Satan, God and Jesus, and you. Whose side are you on?

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I was reading something about Satan recently. Apparently, he used to be God's favourite right hand man, though not his only son. This was Jesus. Satan became jealous of Jesus. He started a rebellion in Heaven.

He lost the fight against God, and was kicked out of Heaven, together with a third of the angels, who had decided to support his selfish little campaign too.

Was Satan really the first angel that God created, or not?

No, this is not right, in a sense.

God created angels, both male and female, as he did with mankind, all at once. He created them to inhabit and populate heaven, which he made before he made the earth.

The first man was Adam, and the first woman was Eve, but these were prototypes not sent to Earth with the rest of created man and woman, but left in the garden of Eden on their own. This was a garden still within heaven. God set it up this way as sort a test for the rest of mankind as well. Their future would also depend on how Adam and Eve faired in this test.

Adam and Eve failed this test, and so as a result of this failing they were sent to Earth, which was already populated with the other men and women then. Satan went down with them because he had tempted this man and woman to try to get them both to join his own side, his rebellious forces of angels and himself.

Satan too had been a similar prototype to Adam, created and or named first by God as an angel, and allowed to stay in God’s inner sanctums as a servant, direct to God.

Satan also rebelled against this assignment in time, and so he was told to leave.

It was then that he was then sent out of this higher temple part of heaven into the rest of heaven, but when he later tempted God’s test man and woman, he was sent with this man and his woman to Earth to rule over it, and to tempt other men.

God did this because God knew that this would make the good man stronger in this fire of temptation, but the weaker ones would likely burn away as dross, and so join Satan too.

God breathes his love into us giving us life

Poetry: Haiku about God

God is a spirit,
oxygen to our own soul.
Breathe deeply, or die!

"Never trust anyone completely but God. Love people, but put your full trust only in God."

This quote is from the American musician, and television personality, Lawrence Welk (1908 to 1992).

I guess what he says is true, even if it seems a bit untrusting to do this.

Everybody else has sinned I guess, and so has come short of God, and so in a way, they can never be fully trusted. He is right then, that only God can be fully trusted. God will never let us down.

Heaven is reflected to us in us whenever we love

The lord's prayer says, somewhere near its beginning, the line,

"May your will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven."

Obviously this would mean then that God's will is always being carried out in heaven.

What type of place is Heaven then?

What is heaven, where is it, and what is it really like?

Heaven is not a place where flesh and blood bodies can move to. You go to heaven as your soul. The spirit that is God occupies your soul and your body, but it comes alive more within you when you connect to your soul.

Heaven is the place where souls serve God in such a way that they are allowed to almost be God. God is heavenly, and all in Heaven must be heavenly to. This means that they feed on God in such a way, that his love sustains them.

Heaven is a place where souls come to succour on God. Heaven is a mystery to everyone here on the Earth, because it is non-physically based.

Spirit is non-physical in its make up, and God is non-physical too. God is a great reservoir of love or spirit, that is not like a reservoir on the Earth, but more like an emptiness being full despite you only seeing emptiness. This is why the Universe could appear from nothing, because nothing is full of God.

Outside of Heaven, when you are not living from the spirit of God's love, you are sinning.

Love lives in the epiphany of soundlessness until you give it its voice. When you love, love lives in you, coming alive and bringing you to life within God. As much as you do not love, you live in the reciprocal feeling of non-love, or sin.

In a way, nobody has ever left Heaven. This is why nobody can make a permanent home for themselves here on the Earth. Wherever you are, as long as you remain in touch with God, you are in Heaven.

If this was really true though, why would anyone need to follow Jesus, have their sins forgiven, and thereafter leave sin behind, to go the way of truth, in order for themselves to be able to enter heaven?

Being at home is loving where we are, but we are not truly home, until we return again to heaven, is this right, or not?

God's love lives in an emptiness of itself until you give it a vessel to fill. You are home in a sense when you do this, but you are really home when you leave the worlds of sin behind, and re-enter heaven.

The devil or the tempter is full of this sin, simply because they refuse to be a vessel for God's love, and they will not voluntarily follow this love or God, and so they are a vessel for non-love, or their own thoughts and ways of thinking are non-loving, and which of course is sin.

Living your life by doing anything other than following God's love and God, is sin.

Life is not about living on the knife edge like many mystics like to tell us that it is.

Living on the edge allows you to fall off it at times, but the narrow path must always be regained for you to be able to re-enter Heaven. We must walk on the straight and narrow path, but not on its edges.

You are put fully back onto this path, when your sins are forgiven, and if you do not doubt again that your life experiences with God's love are real.

What will our future life in heaven be like, and what will we be doing there?

In heaven, we live in joy as we live from love for God.

We simply live joy, happily singing and praising God, and establishing a pool of love for us to dip into, whenever we need to.

When we live this love in heaven, the love creates an atmospheric outpouring of this same love that reaches out to all creation helping to bring all souls to the greater truth and realisation of what love is, and what heaven is.

Heaven is simply love being lived. Love fully, and enter Heaven now.

The terrible truth

“Michael: There's nothing here to fear.
Lucifer: Well, there's always the truth.”

This is a quote from the British writer Mike Carey. It is Saint Michael, God's current top angel, talking to Lucifer, the previous top angel, now fallen.

There is nothing to fear in Heaven, because as the Christian bible says, perfect love casts out all fear.

This guidance comes from the New Testament book of, 1 John, chapter 4, verse 18.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love."

This is what evil and sin do, they fear truth.

This is because they know that the truth can set them free, and they want to be free in a false way, free as themselves, rather than their being free, as in their being their own true created selves within God, and his kingdom.

This idea also comes from Jesus, and the relevant quote comes from Saint John's gospel, chapter 8, verse 32.

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

What will happen to Satan and all of his angels in the end?

Is there going to be an end, one day?

There was a beginning for humans and for angels but not for God and Jesus, who are oneness and infinity combined, and the Holy spirit, the third element of God's trinity, lives in between God and Jesus, as we humans progress from one state to another, in our consciousness.

We can witness how the spirit works, let it live within us, and allow it to show us how to grow in love, and in conscious awareness of the truths of this love.

God created vehicles for his spirit, and in one way nothing can be destroyed, once it has been created.

This means that if Satan and his angels, and any more of his supporters, or followers still do not want to be with God in heaven, they will spend eternity in their own place, separated away from God and his oneness.

This place is a sort of holding yard or vacuum or black hole within oneness that allows for infinite parts of oneness to circle back on itself in this way, so it really can accommodate all states and plays of freedom, but the lovers will stick with God because these other parts, once gone completely cold will be frozen in place, in a way, and so they will effectively lose all of their "functionitive" power then too.

Afterward: A personal revelation

Last night after I had written part of this article, I could not sleep. It was 3 am in the morning. I got up and went to the toilet.

I came back to bed. I looked down the bed into a large mirror which sits on the top of a dressing table, at the end of the bed. My wife sleeps with a small lamp on next to her side of the bed. She is afraid of the dark

So I could see into the mirror clearly. The whole room was moving through and in the mirror from left to right. It was spinning around and around. This was not my own head spinning. It was being externally watched.

I knew that something was about to happen.

Suddenly now there was a high stone wall between me and the mirror.

I didn't particularly like that. It was blocking my view. I got a stick of dynamite and inserted it into a small crevice in the wall.

(Note to readers: My imagination was now being used to visualise these things like in a waking dream)

The wall was blown down into rubble.

I walked through the rubble. There I saw a large solid wooden door. I opened the door. There was a descending set of stairs there. I walked down them. At the bottom of these stairs was another door, equally as solid.

I also opened this and then I entered a small enclosed room. It only had one piece of furniture in it, a wooden table.

On top of the table was a metal cabinet, which was locked, with a swinging door. I could see the key hole there.

I found that I had a key hanging around my neck on a rope chain. I used it to open the cabinet. Inside there was one shelf. On the shelf was a tatty old leather brown book, with pieces of it nearly flaking off.

I took it out and I opened it up.

It said to me.

"You are one of Satan's fallen angels. Everyone on Earth is one too."

"This is why Jesus was sent to Earth, to give these fallen angels, now humans, who had been tricked, manipulated by Satan's lies to follow him, another last chance to re-enter heaven."

"Jesus came to show you that only he can take you back into heaven again. You must love him, trust him, and follow him to do so. This is the terrible real truth."

I then came out of this vision. I knew now that I had my answer here for nearly all of my questions. If this was true, it explained so much.

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author avatar brendamarie
20th Feb 2016 (#)

Spirited what an amazing article as always. God is the love in our heart and the breath that we breath

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author avatar spirited
20th Feb 2016 (#)

Thanks brendamarie, you always seem to get something from my articles.

"God is the love in our heart and the breath that we breath."

I like that.

Yes, God certainly is the life in our blood too.

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author avatar Retired
21st Feb 2016 (#)

Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son was his way of telling us that God will always welcome us home, no matter how down and dirty we have been (tending swine). This 'experiment' will continue until ALL return to God, Including Satan.

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author avatar spirited
21st Feb 2016 (#)

Thanks Christopher,

You are right in the sense that your scenario feels right, but it still raises a lot of other questions to my mind.

Here are a few of these questions with my own answers to them.

Of course, if there is to be an an endpoint in all of this, and if even Satan will be returned to God, or more reclaimed by God, because he finally also sees the light, and understands why this is the best position he could be in, it could presumably all begin again, if something in him fails again from him seeing that God is still greater than himself. This will happen if he again in heaven wanted to again be God exclusively and push the real God aside. He would have lost his insight into seeing God in himself again then.

If all return to God, why did God allow this to happen in the first place and is it happening for the first time, or just repeating an endless cycling of freedom becoming restricted by its restricting itself and then freeing itself once more.

It's all like a kink in a hose, love stops flowing for a while, and then either pressure builds up in the hose, and it frees itself, or God comes along, and unkinks it himself, in some "unknowable" way to the hose.

Given that there is no time, and so this means in some respects that God exists forever only now, it is perhaps true that God will always welcome us home, but the fact is also true too, that we are always home with him, because there is no place where God is not. We make our own pigpen still within heaven then.

The other thing about this idea of an end point to all of this is that when even Satan is now deemed to be fully redeemed, and returned again to God, is that even given this, why couldn't it all happen again, (a return to "sinning" that is )and why did it all happen in the first place, anyway. There can be no guarantees to any of this, if we are truly all free, including Satan.

If God grants us all freedom, including Satan, what is the point of it all, anyway. In some respects, there is always a risk factor that part of him will turn against himself again isn't there, or with repeated trials can all of the parts ever truly be all fixed permanently for eternity after that fixing, as you are thinking here, I think Christopher.

All works perfectly for God, but if it doesn't appear to be working for any one part, but that is just because they, at this stage, do not see it as God sees it, do not currently think as God thinks, and do not yet understand, as he understands, nor do they love, as he loves yet either, for that matter.

In one way, God will always remain at least one step away from all of his parts or his creation, because he also "learns" from them learning, and he, as the sum of all of his parts, will always then be, or remain greater in a total way than his parts individually can ever be, but this is so, only if a certain part holds onto their "partship" as Satan wanted to do, but if they let go, and let God be them in them too, all will be the same as God then uniformly so.

God would be exactly then the same across all of himself with each part functionally, optimally choosing to do so through understanding perfectly love now, and so knowing about how it only ever works (for them that is, not for God, for whom, it always works "perfectly"), through connection, and by all of the parts of God working together now again, without any seams.

They will have stitched God back together again then, with their own needles, by choosing to do so, rather than them trying to stitch him up in other ways, by using these needles to try to sew their own imitations of God with.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Feb 2016 (#)

What a wonderful journey of revelation sort of from personal experience. You have connected the dots so well and very convincing too.

Thanks Spirited for sharing these and it has helped me to expand my perspective and clear some doubts about God, Satan, Angels, our journey.

Hope this insight of yours gets a wider coverage that it deserves - siva

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author avatar spirited
21st Feb 2016 (#)

Thanks siva.

These are my own ideas, as I try to make sense of it all, for my self.

Nobody else can make sense of it for me.

They can help me to see sense, but in the end, I have to find my own keys to the mystery, as we all have to do too, I think.

Some will not agree, but then they have their own key, that only opens their own locker too, I suppose.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
22nd Feb 2016 (#)

Dear spirited ...
I don't choose to be controversial ... but I am not one of earth's fallen angels . I am a human being , made in the image of God .. part of a fallen world because of Adam's disobedience and original sin , because he chose to listen to Lucifer ( Satan ) ... but God in His love and mercy , sent Jesus ( His Only Begotten Son ) to be the propitiation for our sins , and ALL who repent and believe in Him are saved and will spend eternity in Heaven....John 3v16 .
Satan however will end his rule of evil in the lake of fire . There is no way back to God for him , and he knows it .
But that doesn't have to be our experience , as Jesus paid a heavy price to redeem us back to His Father and to give us Eternal Life .
God bless you my friend
Stella ><

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author avatar spirited
22nd Feb 2016 (#)

thanks Stella,

" I knew you, before you were born."

Jeremiah chapter 1, verse 5.

I think God knew all of us before we were born, because we were with him then as angels, or souls, or whatever other name you might like to call somebody in heaven.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion I think. You are not being controversial, if anyone was, it was me.

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author avatar spirited
22nd Feb 2016 (#)

Are we angels, or not?

Have we been in Heaven ever before, or did God create us somewhere outside of heaven, what about our soul? What is a human being anyway?

I like to think of answers to my own questions, because nobody else's answers have ever satisfied me, but that's only me, I guess.

Heaven is populated with all manor of beings angels, seraphims and other types of created vehicles for God's spirit, A soul is something that exists as a vehicle for this spirit too, and it is the soul that inhabits a body.

Sometimes we call this body a human body, but why not call it an angel as well, as it surely has its roots in heaven too.

God created angels first, then these humans, but making them in his image means that they are also angel in substance, yet now clothed in this new way, with the soils of that earth which he created for them to live in, after they had fallen through the gaps in heaven, because they had sinned, and would not obey God, in the same way as which Satan did.

They also wanted independent knowledge instead of their being contented to live in the joyful all knowingness of love. They wanted a mind to think for themselves, and this is not required in heaven, because being spirit filled, this lets you act from your heart there, not from a mind.

Satan pinched a part of this tree of knowledge first, and ate it for himself, it seems, so he became tainted, and then he wanted to taint others, like the story of the fox, who lost his tale.

This story is a well-known Aesop's fable.

It happened that a Fox caught its tail in a trap, and in struggling to release himself lost all of it but the stump. At first he was ashamed to show himself among his fellow foxes. But at last he determined to put a bolder face upon his misfortune, and summoned all the foxes to a general meeting to consider a proposal which he had to place before them.

When they had assembled together the Fox proposed that they should all do away with their tails. He pointed out how inconvenient a tail was when they were pursued by their enemies, the dogs; how much it was in the way when they desired to sit down and hold a friendly conversation with one another. He failed to see any advantage in carrying about such a useless encumbrance.

"That is all very well," said one of the older foxes; "but I do not think you would have recommended us to dispense with our chief ornament if you had not happened to lose it yourself."

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author avatar Hasnat Rasool
24th Feb 2016 (#)

i didn't get it

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author avatar Hasnat Rasool
24th Feb 2016 (#)

cool topic

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author avatar spirited
24th Feb 2016 (#)

that's ok, some will get it, others will not, thanks for commenting.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
24th Feb 2016 (#)

Spirited, thank you for sharing such an eye opening article. It certainly gives me a lot to think about. Congratulations on the shiny gold star at the top of your page. I don't see things exactly as you do but I believe that is what makes each one of us come together as a whole. This is what makes the world go round. Smiles to you today and always!

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author avatar spirited
24th Feb 2016 (#)

Thanks Nancy, I don't necessarily believe all that I write either.

I am just trying to find my own answers for these things, because I have never been fully contented with other people's explanations.

By the way, this article did not originally have a star. When I do not get a star, I re-edit my article usually, and have another go at it.

Any article can be so improved.

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author avatar Retired
10th Apr 2016 (#)

I've decided to revisit this page, spirited, to see how your thinking has progressed since its first publication.

There have been a couple of film series which have been helpful to visit the 'bigger' picture, as I like to call it.

The Matrix Trilogy illustrated exactly what you were saying about it happening all over again once it was resolved, seemingly. Neo (the One) seemed to be trying to solve the problem of the Machines and the Agents being in control. By the end, he had decided to no longer resist the evil, but to integrate it into his own being, surrending to the 'inevitable'. With that action, he stopped the Programme permanently, bring a New Dawn and Freedom for the people.

The other one, which tells the story of the Gods in conflict (two sons of the chief god, Odin: Thor and Loki), shows what happens when one is exiled to earth. In a reversal of roles, the 'good' son is the victim of the lockout. (We sometimes get the story wrong, too.)

If I had one wish, I should ask for the world to 'remove the scales from their eyes'. Evidently, the time around, we were cut off from direct spiritual awareness of our true home. The test, if that is what it can be called, is to find our way back. in spite of the perils of the journey. God's purpose is to experience all facets of life through us, and his willingness to let us have free will was to prove that love is the strongest of all bonds, overcoming ALL obstacles.

This has been your story throughout this 'journey' on Wikinut. Well done, sir.

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author avatar spirited
11th Apr 2016 (#)

Thanks Christopher.

I would more describe my journey here more like this.

The emptiness in me has been replaced by cannon fodder, so to speak.

I have fired it off into opened-up spaces of itself, and myself, mixed together with the energy of God’s love, contactable by my heart, but rendered into by mind’s eye representational mode, by my writing here, but the overall effect on my life has lost nothing (nor seemingly gained anything either), by my making it into something, because total integration is not totally possible, when we remain as an outpost to God, or a lookout, and a sentry, doing his work for him in a foreign land, so to speak.

Each part of creation is new to God in the sense that he never knows fully how that part, as you, will react because he allows your part of himself to exclusively live apart from him, unless, or until you decide to it reconnect to him yourself.

Unfortunately, I still tend to work mostly for myself, and not totally only for God.

Hence, I have mostly missed seeing/accepting the big picture for real, but sort of enjoyed splashing my own colours on it, for a while.

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author avatar Retired
12th Apr 2016 (#)

Just like the true artist you are.

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