SEO - A Cautionary Tale

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Sam couldn’t believe what Dr Smith had calmly said to him, “This is not good, Mr Wee, this is really not too good….”

Sam waited outside the consultation room with a heavy heart. He has been feeling unwell. The doctor had suspected it could be cancer and had advised for the X-Ray to be taken.

He just could not believe it. He is only forty. How could this be happening to him? He must admit though, he is a chain-smoker; in excess of seventy stick on hectic days. As he sat on the bench, thoughts of how he took that first puff came flushing through his mind. He was only fourteen.

“C’mon, Sam Wee is a coward! He is a coward!” taunted James Tan.

“No! I am not!” retorted Sam.

“Then take the puff, you are holding it in your hands already, anyway.” James Tan just wouldn’t let Sam off. “Everyone here’s done it. Are you with us or not?”

With the eyes of his group of close pals watching intently at him, Sam decided it would be the manliest thing to do. He shut his eyes, raised the cigarette to his mouth and took a deep breath….and started to cough….

“Mr. Sam, are you alright? Dr Smith is ready for you. You may go in.”, the sweet nurse nonchalantly informed him.

Sam walked in nervously and sat before Dr Smith, who was already holding up the X-Ray sheet against the light.

“Mr. Wee? Mr. Sam Wee?” cited Dr Smith.

“This is not good, Mr. Wee, this is really not too good. We will need to operate on you. I am pretty sure from my years of experience, thirty-nine years to be exact and coming to forty, that you have cancer of the lungs. If you don’t operate on it, you might not live past forty-one.”

Sam went back and told his wife, Betty. Betty had asked Sam if it is really necessary. What if the operation fails? She would not want to be left all alone as they had no child. Sam assured her Dr Smith is the best doctor money can buy around town.

The next few weeks happened in an instant, although to Sam it lasted an eternity. Finally, the day of the operation went past. The cancerous part had been carefully sliced and Dr Smith declared the operation was a success. Today, exactly three months since he had the news told to him, Sam is finally back at Dr Smith’s office for the review.

He sat quietly, his movements still awkward after the operation, wondering what words of wisdom will stream from this expert’s mouth.

“Mr. Sam Wee, you are one lucky man. We have analyzed the specimen that was removed. It was benign. The op wasn't really necessary, actually.”

“WHAT?” Sam uttered, although if he had his full strength, it will be more just screaming out loud. He would have grabbed the doctor by the neck for the ordeal he had been subjected to. He wanted to let his fists do the talking, but his strength failed him.

Just then, three big letters flashed brightly across his mind. “SEO – Second Expert Opinion”- the most probable correlation could be from his work on website search engine optimization (SEO).

He should have taken heed of the three letter acronym (TLA) more seriously. Why didn’t he translate SEO to mean something else in his life? Now his only comfort is if he dies, it will not be because of cancer. Nonetheless, he had since vowed never to touch another cigarette in his life again.

As Dr Smith spoke on, he does not seem quite bothered with his wrong assessment. After all, he is now officially a surgeon with forty years of experience; so to speak Life goes on…


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Excellent work.

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