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I can say, saving a tree is almost saving a human...! Trees are the most precious natural creations in this world. And we need to take care on them too..!

Save Trees

Trees are more precious than gold in my opinion. Why I am saying like this is because, human never neglect gold in any case and they deserve to keep it throughout their life time. But who cares about trees in this world? On contrary, human destroy trees..! Destroying trees is a major loss for this world...!

Never use "paper weights" on your office table

This sub heading may be little awkward for you, but still it carry more meaning. If you use less paper in your corporate office, it is also a good contribution from you towards saving trees. Instead of using papers at office, try using electronic mails, instant messaging tools, ERP software etc. Now-a-days ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is very popular in companies and usage of ERP software will fetch two main advantages to companies. First, the effectiveness of work will get improved. Second and the most important, usage of papers are prevented. All management functions can take place with ERP software and hence a huge amount of paper is saved. Thus, indirectly trees are saved.

Use soft copy documents and reduce print outs

This is also one important thing which we all must follow. Never try to take print outs of a document unless otherwise it is very essential. Try to manage documents as soft copies and pass information within and between departments as soft copies. This is also a method of saving papers and hence saving trees...!

Use E-Papers and E-Billings

Everything is online now-a-days. If you are provided with an internet at office or if you have an internet connection at home, try to avoid purchasing printed news papers and read news online. Next important thing is printed bills. Try to avoid getting printed bills like credit card statements, bank statements etc from your bank provided your bank or financial institution has the facility of e-billing or e-statements.

Just think the importance of the above points. Think twice. Try to avoid using papers and save trees.

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author avatar Denise O
21st Dec 2010 (#)

Interesting take.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar kguru1979
21st Dec 2010 (#)

Thank you Denise O ...!

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