Scattered feathers

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Read and tell me what you think, for me this is a poem of believing in who you are and who God made you to be.

Scattered feathers

Scattered feathers

You have heard it frailer you’ve heard it you can’t make it you have heard it your ugly you’ve heard it you aren’t enough you’ve heard it you who you kidding fool? You’ve heard it you won’t be loved. You have heard it.
I heard enough.
Mr Negative go back to you pits of hell you don’t belong here!
Here we are the dust of Eden we are straight from the garden of God.
So go plant your doubting weeds somewhere else. All you are is fallen stop trying to drag us down there is no use. Yes we stumble but we are like trees bending in the wind and come back knowing we can grow taller to where the wind only whispers I told you, you’ll make it good job

I am seeing fairy tales come alive I have heard water sing, Seen her fingers dance like raindrops on a keyboard.
I know a bear that runs like a horse and just like Hercules he can go the distance.
I know a twin headed lion that Loves a season like Summer Loves dancing.
I have seen how November ends on a high note.
I have seen how awesome becomes a surname and becomes a photographer capturing an eternal moment in a snap.
What they all have in common is the can fly like an eagle a falcon.
Birdy I know life is trying to clip your wings my dear, but just dance you r spine straight.
You are beautiful you are worthy yes you YOU are!

After death we plant a cross and on that cross we plant flowers it’s to remind us there’s nothing more beautiful than sacrifice.
So here to you I offer a dragons heart.
So touch it feel it burn to your soul feel it ignite your dreams back to life.
Your dreams is delicate flowers don’t let it be plucked by someone ells it will only wilt in their hands.
Its rose buds on the stems of your fingers, its sun flowers in your eyes so turn towards the sun and see how you can shine.
Children cradled in the arms of dinosaurs often fall, like some angels did
You’re safe in the wings of a dragon
Safe in the palm of the creator
Now wake reality up and tell it to stop dreaming of our failure and see the reality of our dreams.
Your dreams your dreams reality
You’ve heard this this is honesty
Now it’s up to you to make them true.


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author avatar Richard McDonald
Hi I am Richard McDonald I am a poet writing to ignite embers awaken dormant passions.
Trying to write Gods heart beat to listen for His whispers and translate it on paper. Peace and Love.

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author avatar Utah Jay
5th Oct 2014 (#)

Well done.

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author avatar Richard McDonald
5th Oct 2014 (#)

Thank you very much

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