Ronald the rabbit, Christmas in brittle wood

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A story i wrote for my grandchildren with a happy ending and moral values.

fairy tale

It was Christmas time in Brittle wood
love and peace were in the air
everyone excited
except for Bill the bear.

Bill the bear got lonely
the same time every year
no family nor loved ones
down his cheek there ran a tear.

Ronald rabbit went to see him
his spirits he would lift
Ronald oh so thoughtful
took Bill the bear a gift.

Hello said Bill please come on in
for you it's great to see
oh my goodness Ronald rabbit
is that a gift for me?

Indeed it is said Ronald
a Christmas gift from me
a pot of golden honey
that i got from Bernard bee.

Ronald went to Bernards
said i'm sorry i've no money
but i will cut your Christmas tree
for a pot of golden honey.

Bernard was delighted
said that sounds great to me
a jar of golden honey
if you'll cut my Christmas tree.

Ronald he had hatched a plan
to cheer up Bill the bear
we'll have a massive party
we'll all meet up over there.

Big Bill the bear unknowing
of Ronalds kind surprise
teardrops fuelled by happiness
would leave that big bears eyes.

Suddenly a knocking
from outside Bills front door
in wonderment he opened
to a group that numbered four.

Merry Christmas Bill the bear
may we four please come in
sandwiches, and cakes, and gifts,
a part of what we bring.

Big Bill the bear delighted
so tired of being alone
no sooner had he welcomed in
than he heard the telephone.

Hello is that big Bill the bear
indeed it is said he
it's Sam the stoat and Lisa louse
and you we'd love to see.

Please come on over his reply
he met them at the door
best Christmas that he'd ever had
he'd remember ever more.

The creatures kept on calling
throughout that Christmas day
big Bill the bear so happy
it chased his blues away.

So many creatures calling
big Bill he felt so good
all his friends did visit
his home in brittle wood.

At night the cave was rocking
with the creatures made up band
party, creatures dancing
the best one in the land.

Ronnie rat was playing bass
Michael mole the steel guitar
Frank the frog, accoustics
big Bill the bear, the star.

Colin cat was on the drums
organ, Garth the goat
Del dog on backing vocals
along with Sam the stoat.

Big Bill the bear sang "my way"
then everybody clapped
big Bill he did it his way
throughout the song he rapped.

Willie whale was singing
from his home out in the sea
God bless all in Brittle wood
a Christmas wish from me.

If a friend has got a problem
then keep this thought in mind
just be like Ronald rabbit
thoughtful, good, and kind.


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I'm a 48 year old scotsman and a mental health awareness activist. I'm also a multi- award winning multi- published (NOT self published) poet. i have read my work at conferences all over Scotland,

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post!

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