Rolie Polies On Me

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The inspiration for this poem came from actual Rolie polies. I've been still going through a couple of persecutory plights for following God and, in the midst of your storms, at times, He'd still give you discernment.

Rolies Polies On Me

Capitalizing on
That "Turn the other cheek" synopsis
Mercy me
Learned His covenant
Then I worship
In divergence, curse defeating, the same
Light, since in early season
But for my assignments
I'm dying to keep you all preserved...
In my lowly cubbies, like caves covered in foliage
Painted in the mountains, hanging down from a different scape
Ancient fence around it, neighboring, pages in the rain
Faith and mists
The weight of nature's kiss, in this age
I marvel...
Not creation, but the Thing that did
Spirit place or carnal...
I paint a picture satan's vision  ain't seek
Which just existed in a figment angst or riches
May breech
A range of 'fliction, maybe, age of  major ends
In faith, to stay consistent...
I pray a different change  consistent with Thee
My life and longing for some type of find to mold me
Hoped it might control me
Concepts of seredipity, hoped it might console me
Never knowing, the death, photos of broken
Grace, if it be a factor, in matters, chosen to tote away
I guess, that's why the Master designed it
Defined defying like in ions, eyes to Zion
If crying, then I'm defiant too...
Taking nothing from it but I like to find the truth
Time and loops that's tiny grew a mighty theme
Like tying a shoe...
Theatre masks, some complications, the consummation
Confrontation, then confirmation, or condemnation
Something chases
Utter pain that becomes some nation
'Cause it's waiting
Not on me, but a space to field some relation...
I don't get it, some limit extended, on a mission, no convention
Sown, so the motive, intrinsic, no conviction
Some smoldering tension, and frozen pensions
And folded gimmicks, building on unknowns
So you know the image ain't woke to vengence
Codes, dimensions, and globes in business
Clothes and dishes, groven into gold
But with loathesome intent below the surface...
My focus perfect on El-shaddai, in demonic times
Forced illumination, when satan extorts
These honest lines, I raise my Sword of the Spirit
There ain't a compromise, when the bias ordinance
Trick me, and shouldn't nothing try it...
But nonetheless
The prophecies, have come, to usher depth
The scripture in the tablet of the heart
And wisdom of the neck...
Ephesians six, ten through eighteen
Spirit cake, cream, anything of Light with the notion
For good, the same thing, many things disguise
At the height, but potent, that may lead a soul
Into destruction, ain't wanting that for no
Soul, in fact...
A bowl of beets, but the rhythm can't be controlled
By that
I'm coasting on the wind, though the vegetables
Keep my soul intact...
And no pretend, only weakness, I'd need Jehovah bad
And at times, I've felt, like the devil was having festivals
On me
In a vestibule, between, success and failure
Just a normal part of life, but I can testify
He'll never leave you...
I feel like batteries and mattresses
I like to love the simple things in life
Not seem like evil catalysts
I don't appropriate, no one can manufacture this
The fabrics in the Master's will are larger than this
Aspect is...
Rolie polies in a glass tank with lots of food
So I can study my attractions then
And just because...
It take my mind off the evil things that enwrapped my stuff



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author avatar LifeisGood
1st Jul 2018 (#)

Good write Oluwasgun.

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