Sadness and Sorrow in my lungs

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A quick poem i wrote awhile back, I was dealing with hard times due to loss of loved ones and countless moments where I got kicked out of many places i stayed. I had the sort of recurring depression throughout middle school and highschool, nearly leading on to collage. As soon as i hit my twenties everything seemed to get worse. I wrote this poem i think back when i was 17 or 18. Basically the first piece of literature I attempted to send out to the world.

Sadness and Sorrow...

I feel this feeling deep within, it feels as if i couldn’t breathe.
The darkness and sorrow fills my lungs, as if i could deflate
I feel so great, with a smirk on my face
Belittled by anyone and everyone i am
My kindness taken for weakness
Only to find the right one to make my darkness disparate.
As poets before me, mark the feeling as a raven or crow
I feel as if pain is more of a dark entity weeping a million souls
As it casts a shadow of those beloved by mankind
The feeling of sadness and sorrow, everyone has felt
I weep amongst a liar’s throne. One that can never be subtle.
I look amongst a silent and lonesome classroom
One that is to me a thing in the past
The days of pain and loneliness one will never forget
The world acts as if it truly cares if one lives or dies
But it seems that once one has seen the truth of reality
He/she is filled with this sorrow and pain
Leading to one doing something drastic
With a noose or blade.
Maybe mankind isn’t ment to see the lord’s truth behind reality.
And the one up above casts his mighty power to those who knows the truth behind reality
Which makes that one try to end its existence. Almost like a robot programmed to do something and if it doesn’t, its existence is gone.
Sadness and sorrow fills my lungs, and feels as if i will deflate
Causing ones fate to wait longer ‘till another’s fate leaves this so called great world.


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I'm a male who mainly writes poems and shorts stories of sad or depressing feelings i've felt over the years.

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