Secret Christmas Mouse

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A guest comes to a family Christmas gathering. The family cares for this unusual guest and know that love goes all around.

Secret Christmas Mouse

There are stockings,
Hanging over the fireplace,
As we kneel by our beds,
To say our nightly grace,
We lay down our sleepy heads,
On our soft, warm beds,
It is quiet in the house,
When in sneaks, a little mouse,
She looks this way and that,
And wonders where she is at,
She sees the lighted Christmas tree,
And dances about joyfully,
There is a red ribbon around her neck,
As the halls she does deck,
She sings the notes of high and low,
As the snow continues to blow,
She is warm inside,
And decides she needs to hide,
Sneaking around,
She does not make a sound,
One of the stockings is red,
And she knows will make a good bed,
Climbing up high,
She breathes a little sigh,

Secret Christmas Mouse

She has nothing to fear,
For it is safe in here,
Peeking in the stocking of red,
She knows she has nothing to dread,
As she glides inside,
She laughs as she takes her little ride,
She snuggles down in the toe,
While the Christmas tree lights,
Continue to glow,
The lights of yellow, blue, red and green,
Light up the whole Christmas scene,
Nearby baby Jesus lies in a manger,
Greeting this little stranger,
Starting to close her little eyes,
She smells the aroma of all the baked pies,
The Christmas lights continue to glow brightly,
As she closes her eyes ever so tightly,
The morning light glistens on the snow,
As she watches everyone on the go,
The pies are taken from the shelf,
She hopes one is for herself,
There are smiles on all of the faces,
As everyone takes their places,
Presents are given to all,
And soon everyone is having a ball,
She watches from her stocking holder,

Secret Christmas Mouse

And begins to feel a little bolder,
As wrapping paper is thrown everywhere,
The presents are looked at with a wide –eyed stare,
The Christmas bows are put on children’s heads,
And Christmas cards are all soon read,
Silence drapes the room all around,
When suddenly the children rush forward with a bound,
Grabbing the stockings from the fireplace,
They all go back and sit in their place,
The children pour out their presents on the floor,
Admiring the gifts they adore,
One little girl with a little curl,
Can see that her red stocking is beginning to twirl,
Opening up her stocking of red,
“Oh!” is all that she said,
Feeling the excitement all around,
Secret Mouse is still suspended from the ground,
Looking up at the child who gave the shout,
She wonders how she will get out,
Climbing to the top,
She suddenly does stop,
For looking at her is a little girl,
With a little curl,
Smiling at her ever so sweetly,
Taking the Secret mouse in her hand, ever so neatly,
The little mouse runs up her arm,

Secret Christmas Mouse

Wishing her no harm,
Again scampering to her hand,
She begins to feel very grand,
The presents under the green tree,
All are there to play with and laugh with glee,
Bowing their heads in prayer,
Showing that they all care,
Even for the Secret Mouse,
On Christmas Day in their house.


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