Schooldays so they tell us are the sweetest days that we'll know

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Yep, a trip down memory lane sounds sweet, now that I'm visiting the old school again where I've been to school so many years ago. But how will I find the experience?

Schooldays so they tell us are the sweetest days that we'll know

Today, Mother, Father and I go see Harrison's two daughters run in the athletics at Goldemitasse Primary School. I was initially surprized that Harrison and Mary did finally enroll their daughters in this school, because they were seriously considering another school to send their children to for the first time. But now they did go to Goldemitasse Primary.

Harrison and I both finished our primary school education at Goldemitasse Primary School. The last time I was here was in 1992 when I finished Standard 5, now called Grade 7.

I take a quick walk around the ol' school, just to see for old times sake what it looks like.

There are a lot more little fences and paved walkways and a few other built things, and big trees are standing all over the place. That feeling of openness I felt back in my time, is now completely gone from sight.

The whole school complex also feels so much smaller and much simpler than I felt about it when I was still a little school boy here.

We also still find some of the school teachers here that were here in my time. One of them said hello to me but it took me a while to remember who it was, and by that time he had already retracted from the conversation with me. But I remembered after a few moments. I just hadn't thought about him in over 20 years, so it took me a while to dig out the memories about him from my past. But they definitely are still there.

Of course, all of them still know Harrison because they've meanwhile seen him. Harrison is much more social and in contact with all the people around Voortrekkerdorp.

Yeah, the ol' school. Funny, but many times I've driven past here and daydreamed about coming back here for a remembering tour.

Probably if I indeed did come for my trip down memory lane five to ten years ago, it might still have been a huge thing.

Now however, I see it, I remember it, and that's about that. No indulging in daydreams about it. I guess when you get older, you become a boring adult who doesn't dream.

The school yard is still here. Now just a small little piece of property with some buildings on it. Simple and smaller than I remember it. I'm over it I think. That dream of wanting to come back here and experience lots of nostalgia, isn't with me today.

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