Rooted but not Defeated

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Rooted in unity,although mistreated, we are not defeated.

Rooted but not Defeated

Wandering through a dark and dangerous forest, my lonesome self in war with my own thoughts, my past striking me on a daily basis; I’m a walking catastrophe. A drunken mistake was all it took; I let her in, my dark side unveiled. My bubbly personality no longer enough to mask my secrets, my empty reassuring words that I’m fine were now disregarded, she knows the real me.

As our friendship blossomed, our trust flourished, I surrender myself to her. I’m a shrub, not the tree I so confidently portrayed. Friends often listen, but rarely understand, she however understands me, and instead of judging, she has willingly stayed.

Trekking together through fields of uncertainty, we both convince the other that we are strong, if we fall down a ditch, we climb out fighting, we are bark with bite, both looking for the elusive Mr Right. Struggling with similar issues, we are two trees rooted with the same problem, but as the days go by, we grow stronger; we are preparing to fight.

Like grasshoppers, we hop from doubt to doubt, our troublesome past dragging our confidence down, guys being the prime problem. We either freeze up or act like complete nutters, either way, our behaviour is strange. Two huge personalities both as unique as the other, both with hidden depth, but together we are united, a friendship I wouldn't dare change.

Swinging through trees, not a care in the world, positive vibes shadowing her every move, she is relentless, she is my role model. Leaving her past in the past, I aspire to be like her. Her personality infectious, her humour hilarious, when with her, she sends me delirious. She lives like there’s no tomorrow, almost wild; her outlook on life oozes positivity. I concur.

Curvy in all the right places, she has a figure to die for, maybe she should tell herself this more; I sense a hint of self-doubt. Don’t be a weed, you are more significant, you are stunning; you are the water in a drought. She’s a daisy, I have joined her never ending chain; so many people love her, even if she’s a little crazy!

Two trees, side by side, a hammock of shared feelings, we bare all; nothing left to hide. Treacherous weather conditions pulling at our emotions, our leaves falling off one by one, almost naked but not ashamed.

We stand tall; we still have our pride.


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