Rude Driver

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Driving carefully does not guarantee that you will not encounter an accident. However, it is always necessary for you to be careful and make sure to follow road signs and rules.

Rude Driver

I recently had a car accident. It was 6:30 in the morning and as I was slowly moving along with the slow moving traffic, a car to my right suddenly hit my passenger door. When I got down of the car , I noticed that the driver was drunk.

I asked the other driver not to move his car but he moved it reasoning that we were causing a traffic. I said we need to take pictures first and you are clearly drunk. His reply was I am not drunk. Yes I did drink but that was last night ( and looking at him , I bet he was still from the bar and was only on his way home - his friends were at the back seated, sleeping!).

At the police station , I was called names by his prostitute looking friends.. I was even called rude driver and they were like let’s take her picture and post it at Facebook ( geesh I was the rude one??).

Then this guy asked me , what my demands were, I clearly stated that we need to file a police report I need copies of your license and your insurance policy. Then he went on bragging that his car is brand new and that he bought it with his own money . That his father is a lawyer and if I will file a case against him, there is no problem with him. I kept quiet and did not say anything (although I really really wanted to shout at him for being such a pain in the ass)

When the inspector arrived I clearly told the police that I want the guy to undergo an alcoholic breath test. Of course , it was positive. And sad to say the guy has to pay for all the damages (hahahaha!) since his insurance did not cover accidents when drunk.

Lessons learned : Do not drive when drunk.
Always stay humble ( for if the guy did not brag , I will not have insisted on the alcoholic breath test)
And guys, please choose your friends.


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author avatar joyalariwo
5th Dec 2013 (#)

He definitely paid up I hope he learns from that experience. Its never great to drive under any influence whatsoever

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Dec 2013 (#)

Hopefully you recovered from this bad experience and forgive and forget

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author avatar Avaysa
9th Dec 2013 (#)

yes I have forgiven him.. and hoe that he also learned his lessons well.

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