Running on half-empty?

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It could just be me, but I think Sarah Palin is starting to notice what happens when you gamble early and find yourself an also-ran with plenty of time left on the clock...

Running on half-empty?

Now that Sarah Palin's take it for what it was stop in Iowa has past, one has to stop and wonder how much sand is left in her hourglass.

Indianola served as the latest example of the slow trip downhill. The weather was against her, with what was described as torrential rain, cutting the expected crowd down to about two thousand. This was much lower than the "Tea Party of America" had hoped for. There was also some controversy leading up to the event as to who was really going to be there: Palin, Christine O'Donnell, both, or neither.

In the final wind-up, Palin, after hearing her opening act warm up the audience by poking fun at special needs children (bet somebody lost an agent over that one), took the obligatory potshots at President Obama, a jab at former running mate Sen. John McCain (perhaps as admonishment for unloosing her upon us), and found it in herself to fire off one of the racier one-liners her writers (much funnier than Eric Golub, Palin's opening act): "Polls? Nah...they're for strippers and cross-country skiers."

See, now that's comedy. Palin was responding to a recent FOX News poll, in which not only 74% of voters, but 66% of those who described themselves as tea party members said not only no, but no thank you to a Palin White House bid.

Just when I think the Dumbening is starting to snowball, poll numbers like this come along and talk me back from the ledge a bit. I mean, I agree with Palin in the sense that polls don't usually mean much. But at this early stage, for public opinion to be leaving you far behind and fast, says something. And this poll caught my eye for one other reason- the fact that FOX News aired the results after conducting the poll. When you think about it, the network is learning that the public is quickly growing tired of her schtick, and coming to the realization they have her as an employee. Or contributor. Or in-house hockey mom, whatever the crap her title is at FOX.

I think FOX is starting to hope that the Tea Party exodus from Palin means that while she may be losing a bit of her broad mainstream appeal, maybe she can hold on to a somewhat regional following. It may not allow her to run for President and be taken a damn bit seriously, but it won't stop her from hitting New Hampshire yet. Might as well enjoy the attention while it's fresh. At least she can continue her speaking engagement/bus tour/book signing thingie for a while, or until a puppet show draws top billing...


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