Scrambled Seasons

David Reinstein,LCSW By David Reinstein,LCSW, 21st Aug 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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The seasons themselves seem to be changing. Are people partly responsible for this rearranging?

Scrambled Seasons

Summer languished,
Fried and froze
In one place
Or the other,
But it never came here
This year.
The global warming
Climate change
Chilled the hills
With gusts of too cool air.

In some places
Summer showers
Never fell
And good earth cracked
And crops withered
In air as hot and dry
As Hell.

Tsunamis and tornadoes
Leaving havoc in their wakes,
How is it possible
To not see
The damage we are doing?
It would take
Quite a bit of denial,
For goodness sakes!

Having grown up
With four seasons,
Predictable and true
Caused me to expect
That more of the same
Would ensue;
But what was
Not anticipated
Was the impact of our kind
On the world we share
With all living things;
If we sought
We just might find.

On Howdy Doody
There was a Princess
“Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring”,
Her name contained the whole.
If that show were
Redone today,
She might be named,
“Empty Water Bowl.”

New seasons need new names,
Or so it seems to me;
Let’s try
Too wet or cold,
Too hot or dry
Or Just exactly right,
We might need only three.
The dates of each
Would vary
From one year to the next
And from one place to another
There’d be no common text.

The seasons as we knew them
Are compromised at best;
Perhaps in the name
Of acknowledgement
We should give standard
Designations and
A rest.


Fall, Four Seasons, Just Right, Spring, Summer, Too Cold And Wet, Too Hot And Dry, Winter

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
Clinical Social Worker (Psychotherapist), humorist, poet and musician, Born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60's.
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author avatar Sheila Newton
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Yeah! The seasons are all rolling into one aren't they. Everything's unpredicatble. I never know what I should WEAR!!!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Aug 2011 (#)

I dont know where you live, but in central Alberta I think we have had about 3 days of summer, the rest were all spring and winter - so much rain, wind and cold.

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author avatar Buzz
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Seasons change and with it the people change. And with it, climate changes. Finally, God as they perceive him, changes. Oh, I dunno!

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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Re. Mark's question: Northern California ... Marin County.

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author avatar Vernazoa
21st Aug 2011 (#)

My part of the country, Virginia,has winter and summer. and short days of spring and fall.

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author avatar Retired
21st Aug 2011 (#)

I was starting to wonder if we were going to get a summer here in North Idaho...thanks for sharing...

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author avatar Delicia Powers
21st Aug 2011 (#)

We had a wonderfully mild summer, sunny most often- cool, but this week humidity has made me move very slow, even though the temps, are only even the 70's,great poem David!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
21st Aug 2011 (#)

Fantastic poem David. Here in Nevada County, California this summer has been the coolest in the eighteen years we've been here. Strange weather ineed.

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author avatar Neha Dwivedi
22nd Aug 2011 (#)

beautiful poetry David...

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author avatar Songbird B
25th Aug 2011 (#)

Here in the UK, it has been pretty wet, and Summer here in the west country, has been the odd warm day..Weird seasons indeed! Great poem David..

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
18th Feb 2012 (#)

Another good poem..

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