Rome Vs United States Part 3

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A summery why the United States is going to have the same fate as the Roman Empire

Rome Vs United States Part 3

Super powers need money for military obligations to providing support for the population with social welfare programs. The Roman Empire had lots of money as see in the history books. They built up massive infrastructures, also built their important structures out of marble which is extremely expensive. They also had enough money to build up the strong army in the known world. How did they accomplish raising such funds they taxed the population. At the start of the Roman Empire taxes were minimal, this allowed for the economy to grow. With low taxes this put the money back into the people’s hands allowing them to grow and prosper building up the economy. This is a great theory until there is a more than the average pull on the treasury. When the Romans started to get involved in lots of constant conflicts it required more money for more men and more equipment. When money became tight they raised the land and inherences tax which in the end bankrupted the middle class since they could not pay the taxes. Then the upper class had to start paying higher taxes and that would not last long. When the roman overall revenues started to run low that’s when they had to cut costs in other places like infrastructure and public support. This also led to the decline of their military since they could not hire mercenaries and pay to keep a large standing army. This was another reason why the Roman Empire fell.
The United States has always had a very good growing economy through its history as well as a very good tax system. The United States tax system has done a very good job of spreading the burden over all levels of income unlike the roman that just raise taxes when they need the money. The average worker spends the first four months of the year working for the government. The next six months the worker keeps the income. Along with the expanding military conflicts and obligation, that factory is becoming a major pull on the treasury. Social programs are becoming more expensive due to the fast growing population. Somewhere down the line taxes will have to be significantly raised. Or, benefits will have to be drastically reduced. Just as the Romans did the United States will have to do something to pay for the increasing needs of the United States actions. They have already started to let the infrastructure fall out of repair and there is nothing being done to fix it. As always by the time the government figures out what needs to be done it is too late, so now is the time the United States needs to start correcting its mistakes. The united states total budget was 2.7 trillion dollars for 2009: $1.21 trillion Individual income tax, $949.4 billion Social Security and other payroll taxes, $339.2 billion Corporate income tax, $68.9 billion Excise taxes, $29.1 billion Customs duties $26.3 billion, Estate and gift taxes, $47.9 billion Other. This is the break down for the general taxes system of the United States for 2009. Needs less to say the total expenditures of the United States are 3.1 trillion dollars and only bring in 2.7 trillion. So taxes must be raised or cuts must be made to keep the budget from going into more debt.


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