Sanctions against South Africa's racist policies

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I've never wanted to write much if anything about politics, because politics and religion are the two things that still stand in the way of a happy human race.

However, sometimes I couldn't help but write about the corruption of South Africa's current ANC government. It just slips out. And it's not really something one should remain silent about, because evil people thrive when the good remain silent.

Sanctions against South Africa's racist policies

Because it hasn't been directly relevant to my life, I also haven't written much if anything about racism against white people in the workplace and in society.

But now, it seems there are developments in this field. First I only heard about it, but now somebody forwarded an email to me with some concrete writing about it.

I am of course referring to sanctions against South Africa, because of racism that's got out of hand. I quote it here:


Australians call for sanctions against SA

The new South African government's racist policies and affirmative action has led to calls for sanctions against SA.

The National Chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, Andrew Phillips called upon both the Federal Labor government and the Opposition to unanimously support the re-introduction of sanctions upon South Africa.

"It is becoming increasingly clear the situation in South Africa warrants international attention once again", Phillips said. "Despite noble announcements by the African National Congress (ANC) of its intent to make South Africa an egalitarian society in which all people could live in harmony and have equal opportunity-the reality is quite different."

His calls follow Woolworths SA asking that only "African Black candidates" apply for certain posts in job advertisements and South African Airways saying it will only appoint black pilots to its cadet pilot training programme.

Phillips said "Australia is dragging its feet in recognising the reality of the New South Africa. Euro MPs Barry Madlener and Lucas Hartong have already called for the EU to cease giving millions in aid to South Africa and have already raised the issue of what can only be described as cultural genocide in that country." See our story "EU take on SAA in pilot racism".

The Australian Protectionist Party recognises the right of all people, irrespective of racial, cultural or religious background to a safe homeland, self determination and the opportunity to control their national destiny in an increasingly globalised world.

"With the advent of so-called majority rule, minorities such as the Afrikaner communities are experiencing ever increasing disadvantage and persecution based on the colour of their skin" Phillips said.

"The South African government has done little to protect the lives of the nation's farmers and their families, actively promotes the on-going Anglicisation of the nation's government sector with the current debate of the "Languages Bill" and has reduced an estimated 10% of the nation's Afrikaner community to the poverty line through the introduction of a race based Affirmative Action policy - a situation President Zuma described as both "shocking and surprising", yet has done nothing to address".

"Australia was quick to take the moral high-ground against South Africa decades ago, now is not the time to expose our hypocrisy by refusing to re-introduce sanctions and apply meaningful diplomatic pressure upon the ANC regime," Phillips said.


Well, let's hope this leads to a much happier South Africa where white people will not feel discriminated against anymore.


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