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The book says that we must become like a new born, like a child. I cannot tell you how many times I wondered just what that meant until it happened.



When you’re all alone
And falling under
The rim,
The needle’s spell
Down and down
You just want to be
On the top side
And out of this hell

Breathing the Air

Breathing the air,
Like everyone else,
But there is still
Too many feet to go
Even though
You’re coming up fast,
You’re out of breathe, struggling
Not to take
That early suck,
That one wet breathe
(Which would be your last)
Which is so hard to do
When you’re turning pink and blue

Within Sight

And within sight
Of clear sweet sunshine
And then
At the very end
When the surface
Finally breaks
In your ear
And you suck in
With all you have
And your lungs
Fill with life again

In That Moment

It’s in that moment,
That one glorious moment
When there is nothing more
In this whole wide world
That matters
To you.

This is much the same way God came into my life
When there was not left in me to breathe,
So He breathed
For me.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


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Born Again, Born Free, Born Of God, Breath Of Life, Breathing The Air, Breathless

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I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar spirited
29th Sep 2014 (#)

mouth to mouth resuscitation?

I guess you really hit rock bottom. I haven't done that yet, too much hot air in my head, LOL

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Another awesome poem!

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author avatar Utah Jay
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks spirited...rock bottom. I almost died, it was bad, but that was ten years ago...Old history.

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author avatar Utah Jay
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you so much Fern, and yes I am going to do that dressing.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Enjoy my friend and please tell me the results my dear Chef Utah, cheers!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Mouth to mouth resuscitation showed truth in fly,
Bringing back the damage making all cry.
As they saw Waves finally hit the rock,
Leaving just all of them in State of Shock.

With truth of sadness showing the proof,
Bringing in the reason behind secretly aloof.
With all now rocking and showing Diaper Dan,
Bringing in the progeny to forward clan.

With Pinks and Blues and rushes of Light,
Showing the cry and the wondrous sight.
With all watching bulge getting bigger of late,
Showing the two of them going worth the wait.

Now that is the Saviour the Child of Love,
Bonding both together in heavens Above.
Showing no other thwarts flesh and blood,
Sending all others weeping in torrid flood.

As they stand up in sorrow showing family,
This is the game of life now meant to be.
With babies and truth becoming way of Life,
You are crowned by nature as the Wife.

For that is the bonding that comes through,
Showing the truth that none ever knew.
With child comes responsibility and blessing of Love,
That holds everything as One in Heavens Above.

I am the Sun of Planet Earth of Love,
Showing the truth of little Sun Above.
Where all of Creation know the Power of Life,
No one ever thwarts or disobeys the Wife.

With that the Saviour shows the fact,
Creations hand brings life back intact.
With a heave and a push showing the fruit,
Its the play of tomorrow bringing the truth.

With all now showing the resuscitation in rock,
Bringing the truth within the endless shock.
That shows the pregnancy of the potent Life,
Becoming your own and bringing in the Wife.

For I am a mother and am proud and true,
I swaddled my baby with cap of blue.
Born within wedlock with legitimacy of child,
Showing in pains downward the heavens smiled.

Pulling me back up with the Sun for free,
Bringing back the truth of the blood in sea.
For this is the anthem of Gods hand of Love,
We are who we are from heavens Above.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 30th September 2014

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Sep 2014 (#)

When everything conspires against me, I know I have hit the bottom but I console myself, this too will pass - then there is no way than up all the way! Heartfelt poem, Utah - siva

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Utah Jay, thank you for sharing your poetry and a very important part of your life. I think that everything happens for a reason and when you appeared at death's door you were not finished with your earthly mission.

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author avatar Utah Jay
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Fern, you know I will, but just by looking at the ingredients I know it will be good and if I do my job correctly, it will be great.

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author avatar Utah Jay
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Thank you my dear Lady, as always your poetry is lovely.

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author avatar Utah Jay
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Nancy, and to tell you the truth, I believe this as well. There are so many times He has intervened in my life. Since that day, ten years ago, when He turned the world around on me and showed me the way, I haven't missed church, but two Sundays. I teach Sunday school to the ten year olds...We have twelve in my class and its a blast for us. And by the way, I share my work as I want to publish a book on addiction and recovery and the hope is that by the reception I get here and other places, I can then judge what to keep in the book and what not to...Be Blessed always Nancy.

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