Ronald the rabbit

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A story i wrote for my grandchildren with a moral edge too it.

childrens poetry

Ronald was a rabbit
who stayed in Brittle wood
mum and dad had raised him well
for ronald he did good.

Everyone loved Ronald
the rabbit with a heart
for if you had a problem
with time he'd gladly part.

If you're troubled
come and see me
his help was offered free
everyone invited, buzzard down too bee.

One day collecting carrots
at the back of Brittle wood
Ronald caught a funny smell
he knew it wasn't good.

Poor Ronald he sensed danger
then recognised the smell
he raced back to the village
the villagers to tell.

Brittle wood is burning
we have no place to flee
we have to fight the fire
who will stand with me?

Response it was outstanding
and Ronald shed some tears
as everybody loved him
all were volunteers.

Let's go and fight this woodland fire
side by side the creatures stood
fought to win the battle
the fight for Brittle wood.

Ronald marched on bravely
Michael mole and Ronnie rat
to try and put the fire out
with their friend big Bob the bat.

The fire ever nearer
they knew by smell and heat
be careful where you're stepping
the words from Polecat Pete.

Polecat Pete was moving
packed a great big heavy bag
so heavy his possessions
that thing he had to drag.

Meanwhile Ronalds fighting
with Gordon garden gnome
all were on a mission
to save their woodland home.

Suddenly a calling
from Rhona up a tree
red squirrel fire encircled
could Ronald rescue me?

Brave Ronald was a rabbit
the best in Brittle wood
he knew he couldn't climb the tree
but he'd do the best he could.

Red squirrels tree on fire
so he had to think real quick
Ronald grabbed a length of rope
and passed it with a stick.

Then Rhona she came sliding down
her family she did bring
a mother and five children
Ronalds praise to sing.

I have to get you out of here
so he led them all away
moved them in with Sam the stoat
a safer place to stay.

Sam, well he lived underground
beneath a great oak tree
where they could hide from smoke and flame
a safer place to be.

I'm sorry i must leave you
there's lives that i must save
Ronald just a rabbit
but a rabbit oh so brave.

He ran back to the fires edge
and he hatched a cunning plan
if i'm going to fight this fire
i'll get everyone i can.

So big Bob the bat flew missions
dropping water from the air
from a bucket tied below him
flew as low as he would dare.

Fred the fox an old ex fireman
who retired to brittle wood
with a hose he hid behind a tree
fought the flames the best he could.

Garth the goat he ran to help him
along with Tom the toad
extra hands around the hose
it lightened poor Freds load.

Bill the bear pulled buckets
of fresh water from the well
passed to his assistant
a friend, a dog called Del.

Colin cat the next in line
to pass that heavy pail
water spurted from the sea
thanks to Willie whale.

Silver Birch on fire
the same with Elm and Oak
flames that reached out skyward
our heroes tried to soak.

We're winning shouted Ronald
to Bill the big brown bear
and Don the little dormouse
that lived beneath the stair.

The fire's now extinguished
the work we did so good
we worked so hard together
and we saved Brittle wood.

Where did the fire come from
answers all the same
Walter wolf went camping
perhaps it's him to blame.

Walter he'd went camping
with matches he did play
one, it burned his finger
so he threw the match away.

It landed in some dried out leaves
or so it did transpire
carelessness with matches
set Brittle wood on fire.

So never play with matches
as Walter did that day
a match it burned his finger
the match he threw away.

Walter he was sorry
and most folk understood
nearly killed off all the animals
and burnt down Brittle wood.


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I'm a 48 year old scotsman and a mental health awareness activist. I'm also a multi- award winning multi- published (NOT self published) poet. i have read my work at conferences all over Scotland,

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12th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post!

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