Rome Vs United States part 2

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A summery on why the United States is fallowing the same path of Rome and is going to fall apart like they did.

Rome Vs United States part 2

Military obligations are a part of being a superpower. Fighting wars to gain resources and protect you lands is key in order to maintain supremacy. Also it cost lots of money, technology and manpower. All three of these aspects drain an empire, if they are used for a long period of time. The Roman Empire though its history was always growing their boundaries and gaining resources by conquering enemy territories. This is the key in order to maintain a healthy empire, this allows for gaining of natural resources, man power. The downside of this way of life is that you make a lot of enemies and must keep a very large standing army to maintain your land. In the case of the Romans they had two fronts in which they were constantly at war. The Roman Empire on their western front battled the Parthian and Persian Empires for over 600 years. The northern Germanic tribes and the Huns from Eurasia were constantly at war with the Romans for the reason that they would not assimilate to the roman ways. Also after a long time the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall which was men to keep them out of Roman territory. Also to fight this war they had a standing army of 500,000 men is a massive drain on the finances and to refill the large standing army requires a lot of ma power. These wars lasted until about 650 between the two and the last 300 years they were at war on both ends of the empire. So this constant war broke down the military forces leaving them defenseless to protect themselves from the outside invaders.
The United States is not fighting to hold of mass invasion but they are at war in other lands. The United States has had a strong military precedence in the Middle East protecting resources, which is oil. This takes place of gold and land use from the roman time period. The United States for about the last decade has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of lives. The United States for the last few decades has been protecting Israel from greater power. Also as of 2010 the United States has invade Afghanistan assigned more men and money. Also with the rearming of Russia and then there is North Korea which is building up a stock pile of weapons. If you go back in the history the United States for the past one hundred years you see that many wars have been fought. From the since 1939 which is the beginning of world war two the united states has been in a constant state of war. From the end of WWII the cold war era took place which was a technology race with the Soviet Union. There were no battle fought between the two super powers, but millions of dollars was spent on trying to be better than their opponent. Within the cold war the United States fought the Vietnam and Korean War which cost thousands of live and millions of dollars. One the cold war ended in 1991 the post cold war era began in which the United States fought the gulf war, Somalia and Yugoslavian conflicts. Then in 2001 the United States started the war on terrorism in 2001. This war now consists of Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. Just in 2009 the United States has spend are $515.4 billion: United States Department of Defense, $145.2 billion: Global War on Terror. That adds up to 660.6 billion dollars which is about 24.4% of the total income of the United States for 2009. The united states has been in a state of war for about the last 70 years and if the other wars from the birth of the united states,, the united states has been at war for more than a quarter of its total existences. Roma was at war for about 600 years and that is about the same amount of time the Roman Empire was at war before it fell. With the United States fighting on more fronts then roam empire. Also fight these wars cost a lot more money and resources with all the transportation, technology cost. If the United States does not stop stretching itself thin it will end up like the Roman Empire. They will fall because of the fact that they have stretched their military forces very thin and have amassed a huge debt fight these wars. With the budget stretched thin and more money needed this leads to other problems for super powers.


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