Screaming at Stingley in a dream

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I wake up from a nightmare. I can't remember what it was about or how it started, but I do remember that Stingley and I got into a really heated argument.

Screaming at Stingley in a dream

Why I would dream of Stingley, and such a heated nightmare too, I don't know.

Anyway, I remember I felt very critisized by him, to a point where I felt I had had enough. It is a pity that I'm one of those people who keep their unhappy feelings bottled up inside, until I finally cannot take it any more and burst out in a waterfall of release. Or maybe it's a blessing? Dunno.

Anyway, the dream continued in the harsh tone that it was following:

I shouted back at him, saying I can't believe that he would be judgemental, when he is a rapist.

"You did this to my sister, do you get that?!!! My own sister!!!! Do you know how that feels?"

Of course I was referring to a time when before Stingley and Elly were married, and Stingley was twice accused by different girls of raping them. Although both Stingley and Elly tried to lie to us about it, it all came out in court, in great detail. Those lawyers want to know everything, even the details as when whom was lubricate.

Anyway, when I brought that up again, I could sense that I had opened a floodgate and the atmosphere had changed. No going back now.

Well I don't know what happened further in that dream. I think it ended somewhere there.

Why would I dream about Stingley and Elly in the first place? I guess maybe I was just thinking about them while I was asleep. I hope that's not actually what I'm subconsciously thinking of Stingley; that he's just some low life rapist and ex-poser and a liar. He had his good side too. Somewhere. Whatever. He is now my brother-in-law. Can't change that as long as Elly wants that.

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