop up regularly here, and I go to the stoep where Father, Waldorf, Mother and Petros are drinking their coffee.

My quick movements immediately triggers Petros' old, irritating running commentary about how I can now move fast since I'm not fat anymore etc. etc.

Mother finally notices too that I'm a completely different person. She finally compliments me, exclaiming that my hard work has paid off! I have a flat stomache now. Thanks yo Mommy! You bet your sweet ass it worked :)

Petros keeps trying desperately to ridicule my efforts, the scum that he is. He simply doesn't stop, even though nobody else thinks what he says is as funny as it used to be.

Petros radiates a dreadful vibe

Later this morning, Mother is cleaning the living room and I'm cleaning my own room. Mother has put us on some beautiful music on her computer, which is a pleasure to work to. I didn't think cleaning was necessary, but now my room is looking 5 star hotellike!

The great atmosphere is cut short immediately when Petros comes in. He turns off the music. He's now up to one of his old tricks, playing all "Oh I think I'm getting the flu!" and acting like a pathetic dying piece of crap, all moany and grumpy.

He ALWAYS, ALWAYS plays this poor pathetic patient thing at least once, maybe more during the times we see him. It's probably a way to get attention, and it works, for Mother always gets all concerned and gets him pills and treats him like a little sick child and carries everything after him.

Now instead of going back to his room to lie down in silence away from our pleasant music and chatter, he expects everybody of course to yield to him. We are no longer allowed any music or to talk loudly or "make noise" as we work. It "hurts" his head or some lame nonsense.

Nevermind; with him around nobody feels much like cheerful chatter and music anyway. I close the door to my room so I can finish by myself, as giving Petros communication access to me will just make him ridicule and beat me down all he can. He's been getting a lot more determined in his ridiculing of me, since he sees that my fitness plan worked.

But, when the food is ready, and I go eat breakfast, sure enough, Petros starts with his blabbering rubbish now trying to ridicule being skinny, now that there's no more fat on me for him to ridicule. Petros is getting ridiculous about the nonsense he says. The ridiculous joke of a whuss he is.

It's so obvious now that Petros knows that my plan to get in top shape for my movie has been working, in spite of his trying so hard to discourage me critisising and ridiculing everything from what I do to what I eat. It's obviously making him feel threatened, because he just can't let it go because he knows from now on, he's the only FAT c*** in this family.

And, to make sure nobody turns the tables on him, every time he points out that I can't eat something because I'm "on a diet", and people tell him "then why are you eating it?", he just says "I'm not on a diet! I don't want to be."

Yeah, but we all know you wish you weren't the fat asshole you are. Denial of your own shortcomings is not going to protect you anymore soon. You're a disgrace of a human being!

Conuring up hatred in me

I hate the evil, hateful thoughts Petros hatched in me. At the same time, he's obviously doing it on purpose because he loves bullying me. And even though I know he's only been saying irriating critisising things because he feels bad about himself, I'm afraid at the same time there's nothing other I can do but hold him responsible for his actions.

Yep, Petros is drinking a small bottle or four of Coca Cola every day. He's eating like a pig. And that's just a mild expression, since he eats like 50 pigs. He's looking absolutely ridiculous in the t-shirts he wears, in spite of Mother's ever warning against it.

I leave the breakfast table today because Petros simply won't stop ridiculing me. I mean nothing is funny anymore about what he says, and surely he knows it himself, so why continue? He's just making an ass out of himself, drawing attention to his own fatness when really what he tried was to divert attention from it to me. That's of course part of it; he knows that if I'm not fat anymore, it won't help anymore to divert everybody's attention to how "fat" I am and off himself.

I go have my tea on the stoep, and leave Mother, Waldorf and Petros alone at the table, where Petros is saying to Waldorf asif it's funny, "No, you mustn't lose weight now; Marzeus tried looking like you, and now you want to get even skinnier! Where's it going to end?" or some unfunny garbage.

Waldorf doesn't know much about the history of mental abuse I've been enduring from Petros, but he must have started picking up something, because although up to this point he's been laughing with Petros, today he's casually suggesting a stop to it since "everybody's teaming up against Marzeus".

I sit on the stoep and then Mother comes too, followed by Petros. I give the sloppy green tea bag in my cup a good last squeeze, then I throw it far away into the bushes.

Of course Petros acts like I've just destroyed the entire ozone layer and killed all life on earth. I wish he would just shut up and never talk to me again unless spoken to. His disapproving comments on everything I do is starting to make me scared that I might end up in a fit of rage shutting him up permanently. How free I would feel then!

"Isn't that bio-degradable?", Mother says.

"Only in 50 years", Petros in his idiotic wisdom says, and continues on how he has so many problems with the little teabag that we can't even find again among all the grass and bushes, asif it's going to destroy the ecosystem. Just shut up Petros, you irritating pest of a f***face.

Vacation ruined

I leave and Petros has some more orders to yell after me about the dishes. Even though Waldorf said that he's still working on the geyser and there will only be hot water in about an hour and a half. I ignore Petros and think that maybe I'll keep ignoring him before something bad happens.

I just go lock myself in my room to go rest and listen to some music. Many times Petros and Mother try to open the door and knock on it, because "the people" are coming and later have come, and I must go wash the dishes before they come for some reason. I just ignore it. I'm sick of this "dishes" garbage. I'll wash it when I'm up to it. And I didn't invite any people. If they have invited people, they can cater for those people. I'm not in the mood to clean up for and after everybody's guests whom I did not invite.

Of course when the people are here and by the time they have left, Petros has no more "flu". He must have forgotten about getting attention that way. But he'll probably remember again later on.

Petros has completely ruined my vacation, as I knew he would and still is. He is a ridiculous excuse for a human being. I will never, ever come on vacation again if he's going to be there too to ruin it for me.

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