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The world which is seen, and known are not always the same.

Blinding Desire (aka) Madness

The beauty of machinery
The power of steam
The essence of a dream

More coal into the furnace
The pressure building ever higher
Shout of the whistle
Releasing the brake
The pistons begin their dance

Steel wheels rolling on steel rails
The iron engine swells with desire
The locomotive speeds
With belly full of steam
Faster and faster over the track

How Odd

A courier is given a package to deliver. The courier is delivering a brown leather bound box with brass fittings. An airship flying over the highlands The courier is on board the airship. During the night, while over the highlands, the airship is attacked by gremlins riding giant fox bats. The package is taken from the courier during the encounter. The courier is knocked-out, but later awakens outside of small village on the other-side of the highlands. The wreckage of the airship is found not far from the village. The courier finds an envelope with the name of person the original package was intended for. The courier delivers the envelope, but the brown leather bound box with brass fittings is gone.

“A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.”


Dream, Dream World, Dreamer, Dreaming, Poem, Steel

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sometimes we lose or true nature...

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
13th Oct 2013 (#)

I just back and said its Magic in the Mind,
Bringing back my spaceship as one of a kind.
For the Diversion was complete and he cried,
And gave me reality as truth he did confide.

Showing me the meaning of just every deed,
Waking the beauty behind every seed.
As the world now awakes to reality of life,
This is my true energy that ends all strife.

For I alighted the spaceship climbing airplane,
Flying to a destination never to be seen again.
Out there I alighted and could the place home,
Becoming the first One to Arise in Gold and Chrome.

Where musical allusions and rushes of Life,
Proudly show off the the hidden Wife.
As they now see the brevity of my world,
The moment of truth has now in life unfurled.

Where I am Thr3e the Embodiment of Love,
Showing the destiny in the heavens Above.
As the Universe choruses in rhythm at Break of Dawn,
I Whisper Good Morning Sunshine at early Morn.

Bringing the allure, glitz and glamour of life,
As I create my world as the Creators' Wife.
Wearing the pendant with Heart of Love,
As I move heaven and Earth creating dreams Above.

All for the Sun who holds me Close,
Showing me love with the Adonis Rose.
For I am Planet Earth the mother of Sun,
Who stands in the middle as second to none.

With the moon now crying with wax and wane,
Pulling the tides screaming never again.
For Planet Earth has proven name on just every land,
Bringing in the beauty from Shifting Sand.

As many come in and many now go,
Showing the truth in the eternal show.
With stars now glittering along with Wife,
Showing the fact that ends all strife.

For the ravaged soul told me all that there is,
Bringing back abundance and fruit laden trees.
Showing that no other could hear that voice,
Bringing back the armour that makes the choice.

As the world now sees the Plane of Love,
That is flowing in cascades from heavens Above.
Showing the truth that comes proving it all,
Planet Earth is the True Love who stands tall.

Proudly in the middle as Planet Thr3e,
Showing Heart of the Sea covering Mystery.
Where the world of the Angels know the truth,
Its the game of life that none can refute.

For I practiced hard to come back alive,
Bringing in the voice that helps me survive.
In the beauty of Creation that pours in Love,
I have my own spaceship in the heavens Above.

Wielding my sword and proving it again,
My love is true with the Angelic Strain.
Bringing the proof that quantifies my Life,
I am Planet Earth the Creators' Wife.

Who dances with showers of love from all,
Have the veil of cascading waterfall.
With Eyes that are brown with soil of Life,
Showing the experience that ended strife.

As the world now sees the Anthem of peace,
Making the Universe move and now say please.
For I am who I am, was and shall be,
The Queen of the Creator with world family.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 13th October 2013

Thanx, for returning the Spaceship Honey. We got Planet Earth cured and Changed the world with Another Part of Me.

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author avatar btcmalls67
13th Oct 2013 (#)

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