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This page is dedicated to all those tigers of India who are on the verge of extinction and will very soon disappear if proper measures not taken. This is a call to all those who do not care for our tigers to "Wake Up" and do something to "Save Tigers".

Tigers - Our Heritage Or History ???

It was 1990 and I was in UKG when my twin sister shouted on me “Sunny, your ear is hanging the wrong side.”
Suddenly my mother turned me towards her and adjusted my ear. Well, that was not my real ear, it was an outfit of a Tiger in a Fancy Dress Competition.
That day I quarreled with my mom for about an hour that I want to become a Spiderman, Superman or any other super hero, but she never agreed and explained me the importance of becoming a Tiger, the king of jungle. Now, today when I think of that day, I feel proud that I was in the outfit of a tiger.
We enjoyed a lot that day and forgot that evening, but today when I go through the advertisements of “Save Tiger”, I feel proud that I was one of those who knowingly or unknowingly were a part of those who felt proud of the Tiger being the National animal.

Feb 2010, almost 20 years passed and I am again in those folk who feel proud that Tiger is our national animal.
But the difference is that now they feel proud because now this is their necessity and their helplessness.
Today, when we stand with tall skyscrapers, long flyovers, smooth highways, travel in luxurious cars, all related to development, none of us miss our heritage today. And when we are questioned we ignore it unknowingly though knowing everything.
India, having the second highest population in whole world though posses records in almost all the fields but I am very sorry to jot it down that most of them are quantitative records and not qualitative.
Though being a true Indian, I do not criticize these facts, but I feel ashamed when the quantitative factor fails when it comes to the count of Tigers which is the National animal of India.
Tiger, the name is enough to thrill all of us and make us shiver when we just think of it.
The tiger has been a symbol of royalty for all the nations and I believe that, this is why India had accepted Tiger as its National animal decades ago, because we hail from a nation which has a history of royal kings who use to keep Tigers as their symbol of Fear and Royalty.
Has anyone of you just thought why Tiger has been considered as our National Animal???
Never did I, until I came to know about the falling number of tigers day by day and coming to a number which can be easily memorized and then I decided to find out why Tiger is our National Animal.
I could have searched Google or Wikipedia to find out the same, but my heart urged me to jot all those points which I think make him the best.
Just think of a tiger and you'll come to know that the eyes, the hunting skills, the speed, the royalty and the roar which a tiger has, cannot be compared with any animal clubbed together. Though the leopard is the fasted and the Lion is the furriest, but my tiger is the combination of both and that is why I love him.
Yes, until unless this feeling of “My Tiger” comes from everyone’s' heart, we won't be able to save our Tigers.

1411 sounds like just a number to all of us. But just think if this is the count of the human race left in India. Worried ???
Definitely, I got worried too when I thought about this. So, why are we not worried about the Tigers???

Is it like we don't need them???
We love to see them at zoos making us laugh???
Are they meant to be seen in safaris only???
Are they not a part of our family???

Have we become so selfish that we are unable to see the pain of others???

Well, the answers to these questions are definitely with all of us, and I am no teacher to teach anyone. But I think we don't want to take any steps for that, because if we wanted to take steps for their betterment, we would not have let these numbers fall such low.

Friends, do one thing today... before visiting any other site, just write “Tigers in India” in Google and hit Enter. You will find 56,80,000 search results for the same and now type your name and you'll be amazed to see that the count is far less that the count which I have mentioned for tigers. I think this is self explanatory and does not need any explanation.

We are killing tigers today for our use...Hey don't get surprised that I have knowingly used “We are killing” because whoever they are, they are one of us who are killing our Tigers.
For what??? The fur which we cannot wear, or the face of tiger which cannot be kept live with us, or do we have any other thing for which the killing of tigers is done???
If you really wanna keep such things, then tame a tiger and keep it with you, live, forever.
Well, writing about tigers is not an easy job, just because I have so many words and topics in my mind to write about, that I cannot understand which point to mention today.
Okay, before I end, I have a last thing to put in front of you.
Being an Indian we cannot see our national tri color on ground. Why ??? Because we respect it.
We cannot dare to insult the national anthem by not standing. Why??? Because we respect it.
We respect the National holidays like Independence Day, Republic Day and thus respect the heroes of our country who sacrificed their lives for our nation. Why???

Is it written somewhere in our constitution??? comes from within our souls.
So why we miss out respecting our National Animal??? Just because we think that we have seen Tigers, then what to worry.
So my dear friends, just be prepared to see the day when Tiger will be remembered as Wooly Mammoth is; but the only difference will be that we won't be able to find its remains in India.

I believe we are quite matured to understand this matter and no one needs any guidance.
I'll only request all the readers of my blog to spread this message like fire.


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author avatar Anu
10th Nov 2011 (#)

hey nice write up i liked your feelings towards the tiger and by the way even my son is going to be dressed up like tiger for the forth coming children's day.

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