Sacred Space In Christianity (The Catholic Church)

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the catholic church has a number of sacred places of worship, this page talks about some of the common sacred places of worship among the catholics.

sacred places of worship

The chapel
The table of Eucharist also called the altar, and the table of the Lord. This is shown by the presence of a white cloth which is significant for the sacrifice. This is where the bread is broken and the bread and wine are consecrated to be the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
The Lectern.* This is where the word of God is read and broken i.e. explained to the readers. This is also where the homily is given.
The tabernacle. This is sacred because this is where the consecrated host is kept/ preserved. The light at the tabernacle is to show the presence of the consecrated host. The light represents the light of Christ.
The missal. This is a guide to say the holy mass, which is a form of prayer.
The shrine
Is a holy or a sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero, martyr, saints, daemon or similar figure of awe and respect. At which they are venerated or worshiped.

Shrines often contain idols, relics, or other such objects associated with the figure being venerated. A shrine at which votive offerings are made is called an alter. Shrines are found in many of the world’s religions, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, Chinese folk religion and Shinto, as well as in secular and non-religious settings such as war memorial. Shrines can be found in various settings such as: church temples, cemeteries, at homes although portable shrines are also found in some cultures.
Examples of Shrines in Kenya, Subukia Shrine, Consolata Shrine in Nairobi, Komarock shrine in Kangundo.
This is a place dedicated for prayer. It has a statue of Mary if the shrine is dedicated to Mary.

To show the place is sacred space, silence is observed, people remove their shoes and caps to show respect.
The humility with which people approach the sacred space such as the altar in the church.
Genuflection or bowing when going to the church especially when the light on the tabernacle is present.
The chapel is used for prayer, worship and praise of God through songs and kneeling. This is for community prayer.


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