Sands Of Time

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Time pushes our journeys into tomorrow. We all end up as we started, the same

Grain Of Sand

There is a lifetime in a simple grain of sand
Each one unique in how it came to be
Life travels this very same process
Our world is not that different from the sea

The ebbs and tides of existence
Bringing our souls rolling and tumbling around
Traveling over bumps and grinds through every wave
Feeling emotions and energy’s abound

We are not as different from each other
Even our endings become quite the same
Entities turned into dust in the wind
The many becoming one name

Yet we find ourselves so separate
Not looking at the reasons we are one
Paying no attention to where we are headed
Not worrying what we might finally become

The grain of sand it shows no resemblance
To the aura of what once had existed
Like humanity it continued its journey
As time’s push could not be resisted

As we look closely into a grain of Sand
We can see the mirrors reminding us of its time
And if we look into the souls of one another
A grain of sand we’ll surely find


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author avatar Heather Gibson
I am a poet, most of my writing is poetry, but I also will blog on today's world around us from time to time.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
12th Sep 2014 (#)

Resplendent stone diamond of love,
Creation from rock that hardens Above.
Showing truth of breaking into glistening sand,
With the hint of thunder from the Iron hand.

Bringing in glass with Lightening's fire,
Showing the truth behind all Creation's desire.
With all of sand coming together as One,
Showing talking skeletons finally on the run.

Proving the Lightening brought hint of colour glass,
That formed definitively into a wondrous mass.
Becoming a set that stood out from the rest,
Showing truth of Creation that is powerful and blessed.

With all of Creation finally seeing pebbles around,
Bringing the colour within hallowed ground.
Where no other could touch the Dancing Girl,
That showed sands of time to Mother of Pearl.

Making Diamonds with pearls into sets of Love,
Bringing forth the waves roaring from Above.
Showing truth of the sand on every beach,
Is the colour of soil that does wondrous places reach.

For rubbing on One grain of sand brought pearl,
The beauty of that pain that let it all unfurl.
Into a Necklace of Diamond with pearls encrust,
Showing the truth of Creation Sand is a must.

To create masterpiece into purity of love,
To enthrall and intrigue the Sun Above.
As all Creation finally see Glass that is made of Sand,
Coming together with Pearl of a distant land.

Never to let go but shine as Power of One,
Showing gift of Creation within Golden Sun.
As all now feel the beauty of that vibe,
In resplendent armour that none can describe.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 12th September 2014

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Lovely poem with poignant message about life, existence, lifestyle, thanks Heather. We should never forget the oneness in our existence but also enjoy our separate identity - siva

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