Robot Mission

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The U.S. Government Made Robots to fight a long side U.S. Troops as the Cold War came to an end the robots were dismantled Some were saved for now a new mission as Mars waits for the robots

Robot Mission

During the cold war the United States Government made several robots that were programed to act ,and live with U.S.troops as the robots were trained to fight along side U.S troops on an invasion as the cold war came to an end some of these robots were dismantled ,and sold by the government for scrap no use in keeping something that isn't needed a captain in the Army was heard saying .But they were need some of the robots could go on missions that other robots would not survive through. As the robot class sed was programmed ,and trained to survive more then a nuclear war it would not allow itself to be forced to be shutdown. After months of working on a top secret project the sed class robots were now being programmed for space travel as spaceship the government was working on for years was finished. Just in time for 7 sed class robots to go on a mission to mars ,and explore Mars ,and bring back to the earth rocks ,and soil from the surface of Mars. The spaceship could not support human life as the robots would survive. In the ship the class sed robots were going through a final training to make sure they capability of being able to pilot the ship to mars ,and back.The blast off of this ship was kept top secret on July 14, 2005 the spaceship left the earth on it's long journey to Mars.Contact with the ship was kept everyday contact was kept. As the robots arrival at Mars took them a long 2 and a half years. As the robots radioed back to the U.S.Government on the earth that they have locked the ship in orbit around the planet Mars. As the first day a shuttle craft was being ready to take some of the robots to the surface of Mars 27 hours after arriving at Mars the shuttle craft left the space ship for a landing on Mars as the robots entered the atmosphere of Mars the robots sent film of the landing to the U.S. Government it was all being kept a secret to the entire world as the shuttle craft landed on Mars the robots got into a protective space suit that would protect them from any dangers in the unknown weather ,and changing temperatures on the surface of Mars.

As the robots left the ship ,and made the first robot footprints on Mars the U.S.Government told them well done carry on with your mission. As months went by the robots explored hundreds of miles of the surface of Mars as the ship that brought them to Mars reported that the engine room was on fire as the robots worked to put out the fire the fire safety equipment didn't extinguish the fire just slow it down. Then a 28 minutes passed 4 am the fire was burning out of control with a flammable liquid fuel exploded in a ball of fire went through the ship in-till it hit the main fuel tanks causing the ship to blow up in a terrific explosion destroying the ship and all of the robots aboard the ship as the ship was blow-en into billions of pieces. As the robots listened on the ground to what was taking place they radio back to the earth that the spaceship that brought them to Mars has been destroyed in an explosion caused by a fire on the ship.The U.S Government told the robots to go to survival plan alpha as the robots were programed to survive if they should be stranded on the surface of Mars they would use the shuttle craft as there base.The commanders on the earth told them to switch to defense plan survive .As the robots went into the shuttle craft hours after entering they came out heavily armed with weapons for battle. As any alien they would encounter they would be ready for battle. Back on the earth the U.S. Government told the robots that they would have to survive another 20 years before astronauts from the United States could come ,and bring home to the earth.As a manned mission to Mars was planned in another 20 years. The U.S. Government told them to survive at all costs. Two months after the explosion of there spaceship all communications was lost with the robots on Mars never to be heard from again.


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Great article. I learned a lot that I did not know.

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