Searching Through Infinity

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Until you discover the purpose of your life, you are living a life of mediocrity. You want to find your life purpose. So you go on for days, months or even years trying to figure out what your purpose might be. .A Poem about searching for this again and again.

Why I'm Still in Dark

Looking out at the sky, I see the sun rising

Another day is here , another dawn

The sun is shining, but not on me

I wonder why I'm still walking in the dark

Just going on blindly

Finding my way through this jungle of confusion

Searching of the right step , but I keep on tripping

And it goes on, the pages of my life keep flipping

Waiting for speck of Light

I go through this again and again

I look at all my efforts turn vain

It feels like its been an eternity

I've been waiting so long for my destiny

For a speck of light in this darkness

So I keep trying , searching through infinity

I don't give up, I put up a fight

Swimming in this sea of hopelessness

Not even a spot of light I'm lost under the surface

The darkness has robbed off my strength

I feel so defenceless I'm fading within

But I don't give up ,I put up a fight

Even without hope , without any light

I go on, Searching through infinity

I go on searching , Searching through infinity

I've found it at last , that golden speck

I reach out for it, but end up falling again

And once more darkness surrounds me,

The search is not over, it'll never be

Still I try to make it perfect again

So I go on searching ,

Searching through infinity


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author avatar Shaunak
Hi, i am Shaunak. I am a Technology freak who loves writing Poetry and Short stories. I also write about movies, music, business and anything that i find interesting.

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author avatar Alice
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

I love it..Quite plainly put its great work. I thought this was well done, and really caught my interest since I too write poems. Also the images caught ur attention and draws u even deeper. One of the best poetry i have read in a while

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author avatar Sanskriti
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

I tend to agree with these lines. Mysterious indeed and very deep reaching meaning. Great job and keep writing such beautiful pieces. :)

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author avatar tankermone
4th Jun 2012 (#)

We all search, but few are lucky enough to find the search end early, and some of us, look for quite a long time. Hang in there! It will find you one day!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jun 2012 (#)

I feel the purpose of life is accept the diversity and see everything as one, from the same source. Once we accept others as they are, we find bliss. We need to embrace success anf failures as necessary part of our journey Thought provoking, Shaunak - siva

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author avatar ShaneCold
4th Jun 2012 (#)

great words and thought provoking. good to see you write such pieces

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author avatar Shaunak
5th Jun 2012 (#)

thanks mate

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author avatar Retired
5th Jun 2012 (#)

Ah, yes--the purpose of life...elusive and yet wonderfully rich when one finds it...the desperate depth of seeking evident in the lines of your poem is certain to draw spiritual answers and guidance your way. I hope soon! Thought provoking work.

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author avatar Shaunak
5th Jun 2012 (#)

thanks for the comment maam

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author avatar Haylie
14th Jun 2012 (#)

its enchanting, Shaunak. Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Mir iqbal
12th Aug 2013 (#)

im the prince of darkness

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