Samuel II

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Upon entering the void between...
When I looked into the abyss…
I Began To Shout, Then There Was Silence...

Slowly Waking…

To redefine
I am broken
Words often pass
As subtle
I try the world
The world shakes
Of the past
Time has come for me
To be undone
Then comes
The memories of past
I am undone

But Who Am I?

No that is not I
Clothes better fitted to another
To be judged after my death
But a jest
Such is not bound to my name
I hear the whispers
But it is not me
The whispers in my head
Seem to think that it would be so
But no
But maybe not
Now that seems to show
The essence of concrete
Though not so

Well then what is it?

I am the that I that I am
I make no pretense to the fact that world at large does not see me
Against the odds
My will does not fade
The Dreams do not die

I persevere…

The days of glory have long since faded. I felt myself as rust. The crying decay of dreams which were never meant to be, but somehow in darkness that came over me I had found that which was unknown
I gazed long time into the mirror, and beheld unto me was, and is the I
The sole purpose of soul
That is to be
Echoed in my mind were the verses long forgotten, but to those given to ear that would hear

A silent prayer is spoken…

I am but a servant of divine hand and divine will
Of a broken world
Writhe with an unrelenting horde of tyrants
Give me strength
Should cause be just?
For it is the world I face
I stand as one against the many
I stand alone
But I stand…

Standing in the face of true darkness…

Dropping the razor
Which had no dignity near my wrist
I stared into the void…

The spoken of abyss!
Where the beast stares back!

And my eyes shined!

And the void

To be continued…


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