Sealed With A Kiss.

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Flirting with someone starts with eye contact the progresses.There is an art in this to be successful.Timing is everything.

Sealed With A Kiss

Out for the night,chatting and drinking,
Scanning the room for talent within,
Will I find someone special,that's what I'm thinking,
If love is like luck,my chances are thin,

As I look around,see you at the bar,
Laughing and sharing thoughts to a friend,
Fixing my gaze,admiring you from afar,
Getting to know you is what I intend.

Now with my eyes,I start to flirt with you,
Wait for the moment that you break the ice,
Catching my stare,now returning one too,
Staying in the moment this feeling is nice,

Eyes are now meeting,You send me a smile,
Showing me that you to have an interest,
Concealing these feelings,as myself I compile,
In getting you closer,my time I invest,

As you come towards me,my heart's speeding,
Nerves taking over as you start to speak,
You are the one my life has been needing,
Sitting beside me,emotions they creep.

The attraction is strong,Your hand touches mine,
Excited to see just what is going arise,
We're locking together,a positive sigh,
Seeing potential,in each others eyes.

Turing towards you,head's at slight tilt,
Opportunity's calling not wanting to miss,
Confident tells me our relationships built,
Bonded now cemented,its sealed with a kiss.

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3rd Jun 2014 (#)

Such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing your inspiration in a very beautiful way.

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