Sandy I hate You

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This Year Sandy had Came and Make the Millions are orphans ,Widows and Rest the World are looking as the Danger and awaiting the Sandy again.

Sandy I hate You

While I awake in That Time I got the Message
With Storms and Radical way You came
With Our Invitation You Entered
Oh ! Sandy are you the part of Nature of God's Order
Why you came in Universe?

Do you want to Filter Americans and Indians or ?
With Full Doubts and Fears Really I am Asking you
How you dare to come in Earth ?
Have you ever Think your Arrival can Brings the Millions live Danger
But you are Sandy the God of Death and Fear
I know you want to Balance the Universe

But I cannot Tolerate this Where I loose the Millions of Indians and States Friends
I really Upset with you while you came without Invitation
I donot know how to curse you in this Universe
But sure Sandy you are not so kindful to Humanity

You only know to bring the Danger and Make the Orphans
Widows and Agains Brings the Uncountable Hazards
Sandy You are the One Who Make the Losses in States
Are you again coming in States or India or somewhere

I am not Praying to lord who is not mercyful
I am not praying to nature who do not have piety
But Sure I hate all those who send you here in Earth
To kill and put in Millions of Human and Living Being in Danger
Sandy I hate you ,I hate you and Really I hate you

Please donot come and show your arrival near to me
I can listen that echos and Smell the death
Where you broght for thousands of Living Soul
Sandy you are cruel and bad why you came

No one love you please try to understand
No one Wecome you that You are the ...
What ever you are We donot fear ..
If you again come we are ready to face you
But Come with Strong way so that You can Filter the World

Balance the Earth ,Sandy If you come in our Ways
Next Time it will cost for you ,No one Love you
Just we hates cause you make the Death of Millions
You made the Orphans of Millions of Childs
Ever You Made the Tragedy for Millions of Couple as Widow

Sandy We hate you not for Time Being
It's our Soul Recalls and Remind you
You are Cruel and You are Bad Enough
You only know about Damage and cruelity

Where ever You go I can Smell the Death
I can See the Disaster with Helpless
Is this your Character or Mission Dear Sandy
We donot Love you And We only Hate you

Please go and Go ..Let the People to Live
In Peace Prospetity and Developments
Else Again People will Start to Chant the Hate Word
With God and Nature ,Sandy Really I hate You


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18th Jul 2013 (#)

good god

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