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This a poem of seasons change how we may feel as a child and remember how it was for us when we were all young

Poem of the season

The winters so it comes and goes
the winds rip through the trees
And makes youbfeel so cold
the snow mans built ,his eyes are made of coal
his hat is one of mine
we go indoors were fires roar to warm our hands and feer
we dream of spring to come

The snow just melts
The sun is out springis on the way
blue bells show there heads as the sway in the breeze
the trees are now in bud
we sit and wait till there all in full bloom

The summers here and shows her life
withflowers every were
the sun shines down on all of us
the childrens voices sound through out the land
the happy laughter and playful sounds
cheer us through and thtough

The days get darker and we know
autums on the way
we watch the leaves change colour
and then fall to the ground
we know the years near over and wi ters on the way ,


Season Of Enjoyment

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author avatar Karen hocknull
I am a retired manager in the national health service studied employment law and trained for my ASAP and was accredited

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
12th Jul 2015 (#)

Spring and autumn with love in heart,
Burning fire now world apart.
Bringing the dream that enchants soul,
Showing the rhythm true and whole.

Hand in hand in synergy and praise,
Sending winter with summery fruits to erase.
As all now see the escape of love,
Who just ran back home to the one above.

Leaving no other able to play Planet Earth again,
As Moon is driving all completely insane.
Showing the tides but sending the low,
Burying all life with blizzard and snow.

Pulling winter with summer burying each fruit,
Autumn with Spring now aware of the root.
Sending all back down to feel truth within,
As they collude with happiness for wages of SIN.

With sun taking over the seasons of love,
None can change the real one Above.
Who breaks all down into tears of pain,
Erupting the universe back into pouring rain.

For north is south and south is north,
Leaving west as east going totally distraught.
As they finally see the true colors of the sun,
Leaving darkness crying nowhere to run.

All now see leaves lying on the floor,
Summer fruits weeping and walking out the door.
As none can combat the real riot of spring,
As all now see autumn back as spring.

Showing new leaves as winter melts life,
Summer bearing fruits stolen from Springs Wife.
Only to find out Autumn just strips them all bare,
Sending them weeping and crying just everywhere.

Showing their dream as they expose their skin,
Bringing winter to enter and go for the win.
Sending them all buried back through the door,
As they remain in love within Earths fiery core.

Melting all in the fire shaking all back down,
Turning every smile to a tear from frown.
As they say goodbye to fond memories of life,
Sun now observing all as the wedded wife.

Leaving all shivering by refusing to shine,
As all the planets now finally get in line.
Sending all of stupidity back home to school again,
As they played with fire within memory lane.

Seeking no permission and stealing the life,
As they now face the wrath of the real wife.
Who takes back all the seasons of the sun,
Along with the elements like when Earth had begun.

Leaving all powerless to now pull that dream,
As they feel the real seasons bring in the scream.
With all now crying for the records of life,
And work in synergy to lift the wife.

With darkness and Sin now quaking in fear,
As they see truth of face showing the tear.
Wearing the cover as they feel heat of the sun,
Who pulled back armour and veil as one.

Sending all into water with air and earth,
Seeing the fire now stilling laughter and mirth.
Breaking all into seasons right on their face,
As Planet Earth and Sun now finally embrace.

Leaving all now stunned bringing fruit for all,
As darkness enacts the final curtain call.
With emissaries of Sin shivering at truth of Sun,
In the truth of reality seen in emotions of one.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 13th July 2015

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Jul 2015 (#)

The wonder of seasons fade as we grow up, but nature is ever enthralling and we are blessed to be part of it. Nice poem, thanks Karen - siva

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author avatar Karen hocknull
14th Jul 2015 (#)

No probs love this site

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