Rome Vs United States Part 5

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why the United States is going down the same path as the roman Empire

Rome Vs United States Part 5

Both the roman and United States are major corner stone’s of their time period. When the Roman Empire fell to the northern tribes it fell apart losing half of it over all power and status. It fell so far it gave the whole eastern have to the Germanic tribes including roam because it did not have the power to hold off the Germanic tribes. The year 476 is generally accepted as the formal end of the Western Roman Empire. That year, Orestes refused the request of Germanic mercenaries in his service for lands in Italy. The dissatisfied mercenaries, led by Odoacer, revolted, and deposed the last western emperor, Romulus Augustus. Then the western half turned into the Byzantine Empire. The whole eastern half of the empire was set back economically and culturally. The western half of the Roman Empire would never restore its power to the level it had long ago. Even the eastern half would slowly fade over time due to the constant conflicts with the Middle East. Roman culture as a whole would fade into the past as more cultures were integrated. So the loss of the Roman Empire was a total change on the power structure. Other powers started to grow out of the fallen Roman Empire such as the Germanic power and the Turkish Empire in the Middle East. There must always be a winner and a loser in the power race and when the number one power falls apart the race is on to take its spot.
Will the same fate fall upon the United States? Well if history tells us anything and then the answer will be yes. The United States is the global power in the world right now. It also has all the symptoms of a sick and dying empire. There are many possibilities on what could happen. If the United States starts to see what it is doing wrong it has a good chance to extend its life. If it chooses to ignore the facts it will fall as the Roman Empire did, but how far? I think when the united states fall it will not be as bad as the roman empire, but I think china and Russia will be in a race to take the instead states spot as the world power. Russia and China have massive amounts of man power and more natural resources then the United States has in its borders. The United States will still be a major play in the global market due to its high financial impact and networks global. In the aspect of production and technology the United States is already loosing the race to many other countries. So overall it is only a matter of time before the United States loses its top spot as a world power I fit continues on its current path.


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author avatar David Adam
7th Mar 2010 (#)

Interesting.It is not only you who saw the onset of the decline of America.Paul Starobin also concur with you in his book: AFTER AMERICA:
Narratives for the Next Global Age

Your posts stand a little bit of editing and some of them are too long for an internet audience

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