Rise and Arise

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We can rise if we want to rise
our past can put us down but how awful it maybe its not a yardstick to stay down
a poem about the past , the present and the future of the black nativity in the black soil...

Rise and Arise

Rise and Arise

Down history lane I write
Where memories lie
With bitter and sad experience
On the ancestors who thread this path

We where called out
From the rocks, trees and caves
To meet a new fate
New fate, new beginning
A new beginning
Out of freedom into slavery

On sea they travelled to explore there new discovery
They arrive in peaceful disguise
Gentle intruders
Selfish helpers
Men, women, and children rejoice
Young and old thank there gods
For sending angels in white skin for rescue

Ignorantly we offered ourselves as offering
A living offering for slaughtering
In darkness we where blind to the truth
The truth behind the white voyage
On our lonely small land

They moulded there plans
And planted themselves as image of peace in public
We smiled and they smiled back
We praise and adore them
They laugh us to scorn
As there plans getting ready to hatch

The rocks cried
The rivers sang
The trees wept
When the storm ceased
And we came to the truth
Fingers of love
Turn into fist of hostility
And allow heat to dance in the air

No longer peace
No longer love
No longer angels
The true identity of angels became vampires

When we came to the truth
And lift up our eyes
Only nightmare we see
We became prey to this foreign host
Land owners where slave to the foreign opponent
Our sight shallow
Our horizon leaned backward
Mothers separated from children
Husband separated from wife
Family disjointed
Our flesh they gambled with for money
Our soul longed for a safe haven
In the rocks, caves and trees we came out from
Our mouth uttering words armed for freedom
As we sailed into foreign destination

Out of the same mouth we sing sad melody
When our land became hell for our dwelling
The banner of our world painted with blood
Yet with petition in dark
Our help appears shallow and mute
Our borders we lost
As we journey into distant destination
Each hour, each day
Chance for a new beginning we seek
Out of the daily march
To keep away from the point of no return
Castle built to host captured slave for export
Which challenge our existence

Here we emerge from this piercing history
Lift up your eyes to behold a bright dawn of independence
We cannot be wedded to fear, pain and hostility forever
We must confess our forgiveness
Sing peace song among ourselves
Give birth to a new dream
And face it with courage
So this history we don’t get to live it again

Out of shame we must honor our past fathers and heroes
We must come together on this ground
And ensure there labor does not go down the drain
We must come out from our thick steep walls
And run with there works
We must contest against greediness and selfishness
We must remind ourselves we can’t do it all
Each of us with a part to act on
We are not inferior race
We can do all things true Christ which gives us strength

When we come to this truth
We the people on this black soil
Can rise up and live in equality and freedom
We must create a climate for love and peace
God is not against us
The Devil cannot hold us down
We are fashioned for greatness
We must come out of our darkness
And embrace the light
We must stop the wars and fight
Which will hinder our development and growth

When we come to this truth
And confess the possible
Despite the impossible we face
And take our courage to work
Even in our corrupt body

We where created to perform wonders
A little lower than the angels
On the breaking dawn of this new day
If we join hands together
We may have grace to launch out
Rise up from our low state
Use our independence
And usher ourselves from change into change
We will move from space into place
We all are responsible for our country
We must prove our independence worthy
Like morning dews
We cannot change our differences but we can work with it

On the dawn of today
Look into your brother’s eyes
And simply tell your sister’s
Very simple
And Arise again


Growth, Harmony, Love, Unity

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I love poetry because it help me put my imagination into writing.
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