Roger is safe!

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Roger the cat was one of Marzeus' projects of doing good to an animal. He had saved the cat from Knabbit, the killer spaniel, while Roger's entire batch of siblings were torn apart. With the help of Waldorf, Marzeus managed to find Roger's mother. Where is Roger now?

Roger is safe!

Marzeus sees a stop sign on the ground. Peculiar place for a stop sign. He enquires about it from Waldorf. Waldorf tells him it's Casimir's; one time Casimir stopped to pick up a temporary road sign when no-one was looking.

Meanwhile the conversation went on to be a discussion about Waldorf's cats. Apparently he finally found where his mom-cat had hidden her kittens. He found three that survived, and... one of those is Roger!

Marzeus is really glad Roger did manage to survive after all. At least for the time being. Really good news.

Some days later Marzeus finally runs into Casimir, and asks about the stop sign. Casimir says it's allright if Marzeus wants it.

Marzeus can use it in one of his movie shoots. It can be a prop or part of a set. A stop sign is a good thing to have. And Marzeus likes having it.

Ah, a good state of affairs. Marzeus found a free road sign for his art projects, and Roger, the kitten he had grown to love, is still alive and moving up in the world. As far up as cats do anyway. Which isn't that high.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Sep 2015 (#)

It is tough for a cat to survive unless it is in a safe home. I am glad Roger the cat survived.

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