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wise sayings to get the mind thinking and the blood flowing as well as the heart reflecting. It is a collection of wise sayings to help you rethink some of your thought patterns and behaviours

Reflecting on our daily thoughts

(1) It takes more energy to be angry than to curve your lips upwards for a smile, why
then do we see so few smiles and so many red faces?

(2) It's amazing how many ways people try to show affection but the best way is right
in front of us: just say the three words "I love you".

(3) You don't owe it to your parents to be the best you can be, you owe it to yourself.

(4) Not acknowledging your talents is as bad as not using your talents.

(5) Admitting that you need someone and that you need help and admitting that you
don't know everything means admitting that you're human.

(6) Being in pain is much better than being a pain, but so often being in pain leads one
to being a pain.

(7) Being sexy comes from the outside but being beautiful comes from the inside.

(8) No matter how gud an actor you are, you can't pretend that you don't love
someone when you do - your eyes will give it away.

(9) There are those who will melt the ice in our hearts and then there are those who
will either create an ice-block around our hearts or turn our hearts to stone.

(10) The only thing worse than someone using foul language is someone who thinks
it's "cool" to use foul language.


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Writing is about the heart, I want to touch peoples' hearts about something important like love. If something touches the heart, it makes it thought provoking.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Jun 2012 (#)

such wisdom..many thanks touched my heart!

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