Secret of Success

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What is the secret of success? One a young man wanted to know and eventually get it. He did not find out the secret of success from any one. But, one day, he went to wise sage to get the secret of success and......

Secret of Success

Once upon a time before the Lord Christ was not born, there was a young man who wished to get success very wantingly. But, he did not know how to get it or how to approach the success gate. In those days just beside his village, there was a wise sage who was living alone giving the good advice for the people.
The young man was very willingly to go there. One day he went to the beautiful homely cottage of the wise sage. The sage welcomed him with pure and selfless smile.
'' On what work did you come, my son?" The wise sage asked
At first the young man did not have any courage to say. But, he took his heart and said " My respectable sir, could you please tell me what the secret of success is?"
The wise sage smiled peacefully and looked at the young man and understood his quest for success and he wanted reveal the secret of success. The sage put his hand on his shoulder and with a smiling face said," My dear son, I appreciate your quest for the success and I would reveal you the secret of success with a practical lively example."
The young man was so happy and knelt on the feet of wild sage.
The sage took him to a stream which very close to his cottage. The young man looked at him with some kind of riddle. But, the wise sage smiled looking at him as he were innocent. They got down to the stream which was flowing down with crystal clear and pure water. As they reached water, suddenly wise sage held the young man's hair and dipped into the water up to his throat and pressed him down. The young man was struggling for his breath but the sage did loosen his grip and tried to dip him down and down. Finally the young man struggled and stood up by panting and looked at the sage with anger and shouted....
" Oh! What have you done? Did you try to kill me? "
The sage smiled and taught him," My dear son, you struggled a lot for your life and you were alive. In the same manner , you try for your life and you can get like how you have been alive now. This is the secret of success , My dear son."
The young man understood and went away and got a lot success.


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