Second grade here we come!

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I'm moving up on the ladder of life! I'm progressing to second grade now. I feel smarter already!

Second grade here we come!

It's the first day of Grade 2 in school. Wow, can you believe it's already the second year I'm in school? Time really flies when you start going to school.

I'm sitting next to a guy who was in my class last year too. His name is Lemony Cricket.

Lemony remarks on how glad he is that we're in 2nd grade now. He claims 2nd grade is better than 1st. Well we're only starting the first day of second grade, but I suppose I could agree.

My teacher appears to be a monster. One day in the first grade when Mrs. Bera was out of class, our classroom of course got very rowdy. No, just talky. Let's say communicative. Then in stormed this Miss Vivian, a very cross monster of a teacher chastising us for all the noise, and then she starts giving each and every child a hiding on the hands with a ruler.

Anyway, that monster seems to be my teacher now in Grade 2. But, as grade 2 carries on, it appears this teacher is actually really nice. She just has that angry face of a very angry person. But she's ok and is very nice to me once she gets to know me.

I draw a lot of comic strips in class. Lemony loves to page through my self-drawn comic books just about every day. We even start a tradition where he tells me any random subject and then I draw a comic strip about it. Something as silly as a pan, and then I would draw a one page comic strip about a pan.

Nobody is allowed to stay in class during breaktime. But I once asked Miss Vivian if I could so I could finish a comic strip, and she said yes. Next time, I didn't even have to ask. While everybody's going out of the classroom, I just remain seated and Miss Vivian just looks at me and I look at her and she knows I'm staying, so she locks me in and I draw my comic strip.

Of course after breaktime, Lemony wants to read my comic strip. I later on have quite a few books full of comic strips.

I've also started a pencil tip collection. Everybody's always breaking off their pencil tips when they're drawing and writing with their gray and colored pencils, and when they're sharpening them, so they know to bring it to me. I take it home and put it in a bottle. Very colorful collection of pencil tips that's coming along in a bottle.

Everybody's always asking me how many I have now. Then I show them with my fingers how full the bottle is now. Lemony's following my indications very attentively and always tells me when I'm now showing less than the previous time. It seems my pencil tip collection, like my comic strips, have become one of the legends of our class.


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author avatar Michelle Stanley
13th Oct 2013 (#)

This was a pleasant story to read, which held my interest with the description of a 2nd grader's views on school life. Lemony is one of those loyal friends that will always be there through "thick and thin.

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