Seed of the Father

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This 29 page short story is the prequel to the 22 page short story "Sean and Sheila". This is also the first out of a five part storyline ("Sean and Sheila" is the third part). I brought back a few characters from "Sean and Sheila" and introduce new ones to the storyline.This story, I've been working on for six months, has been revised two dozen times before it could even reach publication. In this is a plot that proves that everyone in Lelkshire, has a sinister urge. Comments are open.

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Seed of the Father

Lelkshire is a place of scum and villainy, plain and simple. Throughout the history of Lelkshire, since the early 1800s, Lelkshire took a turn for the worst after a bout of smallpox struck Lelkshire and the town and eventual city was never able to recover. Not even partially. Lelkshire is home to thousands of people who are miners and shipyard workers and introducing, Lelkshire’s newest edition, the Slaughterhouse of Lelkshire. But today isn’t the day for talking about the slaughterhouse. There is a tale that a “slaughtering” happened at the slaughterhouse, but that is a different story for a different day.
Lelkshire’s Underground is home to psychopaths, necrophiliacs, violent paranormal ghosts, and not to mention the old trade of prostitution, which started when Lelkshire began to decline in society. Lelkshire is also a place of pedophiles and sexual offenders. It is no surprise that any of this is part of Lelkshire. People have grown used to this and as a result, residents forgot about the ability to care for anyone else but themselves. And so, there comes a tale of this, which takes place in the year of Nineteen Eighty-Five.
A certain evil was growing inside of a sixteen-year old girl. It grows no more inside of her but now outside instead. Her beautiful eyes were driven away and gone of their glow from a state of serious depression. Her hair, which was once like silk, is now nothing but dried out strands. Although, she was eight months pregnant, she isn’t anymore because every bone in her body was broken in less than two seconds.
The police and EMTs surrounded her corpse and to make the obvious discovery that she was far along in her pregnancy and that she was about to give birth in about two or three weeks time. According to witnesses, she did not fall off of the building, she actually took a flying leap and she did not scream on her way down. It raised questions as to why she did it. Why did she try commit suicide when she knew all too well, she had a baby to take care of?
No one actually knew that she was pregnant and that according to witnesses, she disappeared from society for a while and this was perhaps the reason. But that still didn’t answer the question as to why she did it. No one saw her with a boyfriend and whoever may have been the father, did not come forth the claim her identity and sign her death papers.
This was the strangest part of all. A father didn’t come forth. So the medical examiner finally identified her through her prints and DNA as Marie Rogers. Who disappeared from her high school and wasn’t contacted because of the fact that many children in Lelkshire eventually fail in school anyway. But this case of sixteen-year old Marie Rogers was a little different than just some girl who gave up going to school because she was pregnant.
If she really did care of her growing fetus, she wouldn’t have committed suicide. So this leads to the question of what happened to her before then and why? A young detective by the name of Sergeant William Mullers was assigned to this case. He spent a decade on the police force of Lelkshire and he seemed to be the perfect man for the job. And he truly was.
It is known that before this story starts off, before sixteen-year old Marie Rogers died (she did not die at once when her body hit the sidewalk) she went into labor and gave birth to a boy. The witnesses helped Marie give birth and she was only able to mention one word, a name. The boy was named “Sidney” as her last wish on Earth.

* * *

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The Young Sergeant Williams Mullers stepped into the apartment building where Marie Rogers lived. He was there for a better part of an hour and just stepped through the hallway and up the stairs to Marie Rogers’s apartment. As he climbed the stairs, he quite calmly, lit a cigarette and scratched his head as he moved heavily up the staircase. He truthfully didn’t want the case.
Many things were happening when Young Mullers set foot in the apartment. All the chairs and tables were being dusted and checked for fingerprints. The walls and floor were being photographed and most of the activity was in the room of Marie Rogers.
Young Mullers walked into the kitchen and saw a slew of empty beer bottles that covered the countertop. He then saw a set of padlocks that were on the door of the refrigerator. There was one padlock on the top and one on the bottom. The locks were broken from whilst the police were investigating. Young Mullers opened the fridge and observed tons of food that were stacked lazily in the fridge. He slowly closed it and moved to the counter and saw that there were quite a number of dry beer bottles. No one drank from them for at least a week. They were all being dusted for prints. He then moved from there to the living room. Then to the tiny room of Marie Rogers.
Young Mullers did not have the stress (nor the experience) that Lelkshire would eventually hand to him. He was young at this time but spent a good ten years with Lelkshire’s most corrupted. But Young Mullers, at this time, wasn’t corrupted. He was sane in how he handled people and he didn’t have wrinkles. His face was smooth and his textures were soft. He still smoked though at only three cigarettes a day. Going at a pack a week.
Young Mullers walked over to the small window of Marie Rogers’s room and stuck his head out. There was a fire escape in front of the window. He carefully stepped out onto it and shook it slowly, then violently. It was quite sturdy. Little Miss Rogers was serious about what she was doing. She had all intentions on ending her life. The question was, why and with a child on the way?
Young Mullers took off his olive green fedora and ruffled his shaven crew cut that was prickled with tiny grey strands. His hair has been like this for as long as he can remember.
“Need anything Sarge?” asked one of the patrolmen standing by the door. Young Mullers shook his head slowly. He then took a pair of rubber gloves from his overcoat pocket and put them on. He then traced the bedside table with two fingers and looked at it carefully. There was a heavy amount of dust on his fingers.
“She didn’t sleep here for a little while” he mumbled.
He then slowly sat on the bed (which was covered in plastic) and lay back on the bed. He closed his eyes and opened them. He wasn’t calm; he was very unnerved. There was some sort of feeling, a feeling of sadness, paranoia, and depression. The bed was also very uncomfortable as well. In which he then got off gently and went down to his knees, lifting the covers off and pulled the sheet off as well to reveal a dark spot of burgundy, dried blood and it smelt horrible. The mattress was also flattened, old, and falling apart.

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He then noticed that the sheet that covered the spot of dried blood was a dark indigo colored sheet. He pulled it back even more and it smelt heavily of uric stench. The smell almost made him throw up.
“She tossed and turned and urinated in her bed…” he said to himself.
Wouldn’t a sixteen year-old girl know not to urinate on her bed? He then fixed everything back on the bed and sat back down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, then back to the floor. The floor had a faint scent of vomit and it appeared to be (at one point of time) entire puddles of it. She never (or hardly ever) left the room. What he also noticed was that there were plates all strewn around along the floor and sour cups of milk were not so far from them.
“However, she didn’t starve. Someone was taking care of her. But neglected her…”
He then turned to her dresser and pulled out the drawers and saw that all her clothes were neatly packed away but as he rummaged through them, he noticed that the top parts were faded in color and gathering dust.
“She didn’t change clothes either”
Young Mullers then fixed himself up and was about to leave when he saw a small brown book on top of the dresser. He took the small book in his hands and knew what it was immediately. It was the Diary of Marie Rogers. This would help him a bunch. He then put it in an evidence bag and took it with him. Although as he walked out, he saw out of the corner of his eye, a black padlock that was broken in order to get in.
“Hey. Was this broken when you got here?” he asked the patrolman standing guard.
“Yes sir. It was broken when the first man got here.”
“Was it towards the door or away from the door?”
“Towards. Sir”
“Hm.” Nodded Young Mullers and he walked out of the apartment, taking the diary with him.

* * *

Young Sergeant William Mullers rubbed and massaged his eyes. He sat at his desk and it was ten o’ clock at night. A single lamplight was on over his desk and everywhere else was pitch black. Except for the window that was across from him. It admitted an orange glow from the streetlight outside and it shown in quite clearly. He then looked over the files of the latest suicide.
The file of Marie Rogers was open on his desk. And so, he flipped through the pages and saw the picture of the baby that she gave birth to. This was located on the last page on the last bit of evidence. The baby’s name was Sidney Rogers. The child’s date of birth was March 19th, Nineteen Eighty-Five. There were no pictures of him but there were his footprints on a card attached by a paperclip to the end of the folder. There were also photocopies of his proof of birth and his birth records that were also in the folder.
Young Mullers then sighed as he put his brand new olive green fedora on and swung his olive green overcoat over his shoulder and took the folder with him. He turned the light off and left the office in the police station. He walked up to the main desk and said:
“Can someone give me a lift to Lelkshire General?”

* * *

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Young Mullers and a uniformed officer took a ride in a squad car. The officer was a female who was somewhat beautiful but had a very tough built about her. Amusingly, she mentioned she was now two months pregnant and expecting early next January. Young Mullers quietly congratulated her and then she mentioned that Young Mullers would have a recruit in the near future with the baby that was currently inside her. Young Mullers smiled quietly and then chuckled as they then pulled into the hospital driveway.
Security let them through in the garage and the officer who drove Young Mullers there parked it and then went along with Young Mullers through two sliding doors. Taking an elevator up into the maternity ward.
“So what is your name officer?” asked Young Mullers when they both stepped into the elevator.
“Officer Elizabeth Jameson. Everyone at the police station calls me Lizzy”
“You ever held a baby before Lizzy?”
“Yes. Numerous occasions. I come from a big family”
“I take it you are the third eldest, but the eldest daughter?”
“Yes” she smiled. “How did you know that?”
“It is the way that you carry yourself”
“How’s that?”
Young Mullers meant to say something but the doors opened up and they were off.
“What are we looking for Sergeant?” said Lizzy.
“A lost soul” said Young Mullers, without looking at her.
Young Mullers and Officer Jameson went through the ward to the very back of the corridor where the babies were located. A uniformed officer, who was black and rather tall and skinny, was standing with his hands behind his back. Young Mullers ordered him earlier to stand watch. Young Mullers nodded to him and he nodded back. Young Mullers then showed his badge to the nurse and she took a baby boy from a small plastic crib. She then stepped out and handed baby Sidney Rogers to him.
Sidney was in a deep sleep and it was noticeable that he wouldn’t stop fidgeting with his tiny hands in his sleep.
“Don’t worry child. I’ll find a safe place for you” said Young Mullers.

* * *

“Her name is Marie Rogers” said Young Mullers to his team.
He was giving a briefing in a conference room. He had an old fashioned projector on and it had pictures of Marie’s body on the pull-down screen that was about twenty feet away from where Young Mullers stood. In front of him were three rows of desks that were stretched long-ways and fifteen feet in length.
There were sixteen people in the room; Officer Lizzy Jameson and Young Mullers were standing in the back. Young Mullers was giving the presentation. Lizzy stood next to the door with her arms crossed over her chest. It was dark, the blinds were drawn down and the lights were turned off. Everyone in the room was a mere shadow.

Page 5

Majority of the people in the room were all detectives and cops who have seen their way around Lelkshire’s true form. They knew that they had to protect Lelkshire and it is a fact that most of them have seen at least fifty cases in their lifetimes with the Lelkshire Police. They were all in their thirties or forties and some of them had children of their own. So it wasn’t a surprise that a tear was glistening in a few of their eyes when Young Mullers went into details.
“Marie is a sixteen-year old girl born on July 5th, 1969. According to medical records, her mother was an insomniac and was committed to an asylum in Northern England. Reports have said that her mother committed suicide five years ago by cutting her vein with a broken piece of glass. It is unclear that Marie knew of this and chances are we will not find out about this piece of information. Marie has a father who is a security guard at a local bank and I’ve been looking to have a word with him on his daughter, but so far, there has been of no word on the blower from him”
“Marie was impregnated, at an estimate, either August or September. This piece of information is also unclear. We have no father as of right now to claim the child and we are all still scratching our heads as to where the child is going in regards to custody. But I want the child to be placed in the custody that has a heavy watch under this unit in particular”
“The child’s name is Sidney Rogers. Sidney is lightweight, at seven pounds and two ounces and currently healthy. Witnesses have confirmed that it was an attempted suicide on behalf of Maries’ part in the situation. However, even though she took a nosedive off of a five-story building, the fall did not kill her. It did, however, break basically every bone in her body. Immediately following the fall, she went directly into labor and produced her child literally seven seconds before she died. She was only able to whisper the child’s name to the bystanders. The ambulance was unfortunately two minutes too late.”
“We know very little about this situation and from what we gather, Marie wasn’t found in school and she disappeared before school started and people haven’t seen her for eight straight months. This as we can tell, the total period that she was able to make a child. But the prime question is why? Why did she attempt to end her life with a baby on the way? Here’s how we’re going to go about this, we’re going to talk to the father of Marie, we’re going to see what we’re going to get out of him. If it is safe, we might put the baby in the father’s possession for he has a stable job. However, let us not jump to conclusions for everyone has a role in something.”
“Anyhow, let’s find the father first, once we find the father, we’ll have a little chat with him and see if we can get some answers out the deal. By doing this, we’ll need a DNA blood sample from the child to see if we can find any similarity to the genes of the mystery father. As I said, once we find the father, we’ll find the reason behind all of this madness. Are we all good? Any questions?”
A single hand was raised and it was Lizzy who raised it.
“What about the child Sarge?”
“What about him?”
“Shouldn’t we take him out of the hospital and put him into the care of an adult?”
“I want it to be someone who is in connection with this unit. Therefore, we can keep an eye on him for a little while”
“What do you say I take him?” said Lizzy.

Page 6

“Are you volunteering yourself Officer Jameson?” asked Young Mullers.
“I have everything set for a baby. After all, I’m expecting anyway”
Young Mullers and everyone else were looking at her quietly. Young Mullers then said:
“Alright Officer Jameson. Sidney Rogers is going under your custody until we can find out how to solve this mess.”

* * *

Young Mullers and Officer Jameson took another ride to Lelkshire General Hospital to review the corpse of Marie Rogers. She has now been dead for eight days and later tonight, an autopsy was going to be performed. But Young Mullers wanted to look at her body before this happened. Young Mullers showed his badge to the clerk behind the desk and he was then led behind two swinging doors to the mortuary.
The mortuary of Lelkshire was always filled with corpses and there was always a rather long waiting list for a body to be displayed to relatives of a deceased body. It would take a good week for the coroners to even get to work on identifying a corpse. By then, the body would already be decomposing to a significant amount and so the stench was unbearable. The mortuary was unsanitary and many tubular lights flickered on and off.
The whole scene was out of a classical horror movie that just all of a sudden, came true. There was an entire line of bodies in black and white body bags all set up against the wall of a narrow hallway that occupied half the width in the hall. This allowed only one pathway to and from the mortuary. Young Mullers counted up the bodies as he went along. There were sixty-two in total.
The clerk in front of him had a set of green scrubs on, brown hair for sideburns, a bald head and a matching mustache as well. He had a thing of chewing gum in his mouth that he chewed quietly. As soon as he pulled a clipboard out from under his arm, he took the last steel table in the lineup that had a black body bag on top. He then wheeled it slowly past two more swinging doors that had no window and Young Mullers was now in the mortuary.
Since the town of Lelkshire was on such a small budget, the town couldn’t afford to have what a normal mortuary would look like. It was basically a room with only surgical supplies, drills, and a metal table. The corpse of Marie Rogers was wheeled into the center of the room where Young Mullers and the coroner took each side of the bag and lifted it gently onto the metal table. The coroner then walked over to a white cabinet and pulled out a box of rubber gloves. He then handed a pair to Young Mullers who first took off his olive green jacket and rolled up his sleeves. His badge seemed to have a weird gleam in the environment. He then put on the rubber gloves and walked over to the body.
The coroner then unzipped the body bag and in it revealed the body of Marie Rogers. They took her body out of the bag and put her on the table. The coroner then took a white sheet, covering her legs and lower pelvic area. Young Mullers was quiet the entire time.
“So what are we looking for Detective?” said the bald coroner who then put a pair of glasses on that made him look like he was from the 1960s.

Page 7

“I need to do a forensic autopsy on the body of this girl. I need to find out if there was anything other than the suicidal attempt that might have played a contributing role in her death.”
“Right away Detective”
The coroner then moved to the small table concerning the tools and took a small drill from the tray. He then turned it on as it then made a small humming sound. He then cut into her chest and opened her upper torso in a Y-shape, cutting right below her breastplates. He then pulled her chest open in two different places.
“Do you need to check the lungs?” he said.
“That might help”
He then took another drill from the tray and cut right into the middle parts of her ribcage and split her ribcage in two. Young Mullers quietly took Marie’s stiff, dead hand in his and whispered soothingly to her: “It will all be over soon”.
The coroner then pulled at her ribcage and in it revealed her lungs, which were black as tar.
“This clearly means that she was quite a smoker when she was alive” he said.
Young Mullers shifted his eyes to look up at him. He still didn’t let go of Marie Rogers’s hand. It seemed to be stuck there as if she was trying to tell him something, even in her death.
“Can you tell as to how long she’s been smoking?”
“Judging by the color of the lungs. She’s been smoking for about six months.”
Young Mullers slowly nodded.
“What about the other body parts?” he said.
The coroner pushed his glasses back up to his nose as he moved further down her body and came to her stomach. He literally cut and took her stomach out of her body and placed it on a scale. He weighed it and went over to another steel table with it. He laid out a sheet and placed the stomach on top of it. Young Mullers quietly leaned in and kissed Marie on the forehead and walked over to the coroner who was standing at the small table.
“She starved.” said the coroner.
“How can you tell?”
“Her stomach only weighed about ten pounds. And look…”
The coroner took a knife and cut the stomach open. He then turned the muscle tissue of the stomach inside out like how someone would turn a rubber glove inside out. It nauseated Young Mullers a little.
“This little sixteen year-old had an empty stomach and it seemed to be empty for about a week. Four days of no food at least.”
“What about the liver?” asked Young Mullers.
The coroner nodded again and put the stomach in a plastic bag and stored it in a refrigerator that was next to the small table. He then moved back to the table and took out the liver from Marie’s body and brought it back to the small table where Young Mullers stood.
“This is one of the causes as to why she may have committed suicide” said the coroner.
“How do you figure that?”
“The liver is completely destroyed. It is almost eighty percent fat.”
The coroner placed the liver on the table and shinned a light on it.

Page 8

The liver had a variety of liquids seeping from it. Some of this was blood. The rest was a yellowish-puss that was slowly seeping out of small holes in the liver.
“She has been drinking. Drinking a long time. Before she even got pregnant. A contributing factor could’ve been acute liver failure”
“So with this being in mind, she would’ve died anyway?”
“Yes. She would’ve definitely died giving birth or after giving birth”
“Hm” grunted Mullers. “Can you do me a favor and open up her head? We’ll see what’s inside and we’ll see what her head played as a role in all this”.
“You’re gonna have to give me a day on that one. I’ll get it done and fill out a report for you to read on the toilet tomorrow”
“Alright. Sounds good. I gotta get back to the paperwork. Thanks-a-bunch. This stuff explains a lot.”
“Anything you need Detective.” said the coroner with a grin.
They shook hands and Young Mullers left the mortuary.

* * *

Young Mullers pulled up to the local bank in an unmarked black Nissan. He turned off the engine and got out. He threw his cigarette onto the ground and stepped on it, then walked across the street. He noticed that it was cloudy out and there was a lot of moisture in the air. He knew for a fact, that it was going to rain in about a half an hour.
Young Mullers walked into the bank and spotted the person that he wanted. It was a man that was in his early forties that stood in uniform as a security guard. He had brown hair with tiny prickles of grey and a clean-shaven face with even sideburns. He stood at a solid six feet and was slightly on the heavy side. He carried a flashlight, pepper spray, and a gun that rested in its holster.
His uniform was overall black. Black shoes, black pants, and a black shirt. He had a sewn on star that said ‘Security’ on his left upper chest. He was a ‘1-800 Cop’ in Muller’s opinion. Young Mullers walked up to him and showed him his badge. He took instant notice of who Young Mullers was afterwards.
“Gustavo Rogers?”
“Yes sir?”
“I’m Sergeant William Mullers; I’m a detective that is in charge of the Lelkshire Police Homicide and Special Investigations Unit. I was wondering if we could step outside for a smoke and a chat?”
“Certainly Sergeant” said Gustavo politely, too politely.
Young Mullers and Gustavo stepped outside the bank and Young Mullers offered him a smoke. Gustavo took it and put it in his mouth, Young Mullers then lit it up for him. Then he did the same for himself. Young Mullers puffed away for a few breaths and when the cigarette lighted, he then started off.
“My unit has been put in charge of a case that happened two weeks ago. It is an attempted suicide case. We’ve been working on dead ends here and we need your help in order to solve it. Now, you have a daughter right?”
“Yes. I do.” He said calmly.
“Have you seen her lately?”
“No, actually I haven’t seen her in over a year”

Page 9

“Why is that?”
“She moved out of our house because me and her didn’t get along as much as we used to. We had an argument and she left and took her stuff with her. I haven’t seen her since.”
“Did you know that she was pregnant?”
“No I did not”
“She attempted suicide while she was pregnant. She tried to jump off of a roof. It was a five-story building. But she did not die when her body hit the pavement. In fact, the moment she hit the pavement, she went right into labor and produced a baby seven minutes after she landed. But then she died only seven seconds later and was only able to say one word in those seven seconds. Do you know what she said?”
“No I do not”
“She said the baby’s name. Sidney. Congrats, you’re a grandfather.” Said Young Mullers sarcastically.
“So you’re coming by here just to toss a baby on my lap?”
“Nope. The child has been put into our custody until we find the father. Be honest though, can you take a child?”
“In all honesty Sergeant, I can’t. I got my job here and that’s all I have and the whole thing here occupies my time in such a way that I start work here at nine and ending at eight”
“So you have this job and nothing else?”
Young Mullers then tapped on the cigarette and flicked it into the street.
“Well. That’s all I have for you. I’ll be in touch”
“But you don’t have my number.”
“I know my way around.”
“Thank you Sergeant”
“Oh….one more question….Did you love Marie?”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“A simple yes or no would do”
Gustavo hesitated for a moment and said slowly.
“Yes. I loved my daughter. Even though that we never saw eye-to-eye”
“Thank you Gustavo. That’s all I needed to know”
Young Mullers then went back across the street as Gustavo Rogers went back inside the bank. When Young Mullers got back in his car, he shut the door and took out of his overcoat pocket, a recorder. Something didn’t seem right when Gustavo hesitated, or how his body language had a sudden glimpse of fear. Something about him wasn’t right.

* * *

“My friend is also pregnant. But she’ll be giving birth any time now. She’s having a baby girl” said Lizzy as she bounced a five-month-old Sidney on her leg and he seemed pretty happy about it. She was seven months pregnant.
“That’s nice to know Lizzy” said Young Mullers quietly as he sat at the dining room table of Lizzy’s house.

Page 10

“You know what’s really amusing?” asked Young Mullers, not looking up from his files of the Marie Rogers case.
“What is?”
“You don’t have a single picture here of you and your husband”
“Ah. We were together for about six years and we’re having our child soon but the thing is that he works in the mines. So most of the time he’s never home”
“Shouldn’t you just put up at least one photo?” muttered Young Mullers, still not looking at her.
“There aren’t any pictures to put up. We kept it low key enough for no one to notice”
Young Mullers quietly nodded in response. He went back to looking over the brand new report of Marie Rogers’s autopsy. According to this report, there were major areas of trauma to the head and based off of an X-ray of the head, she had low levels of serotonin. Which meant that she had an intense depression lingering on her. Chances were, this provoked her suicidal attempt. She was also beaten and bruised around her legs that seemed to be around for about two days before her death. This meant that she came from an abused household.
The question is, who was this person? If Young Mullers could get this person, he might’ve well caught the man or woman who provoked the suicide attempt and death of Marie Rogers.
He then slowly looked over to baby Sidney. He then smiled warmly and waved at the baby boy and he responded with a stare of confusion. Young Mullers was unnerved at that, but not at the overall expression. It was something much more deeper than that.

* * *

Detective Gregory Fowler, who was an experienced Captain of the Lelkshire Police Service, he knew everything that Young Mullers knew. And more. He was sixty-six years old and taught everything that Young Mullers knew. He watched Young Mullers go from the Academy, to patrolman, detective, then promotion to sergeant and finally to the head of his unit of cops. He was the man who put him in for his promotion to sergeant because him and Fowler brought down a violent serial murderer and rapist.
Fowler was single, but he was always in and out of marriages. He could always solve any case but could never solve any marital issues. He wasn’t a lady’s man either. He was more off married to his cigarettes than anything else. Fowler’s eyes were a cold blue that almost looked white. So from far away, he would almost seem like he was blind. But he was far from it.
He wore a grey suit with a bright red tie and a white shirt and light almond brown wing tips. His hair was grey and he had a scar across his neck (Its rumored that Fowler almost had his throat cut by some violent criminal when it was actually he who tried to commit suicide on the day of his first divorce. He was almost damn near successful too. If Young Mullers didn’t control the bleeding.) His skin sagged and hung on his bones and he smelt heavily of cigarette smoke and cheddar cheese. A single lit cigarette was burning away in an ashtray in front of him. Fowler was reading Young Mullers’s report. The Young Sergeant Mullers walked in without knocking on Fowler’s closed door.
“You didn’t knock Sergeant”

Page 11

Young Mullers was in trouble. He didn’t typically have to knock. Only if Fowler were really pissed at him, then Young Mullers would have to knock.
“What’s going on Greg?”
“I don’t know Billy. Why don’t you tell me? What’s going on with your unit? It seems everyone is trying to make it with a football” said Fowler with a rusty voice.
“Marie Rogers is…”
“Dead” cut in Fowler. “And you have no leads”
“The father of Marie is the only person we have”
“So why not bring him in?”
“I think we should give it a few for him”
“I’ll give you a few if you don’t get this together”
“What’s happening?”
Fowler bit furiously down on his teeth. He then got up slowly and pointed for Young Mullers to sit down in front of his desk. Young Mullers sat down calmly.
“I got a corpse of a sixteen year old girl on my hands.” Said Fowler, who took his cigarette with him and walked over to the window where another ashtray was located on the windowsill. “Then I got a baby with no mother and a Sergeant who won’t smack his unit around. I don’t know whom the hell to shoot first. Should I take you off the case and I’ll take over the case myself? Should I give the kid to an orphanage? Or should I turn around and interrogate Gustavo Rogers?”
“Gustavo Rogers seems to be the only guy that has something to do with this”
“Answer my goddamn question Sergeant”
“No Captain, you shouldn’t take me off of this case”
“Why shouldn’t I Sergeant?”
“Because I’m the best man you have Captain Fowler”
Fowler slowly nodded then looked back out the window, tapping his cigarette in the ashtray.
“Just get this case solved Billy.”
“Why what’s up?”
“The public is getting out with all this information that we’re not doing anything. I’m tired of hearing it at press conferences and I just want to throw a bone to the hounds”
“You want me to just arrest someone and not think about whom I’m arresting?”
“Go pluck someone off the street and pin it on them”
Young Mullers chuckled.
“Its no laughing matter kid” said Fowler. He walked back over to his desk and took out a manila folder from his filing cabinet. He then opened it in front of Young Mullers, turning it towards him and pushed it to him where Young Mullers took it. It was the fingerprints of the beer bottles that Young Mullers found on the kitchen countertop at Marie Rogers’s apartment.
“How’d you get these?” asked Young Mullers.
“Simple. I got them before you did to take a look at them before you would. Then I would’ve given them to you and left them to your own conclusion. You say that there was Marie Rogers, who was sixteen. She then lived with her father, so you have heard and read. But it turns out that there are three different fingerprints on those bottles. We cross-referenced them and only one came back with a positive match to our criminal records.”

Page 12

“Which was?”
“A man by the name of Gustavo Rogers.”
“Who was the third?”
“We don’t know. Those particular fingerprints don’t have a match. Either that someone doesn’t have a criminal record or someone wasn’t born here. But guaranteed right now, the mystery person is a female”
“So what are we going to do now? Arrest Gustavo Rogers?”
“You read my mind. Put all your evidence together and if it points to him. We’ll bring him in for questioning. If he confesses, which I doubt, then he’ll go to jail for at least eight years”
“I thought felonies were a little higher than that?”
“Did you not hear? Everyone here has a felony on his or her record in Lelkshire. So the prison system can’t keep up with all the bodies checking into The Hotel so the prison system of Lelkshire shortens out the terms to keep up with the bodies that are going in. It tends to be somewhat effective with people going in at least for a ten-year span to be good for the rest of their lives. But this is Lelkshire.”
“Alright Captain. Let me get this stuff squared away for tomorrow and then we’ll go get Gustavo Rogers”
“Thank you Billy”
* * *

Young Mullers stood with his handcuffs and his handgun ready. Young Mullers and Fowler were outside the bank; Young Mullers drove there with Fowler in the passenger seat. Fowler grounded his cigarette into the steel ashtray that was on his door. Young Mullers sat quietly, waiting for Fowler’s orders.
“So Cap’ ready to do this?” said Young Mullers quietly.
Fowler looked at Young Mullers and raised his eyebrows at him then got out. Young Mullers got out quickly and followed him.

* * *

Gustavo Rogers sat in an interrogation room that had dark wooden panels along the walls. His hands were crossed, cuffed and on the table. He waited patiently to be questioned as if there was nothing wrong. Young Mullers sat across from him, eating a sandwich.
“Did you eat?” asked Young Mullers.
“No I didn’t” said Gustavo quietly.
Young Mullers then wrapped up his other half of the sandwich and pushed it over to Gustavo. Gustavo slowly took it but then wolfed it down.
“Would you like something to drink?”
“Yes please”
Young Mullers poured out half of his drink into a small cup and handed it to him. He threw back his head and guzzled it down. Young Mullers then pulled away his seat, stood up, and went over to the wall. He faced away from Gustavo when he started off.
“You lied to me”
“What do you mean?”

Page 13

“You lied to me about your daughter” said Young Mullers, turning around to face him.
“You’re also an alcoholic. And you also eat too much food and leaving so much little for your daughter.”
“I’d like a phone call” said Gustavo.
Young Mullers smirked.
“You see that’s where I get to say no”
“I’m legally obligated to have a lawyer present”
“No one has to know you and I are talking right?” said Young Mullers, leaning in his upper torso and reaching eye-level with Gustavo. Young Mullers drew in his lips and bit on them, he put his hands behind his back and raised his eyebrows.
Gustavo hesitated.
“You’re a bad cop just like everyone here”
“Actually No. I’m just you’re biggest enemy in your predicament right now.”
“So what are you going to try and pin on me Detective?” said Gustavo, watching Young Mullers as he paced behind his chair. Gustavo had to keep craning his neck just to watch him. Yet at this statement, Young Mullers went back over to the table where a manila folder was located. Young Mullers opened it and took out a group of photos and placed them all in front of Gustavo. Gustavo leaned in and once Young Mullers separated them, Gustavo followed enraged.
“I had nothing to do with this. Are you serious? I had nothing to do with the suicide death of my daughter. I told you I haven’t seen her in a while”
“You sure?”
“Yes I’m sure. I know what I am”
“Are you sure about that as well?”
Gustavo hesitated. He was speechless.
“Let’s go over the details. Sixteen year-old Marie Rogers; born to you and a mother who committed suicide in a mental institution. Marie was beautiful. She was young, sweet, innocent, and totally oblivious to the fact that her mother was no longer walking this Earth. She had beautiful curly black hair that reached the tip of her lower spine and a face that could’ve brightened up the world”
“What do you know? You never knew her” sneered Gustavo. Young Mullers continued.
“You and her lived together? Didn’t you? Lived together under the same roof after her mother died? She’s been gone for like what….twelve years now? Okay. Then she becomes of age and a desperate man like yourself couldn’t hold the hormones inside you and you sexually molested your own daughter. You impregnated as a result. You padlocked her in her room for the period of eight to nine months and only fed her sandwiches and milk that eventually went sour. Does any of this ring a bell?”
“Then you stuffed your face with everything you could insanely think of while she was in her room, starved, vomiting, and pissing all over her room. And you didn’t take care of it. Now that is a pretty sick case right there don’t you think, Mister Rogers?”
“And where’s your evidence to back this up?” said Gustavo darkly.
Young Mullers slowly pushed a photo to Gustavo. It was the picture of the newborn baby, Sidney Rogers.
“Now, the funny thing is….” Said Young Mullers, who then sat on the table with his feet touching the floor.

Page 14

“….that the child’s DNA was taken the moment he was able to get tested at the hospital. Like all babies and yourself included, when you go for your blood test, the hospital keeps the imprints of DNA. So we pulled up your DNA imprints as well as the child’s. And a major head-scratcher is the fact that you and Sidney’s DNA are at an eight-five percent similarity marker.”
“You wanna know how I know that you’re an alcoholic as well? With the rows of beer bottles that were on top the kitchen countertop? And I know you starved her too because not only was her room padlocked, but also so was the fridge. Which tells me that you wanted her to lose the kid. Didn’t you? You beat her as well too. Right? Those bruises on her skin didn’t come from when she jumped off the roof of your apartment building. Even though that everything was shattered as it was.”
“Everything is now falling into place isn’t it? You’re going away for a little while. I’m going to make sure of it. So stop bullshitting me and tell me the truth. What did you do to your daughter Marie Rogers?”
Gustavo bit down on his lips, a dark look was in his eyes and Young Mullers could tell that he had him by the balls.
“I molested her. I was drunk when it happened. She got pregnant and I thought it was my wife. Because the night that it fell into place, I was celebrating her death. And I thought it was her. But it wasn’t.”
“That still doesn’t add up. So once again, stop bullshitting me and tell me what happened.”
“I was drunk. I molested her.”
“Thank you. Now onto the other part. Why did you lock her in her room?”
“I didn’t want anyone to see her. It would be really bad if I were to be known to molest my daughter”
“That it would. That alone gives you about ten long years behind bars. Why’d you padlock the fridge?”
“To keep her from eating”
“To injure the fetus and force her to have a miscarriage”
“Ok. Why is her room all a mess?”
“I locked her in there and I wasn’t there for most of the day. When I got home, I let her out but never outside.”
“You kept her prisoner for a year? In her own house?”
“This was also to force her to have a miscarriage?”
Young Mullers then stepped off the table and walked to the door. He placed his hand on the doorknob but then turned to Gustavo and said:
“The child is healthy. But I will make damn sure that you go away for a little while. Take a good look at those photos because that will be the only photo you’ll ever see of him. Now you may call for a lawyer. But I’m going to be frank with you, you’re not going to need one where you’re going”
Young Mullers then left him Gustavo Rogers handcuffed to the chair in the interrogation room.
Gustavo Rogers was sentenced to nine years in prison for the rape and death of his daughter.

* * *

Page 15

Marie Rogers; sixteen and young. Born to a father who was a security guard for a local bank. And given life by a mother who went mentally insane in a mental asylum and committed suicide as a result. Her father, Gustavo Rogers, knew about this. But did not dare tell his daughter for the fear that she would commit suicide too. But even then, everyone in Lelkshire has a sinister urge.
Marie was quite beautiful for her age. Prim and proper. Feminine and gentle. Young and ready. Her hair was a smooth shade of black and this trailed down, past her lower back. She had a warm smile with glistening brown eyes and perfectly white teeth. But not everything was warm in her life.
Her father was always drunk. She knew this from the amount of times he’d drink. Which was on average, two six-packs a day. Her father has been drinking since he was very young. This is virtually all she knew.
Gustavo was never concerned for Marie. Because two more years of this and he’d be home free to kick her out the house. With or without a job. As that, Gustavo Rogers held a demented thought in his mind.
The mother of Marie Rogers was a woman by the name of Laurie Batêr, who married into Rogers at the age of nineteen. Both Laurie and Gustavo were seven years apart from each other. And Gustavo at one point of time, worked in the Mine of Lelkshire. They always had no money to go around, but Laurie had Marie when she was twenty-two and afterwards, she appeared to never be the same. Laurie became an insomniac and a paranoid schizophrenic. Her husband did not help her because he felt that this was life in Lelkshire and instead, had her committed with the least of all medical treatment. Just to rub it in. He wanted her dead, because he realized over time that she wasn’t worth marrying.
However, over time, and ten years without a single lay for Gustavo Rogers. Except for the prostitute that would regularly come to the apartment where the door to Gustavo’s bedroom was always closed and little Marie was left to keep the house in order. He’d be in there with her the whole night and Marie was left to make dinner by herself, clean by herself and do everything else by herself. But this was before her father raped her. Young Mullers flipped through the pages of the Diary to Marie Rogers, finding out quite a bit of information.

* * *

According to Marie Rogers’s diary, the first time her father molested her was when she was fifteen. And the prostitute that Gustavo regularly spent his nights with was a girl not was so much older than Marie, who went by the name “Strawberry Sweetly”. The first time that Marie was molested, Gustavo’s pet wasn’t around. Some other guy took her for the night. Meanwhile, Gustavo and Marie were at home by themselves and Ms. Sweetly didn’t come around like he was expecting. He then went into a rage that scared the living daylights out of Marie and Marie went running for her life to her room. But it in no way stopped there.

Page 16

She then barred her way to the door to keep Gustavo out, which he was breaking in. He shortly broke down the door and beat her senseless until she was cowering on the floor. Then in the most despicable of ways, her father unzipped himself and allowed his pants and shorts to fall. He then picked up his quivering daughter and slammed her down onto the bed that had the force of shaking the floor. He then pulled off her jeans and panties and had his way with his own daughter. According to her diary, Marie blacked out the moment he came inside of her.

* * *

“I’m on my way to check out Single-Day Alley.” Said Young Mullers to Captain Fowler who sat behind his desk, Young Mullers stood in the door frame, with his arm leaning against the door at eyes-height.
“You might want to take someone with you. Remember, a gun and badge doesn’t mean much in Single-Day Alley” said Fowler slowly to Young Mullers.
“Maybe you might wanna go with me Captain?”
“What?” said Fowler in an annoyed tone.
“I think it might be better that you come with me to Single-Day Alley to look around for a prostitute named Strawberry Sweetly.”
Fowler and Young Mullers had a long pause and then, Fowler got up slowly, took his coat from his coat hanger and said to Young Mullers:
“Just because you’re like a son to me and it would really suck to see you dead, I’d rather go with you to see that the job is done and to make sure that you don’t have to repeat everything you witnessed there. And also to make sure that you don’t come back in a bag.”
“Thank you Greg”
“You’re welcome Billy”

* * *

For those that don’t know, Single-Day Alley is an alleyway filled with prostitutes that are expensive enough to have only a day or night with them. Single-Day Alley was originally a back entrance to many of the stores that are in the area. So any one person can take the back alleyway to a store, that’s if they knew what they were looking for. But since the early 1800s, right before the smallpox epidemic of Lelkshire, Single-Day Alley surfaced because of the amount of men that would always cross the alley.
Pimps or ‘Businessmen’ would then go to the back of the alleyway and sell girls from the age of seventeen to whatever age the ‘buyer’ wanted. Single-Day Alley was never investigated because there would honestly be too many other problems for the Lelkshire Police to handle if they did. So instead, they go to it as officials to find information on certain individuals such as criminals and all other kinds of shady information. This is where Young Mullers and Captain Fowler are.

Page 17

“How are we going to do this Captain?” said Young Mullers cautiously. He pulled up to the curb and kept it a good distance away from Single-Day Alley. He did this because if he pulled up too close, he’d come back to the car with the tires stolen.
“You were the one that wanted to come here kid” said Fowler.
“Well we can’t turn back now”
“Oh yes we can. You’re getting cold feet aren’t you?”
“No sir”
“Alright then, let’s not make an introduction ceremony. Let’s start the show” said Fowler, opening his door and getting out. Young Mullers followed him.
“Have you ever been here before?” asked Fowler.
“No not really”
“You gotta act forceful by all means necessary. I’m serious. Or else you won’t get anywhere with these sluts. Their primary goal is to get a lay and a paycheck. So don’t be surprised if they start coming onto you. If they do, just brush them off” said Fowler who then turned into a dark alleyway which was known as Single-Day Alley. The first thing that Young Mullers noticed was there were girls who weren’t as much older than Marie. They were dressed in revealing and provocative outfits and all of them had a promiscuous look in their eyes. Fowler seemed immune to it.
“You’ve been down here before haven’t you?” said Young Mullers.
“More than you think. But never to get a lay or a night out here. I’ll get something worse than the clap here.” Said Fowler rather loudly and some of the girls who heard him took a step back away from him in disgust. Fowler didn’t seem to care.
“Take your pick” said Fowler.
“Take your pick as to who you are going to ask for this girl”
Young Mullers nodded slowly and then glanced over to a prostitute who was watching him. She had a cigarette in her mouth and a red slip dress on with black heels. She had small wrinkles on her face and Young Mullers could tell that she was close to thirty. He could also tell that her body couldn’t take much more of the ‘work’ that she did. Young Mullers walked up to her slowly and asked her quietly.
“Do you know someone by the name Strawberry Sweetly?”
She slowly took a long pull on her cigarette and exhaled upwards.
“Why do you wanna know Daddy?”
“I’m a Sergeant with the Lelkshire Police Service. I need her to give me a few answers on a murder case”
“That seems pretty convincing Sergeant but where’s your badge and gun Hun?” she said this in a slow promiscuous tone.
Young Mullers then undid his coat and showed his badge on his belt and his gun in its holster under his left arm.
“So what is that? Plastic? Is that standard issue?” she said.
Fowler, who was watching, grew tired of this and took his revolver out and pushed Young Mullers aside and kicked her hard in between her thighs and she went down to her knees. Tears came up from her eyes, obviously in pain from where he kicked her. The moment she fell, Fowler put the gun to the middle part of her forehead.
“You know who I am?” he growled at her, in a way that Young Mullers never seen.
“Captain Gregory Fowler, long time, no see”

Page 18

“Yeah. That’s who I am. One of you tarts was banging the man that did things to his daughter. Now a girl is dead. A baby is without a mother and we need information on all this. Not in an hour, and definitely not tomorrow. Give it you me now or I’ll blow your head clean off your shoulders”
She hesitated with tears in her eyes and then lifting a shaking hand, pointing down the alley. She didn’t take her other hand off her crotch.
“Go all the way down till you get to a brick wall with two entrances into a building. Take the one on the left and go all the way up to the top floor. The second door from the staircase, on the right is where you’re looking to go. But Strawberry is in a meeting with the boss” she said, trying hard to hide her tears.
“Thank you. Now see? Was that all too hard? You just put yourself through a lot of pain. And that is all we needed to know” said Fowler who took his gun away from her and put it back in his holster.
“Just go” she said quietly, holding onto her crotch, she didn’t get up from her knees.
Fowler went further down the alley, Young Mullers followed.
“You sure she’ll be alright?” asked Mullers.
“She in particular is known to be in that position. Besides, last I heard, she had three daughters to take care of. I wouldn’t put it past her to bring them into this business later on” said Fowler darkly.
They took the route that the prostitute said and were soon in front of the second door on the right from the staircase.
“What do you think?” said Fowler quietly.
Young Mullers glanced at him and gently put his hand on the doorknob. He could tell that it was locked.
“It’s locked”
“Of course it is” said Fowler who then took out his gun and held it down. He leaned up against the wall and Young Mullers took his cue, taking out his gun and stepped back. He gave one sharp kicked to the jam of the door and he broke the door down. Fowler ran in first and Young Mullers ran in second.
Young Mullers ran into a one-room apartment where a rotting apartment with a rotting wooden floor and a rotting dresser was next to a rotting bed. Where a man in his mid-forties was having sex with a girl who looked like she could be almost his daughter. She ran into a corner of the room with a sheet pulled up to her chest, which covered her up. She was obviously naked underneath there.
The other person, the man in his mid-forties, couldn’t cover up because he had nothing to cover up with. And so he just lay there like deer-in-the-headlights. Young Mullers could see that his erection was starting to go down and that he was also wearing a condom.
“Lelkshire Police” said Fowler quite calmly; taking out his badge, Young Mullers still had his coat undone and his badge showed from his belt.
“Are you Strawberry Sweetly?” asked Young Mullers who walked up to the young girl with the sheet.
“Yes. Yes I am.” She said in a scared tone.
“We need you to come with us. We have a few questions about a client that you knew” said Young Mullers.

Page 19

Then Fowler tugged him by the arm, away from earshot and whispered to him in a serious tone.
“We’re going to have to put her in cuffs if we want to get out of here alive”
Young Mullers nodded, he walked back over to her.
“We’re going to have to put you in cuffs. You’re not officially arrested. But just standard stuff”
She rolled her eyes and motioned to her sheet that was covering her.
“That’s not going to help you get out of this one Sweetie” said Fowler roughly.
She then reluctantly dropped her sheet and put her hands behind her back. Young Mullers took out his handcuffs and cuffed her. Even though that Young Mullers was twice her age, he thought she was kind of cute. She then turned around, revealing herself. But Young Mullers took off his coat and put it around her. Covering her up.
“We’re out. Thank you so much for your corporation good sir. And if I may say, put some pants on” said Fowler sarcastically to the man on the bed who lay motionless with his mouth open.

* * *

Young Mullers was sitting in the interrogation room with Strawberry Sweetly. She was a young woman who was quite curvy in her body form. She had brown hair with blonde highlights and lips that were a reddish-pink. Young Mullers could tell that they were very soft. Her eyes were a dark shade of blue and they seemed to be full of life. The coat of Young Mullers covered her, but quite frankly, he’d need it back soon. So after this meeting, he’d ask someone to fetch her some clothes. This was in his thinking process of his mind.
Young Mullers had a sandwich that he hadn’t opened in front of him. He also had a bottle of water next to it. When they were both settled, Young Mullers walked behind her chair, taking her handcuffs off and put them back in their slot on his belt. He then walked back in front of her and said:
Strawberry then looked down at the sandwich and slowly took off the wrapping with hesitant hands. She was scared and she didn’t know what she was doing here. She seemed to be an honest girl, but that sometimes went out the door in the God-Awful Town of Lelkshire.
“What was is your name? I know it can’t be Strawberry Sweetly?”
“That is something that I made up when I was eighteen” she said quietly after she swallowed her first bite of her ham sandwich that Young Mullers gave her.
Young Mullers grinned.
“So tell me, how did that name come about?”
She stopped eating for a moment and hesitantly looked up at him. She said quietly.
“Do you want me to be honest with you or lie to you?”
“I think it would be better if you were honest with me Miss” said Young Mullers in an annoyed tone.
“Well…..all the men that I’ve been with for a relationship or for a night, have all said one thing about me….” She then hesitated again.
“Which is?”

Page 20

“My fluids taste like strawberries and my original hair color was a reddish dirty-blonde”
“Oh really?”
“So what is your real name if I may ask?”
“My real name is Chloé Batêr”
“Batêr. Chloé. Sounds French”
“It is. My mother is French and Welsh. The name itself is Welsh. Something about my great grandfather going to France from Wales and that is how the pronouncing part came into the mix ”
“Batêr? Are you related to…”
“Laurie Batêr?” she said. “Yes I am. I’m her first daughter and Marie’s older sister. Well, half-sister.”
“But your mother was twenty-two years old when she had Marie, correct?”
“Yes. But you see it wasn’t my stepfather who took care of us. It was I. I was the one who brought the actual cash in. But I was hardly ever home”
“You’re not answering my question. How old was your mother when she had you?”
“Good. That’s what I needed to know. And when did you come home?”
“I only came home during the night”
Young Mullers then made a twisted connection. It forced him to slow down in his speech pattern and it forced him to draw an imaginary circle on the table.
“So…..let me get this straight……you had sex with your stepfather every night?”
“Since I was eighteen”
“Which was?”
“Six years ago. I am now twenty-four”
“This doesn’t make any sense. How old were you when your mother died? Don’t lie to me and waste my time” said Young Mullers heatedly.
“My mother was actually sixteen when she had me. She was a prostitute and one thing led to another and she had me I guess”
“You never knew you’re father?”
“My mother had a lot of ‘clients’ if you know what I mean”
“So on the other shoe, please enlighten me as why did you not come forth with this?”
“Because I needed to pacifier him somehow”
“That doesn’t matter. Your sister might still be alive today if you said something”
“Fear. Detective Mullers. Fear. Wouldn’t you be scared? I felt alone in the world. I knew my mother was dead long before that man ever even told me”
“Did you tell your sister about it?”
“No. I never told my sister about what happened to her”
“Well can you enlighten me as to what happened with her?”
“There was abuse in our house and Marie was a baby when it all happened. I remember it clear as day and truthfully, Gustavo Rogers never wanted Marie, so-to-speak. My mother wanted another one because she felt that she was ready to have another one. I was six years old when my sister came into contact with the world, and Lelkshire. I was so happy to have a little sister. But the abuse consumed my mother because Gustavo would come home drunk and start beating up on my mother…”
“Why didn’t you intercede?” interrupted Young Mullers.

Page 21

“I did intercede once. But I took such a hard beating that he cut me up and my mother had to stitch me back up when she came around. The moment he knocked her out, he started on me. He took one good swing at my head and knocked me right down. I’m not really sure if he raped me there or not. When I got older, I chose to use my body to keep my half-sister away from Gustavo. But it didn’t work out because I was working that night as it was”
“Why wasn’t there a place for you to sleep there? In that apartment?”
“Because I was hardly ever there. Except on nights where I wasn’t working and my stepfather would take me into his bed to just screw me for the night and of course I had to do it for free. Not to mention also that I technically left the house as it was”
“What do you mean?”
“My father and I hated each other because of what he did to my mother. So me and him would always be in arguments. But once he was drunk enough, to the point where he couldn’t even recognize his daughters, that’s when he would be approachable.”
“I met with your stepfather recently. That is the day before we arrested him and took him into custody to be questioned. That is where he confessed to everything. But he lied to me. He told me that it was Marie who left the house because they didn’t get along”
“Not true Detective. It was I who left the house and Marie who stayed”
“Then why are your fingerprints on the beer bottles?”
“I would have a drink or two sometimes. But I am not lying to you when I tell you that my stepfather would sleep with other women sometimes if he got too bored of me”
“It seems like you had your hands full”
“I didn’t know what to do”
“So if you could, tell me honestly now, can you take care of a child?”
“I could try.”
“Hm. To tell you right now, your sister committed suicide and produced a child from your stepfather’s loins. Do you have any problem with raising the kid?”
“I work Detective. That is all that I know”
“To have sex? You seem to be smarter than the average slice on the street. What if you were to take the exam to become a police officer in Lelkshire?”
“I thank you for the offer but no. I’ve had enough with the people here. I don’t want to help anyone that screwed me. Literally or figuratively”
“Hm. You seem to be someone with a brain. I could cut a deal with my Captain and I could have you behind a desk here. While taking care of your sister’s child in the process. You’d make some money and no one would say anything”
Cholé hesitated.
“I’ll think about it”
“Please do”

* * *

“I’m not running a goddamn prostitution agency!” shouted Fowler at the top of his lungs at Young Mullers.
“She knew about her stepfather. She is the only family that little Sidney Rogers has left. Outside of Lizzy who isn’t even a direct relative to him” said Young Mullers in a heated tone.

Page 22

“Why didn’t you run this by me beforehand!” shouted Fowler back.
“I didn’t know then of what I know now” said Young Mullers quite calmly.
“Witnesses cannot be cops William. You giving someone a job here without my approval is some horseshit that even I couldn’t do”
“Place her in my unit and place her as guardian to Sidney Rogers. That is all that I want. Because then little Sidney Rogers won’t really grow up in a hostile environment” said Young Mullers in a relieved tone.
“Open your bloody eyes Sergeant! This godforsaken town is a shithole and a half and no one here deserves second chances. Especially people who flaunt their vaginas to make a dollar or two!”
“She had to. She had to feed Marie because her father wouldn’t let her eat”
“Then with all the evidence, who says the bitch is lying? There were no traces of her anywhere in the apartment that those two lived in. Those diary entries had nothing about her half-sister visiting her”
“No, she wasn’t mentioned by her actual name but her prostitute name”
“So? It doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that the man molested both of his daughters, his own flesh and blood and is now away. End of the bleeding story. You don’t have to make a big deal out of anything. The girl had depression and all that because her father molested her and she committed suicide because she couldn’t handle it” said Fowler in an annoyed tone.
“She couldn’t handle it because the bastard was abusing her and abusing her half-sister while he was then abusing her mother while he was at everything else. She couldn’t put her child in a world like that. Even if Sidney Rogers was made from his Grandfather’s sperm,” said Young Mullers.
“Alright then, case solved. That’s it. End of story.”
“Not quite”
“What do you mean?” said Fowler heatedly; sitting back down and taking up his cigarette and taking a long, angry pull.
“I want Cholé Batêr on my team and also as the guardian of Sidney Rogers. You can pester me as much as you want. But to be truthfully honest Captain, she is the only family that he has left. I already told her that if she were to raise him that she would have to quit being a prostitute and go for something of much more value. And Greg….low and behold, we have two lives walking away with a more positive outlook on life and maybe, just maybe, they could get out of here and live a better life. Outside of Lelkshire.”
Fowler sat back with an irate look in his face that had him turning red with fury. He leaned back in his chair, as his upper lip was totally concealed in his bottom lip. He then sighed slowly and leaned back forward in his chair, grounding his cigarette out in the ashtray on his desk.
“Sit.” He said to him.
Young Mullers sat down quietly.
“Now listen here and listen good Sergeant Mullers. I don’t care what your plans are for this and quite frankly, as your commanding officer, I don’t give a shit anyway. You want me to go along with this. Okay fine. I’ll do it because you and I go back a long way. But you are pushing this and you’ve been pushing this to see how far you can go before I take your badge and gun away from you. But I’m not going to do that.”

Page 23

“However, if this were to screw up, it would be your ass that I’d come down on. Lizzy Jameson doesn’t get him back, Cholé Batêr goes to prison for prostitution, Sidney Rogers goes to an orphanage where he belongs and you my dear pal, would be in the mines or on the ships doing some scumbag boss a favor. Now listen closely, Sidney goes to Cholé, Cholé is going to work here as a filing person. She can take the exam and the whole nine yards and get the gun and badge and hold as a policewoman here, but I’m warning you. If this messes up just an ounce where it then requires my attention. I will drop the hand of God on this situation myself and everything will be all said and done, set in stone. Get me Sergeant?” said Fowler, silently in rage.
“Yessir” said Young Mullers.
“Hook her up with a place to live. When Cholé Batêr becomes settled with living conditions, I’ll put forth a motion to inspect her and to make sure that nothing is out of place. If everything is all prim and proper, I’ll give Sidney Rogers to the care of his aunt, Cholé Batêr. Understood?”
“Yessir” said Young Mullers.
“Good. Now get the hell out of my office and stay out of my bloody sight for a week.”
Young Mullers nodded and got up and left, but as he left, Fowler called after him:
“Shut the door”
Young Mullers gently closed Fowler’s door. He wasn’t sure wither if he should be happy or annoyed with Captain Fowler’s reaction.

* * *

A year after the conviction of Gustavo Rogers, Cholé went to the Lelkshire penitentiary, badge, gun, and a comfortable dress of a white blouse and black pants with black slip on heels. She had on a black blazer and her badge was on her belt with her gun tucked away to her right hip in a black holster. Her hair was combed nicely to the side and she had pink lipstick on. She didn’t have any makeup on.
She was hurried to get in and out. Because she couldn’t avoid the catcalls of her former life as a prostitute of Lelkshire and it irked her something fierce. Cholé is now twenty-six and Sidney Rogers is a year and a half old. The sliding bars and gates made heavy noises as they unlocked and slid to the side and then closed with a heady ‘thud’. She was then in a sitting room for all the convicts to meet their visitors. She gave a yellow piece of paper to the corrections officer and he said to her:
“Cubicle Seven”.
Cholé went to a desk with chair and a big window. Which held to the other side, where Gustavo Rogers was going to show up and talk to her. And sure enough, there was her stepfather, he walked tiredly over to the cubicle and sat down on the other side of the window. His hair was white and he looked like he hadn’t slept in a very long time. Cholé picked up the black phone. This was located on her right and put it gently to her ear. Gustavo did the same. Once she made sure he was listening, she took her badge off of her belt and put it on the desk to show him. He looked down at it and then looked back up at her with a dazed and confused look.
“Hello Cholé” said Gustavo.
“Hello Gus. You look awful.”
“I don’t know if I should take that as an insult or a concerned complement”

Page 24

“It was you who did what you did to the both of us. It was only a matter of time before one of us was going to get the big one”
“Who are you to say that?”
“I’m my mother’s daughter. Except that my mother is dead and so is my half-sister. Because of you”
“What do you want me to do about it?” he said in a calm tone.
“You could honestly roll over and die if that makes the world feel better”
Gustavo took the phone away from his ear and put it in his hands. Looking at her like a tiger looks at a fly outside of his cage.
“Why did you come here? To come break my balls? To come around here and think you can talk to me like this?” he said the moment he put the phone back to his ear.
“I come here to talk to you like this to brief you of the aftermath of this situation.”
“The situation? The situation is long and gone and everyone is happy except me”
“No one told you to molest Marie, Gus”
“Like you didn’t come around? I got addicted to you because you wouldn’t leave me alone”
“No, you got addicted to me because you couldn’t keep your urges and your penis, to yourself. You didn’t even have the decency to use protection when you did her. Then she got pregnant from her own father. To this very day, everyone at the Lelkshire Police Service all think the same thing”
“That it was a sick thing that you did. No one molests their own kids unless if they are really demented in the head”
“So what if I have a thing of bad wiring in my head? You could’ve pushed me away but you didn’t. When I put myself inside of you, you didn’t scream. You closed your eyes and moaned like the little whore that you are”
“That was my choice to go out and sell my body. But I did it because of the fact that you were starving Marie and she needed to eat and so did I. You were keeping her from having any food. So I had to make money the easy way”
“That is still no excuse for you to use me as your scapegoat” said Gustavo.
“I’m not. No one is. What you did was really disgraceful”
“So is the rest of this town Hunny. I’m not the first to start raping other people. There will be plenty more from where I’m now part of”
“Now? You were always raping people”
“Not always. You were the first”
“And then you got comfortable?”
“That could go either way.”
“No its either a yes or no”
“No. Not at the start”
“You know, your son is a year and a half”
“You mean my grandson?”
“No. Your son. He is a year and a half now”
Gustavo made a long pause. He then said:
“What does he look like?”
“He looks like a regular baby boy. That’s all you need to know”
“You’re going to be that cold on me?”

Page 25

“You don’t even know”
Gustavo laughed a very cold, depressing, and painful laugh.
“Did I get your attention Gus?”
Gustavo smirked.
“I guess this is going to be my legacy?” said Gustavo as his eyes shifted around the walls of the cubicle and the ceiling of the prison.
“You made a child from your own daughter. That is an inter-bred relation. Somewhat unusual don’t you think?”
“So wait a moment, if you’re here, who’s watching Him?”
“A police officer that has a baby boy of her own”
Gustavo nodded slowly.
“One day, I’m going to get out of here. But not anytime soon”
“You were lucky that you were just charged with rape and not manslaughter and you were also lucky that you were reprimanded and sentenced before they found me. You would’ve been going away for twenty-five but you’re only doing nine. I think that is fair enough. Even though you may have provoked her committing suicide, you didn’t kill her so you’re not getting charged with her death.”
“I know”
Then one of the corrections officers shouted: “One minute before closing time”. Cholé leaned out of the cubicle in her chair and glanced out to see people were already getting up and heading for the exit out of the visitation room. She glanced back at Gustavo.
“You don’t get any visitors do you?”
“You’re my first actually.”
Cholé stared at him and then said:
“Be honest with me, remember the first time you beat me up after you knocked my mother out?”
“I do.”
“When you went to town on me, did you sexually molest me while I was unconscious?”
“No I did not”
Gustavo glared at her furiously.
“What kind of a man do you think I am? What kind of a monster would do such a thing?”
Cholé smiled warmly and stood up but still had the phone to her ear, Gustavo watched her with the phone still in his ear as well.
“You” said Cholé as she then hung up the phone and put her badge back on her belt. She then walked out of the visitation room with Sidney on her mind.

* * *

Cholé Batêr did go far in the Lelkshire Police Service, while taking care of Sidney Rogers on the sidelines. Although Sidney never lost his love for Lizzy Jameson because Lizzy was more or less his mother in some regards and his Aunt Cholé was his guardian. They both loved him in all the same amount. But this didn’t stop Sidney from losing his innocence eventually.

Page 26

Sidney became close friends with Lizzy Jameson’s son Archie and they soon became a tight pair because Young Mullers and Captain Fowler found that it would be less of a hustle if they just kept Sidney in the current care of a Lelkshire police officer.
In this, Sidney also became friends to a girl who was the daughter to a friend of Lizzy Jameson. No one knew her last name, but her first name was Victoria and that is all that even Lizzy knew. Sidney was five and a half and officially never gave much thought as to who his father was. Until he started going to school, where his classmates who knew of his past, would give him strange looks and weird stares. Archie and Victoria however, did not do this and that is how they became his friends.
But now with Sidney questioning who he was at a young age, he started to look around on his past. In that, was a secret that would drag him down for the rest of his life.

* * *

“How’s the little tyke?” said Fowler to Lizzy Jameson, who was driving Young Mullers and Captain Fowler.
“He’s getting quiet and he’s getting curious about what happened to his mother”
Young Mullers glanced at Fowler. Fowler had a puzzled look on his face.
“The child is only five” said Young Mullers.
“The child has other children making fun of him” said Lizzy.
“Children will be children. Boys will be boys. Girls will be girls. And teenagers will be teenagers but of course, he’ll get over it” said Young Mullers.
“I don’t think so” said Fowler.
“What makes you say that Captain?” he replied.
“The child will take it harshly because his mother killed herself in need of killing him with her. It was a depression that tore his mother down from her father who raped her and she had a baby from her father’s seed.”
“Everyone in this town has a sinister urge” said Lizzy.
“The both of you are young. Wait until you see Lelkshire for what it really is”
“I’ve thought about leaving” said Young Mullers.
“You can’t leave Billy. You’re needed here to help others” said Fowler.

* * *

The young Sidney Rogers was a question mark to a lot of people. Besides his friends, Archie Jameson and a girl named Victoria, everyone else was a little uneasy around Sidney. It was always a quiet manner that everyone around the young lad would start talking about his past. About how he had a suicidal maniac for a mother who tried to kill herself with him inside her and how it was his grandfather that impregnated his mother to have him.
It was all smiles for him for a little while. Sidney had Archie as his brother and he had Victoria as his best friend. Yet this was because Archie and Victoria were brought up to give Sidney a chance to be loved. And Sidney was noticeably loved for quite some time. Even though that he didn’t have everything.
Sidney was scrawny for his age. Everyone thought he was going to be shorter and stay shorter than everyone else.

Page 27

But by the looks of his feet, Cholé Batêr and Lizzy Jameson knew that he’d become a tall and rather handsome man when he was to reach twenty. He began to walk when he was only one and a half and learned to run when he was only two. Sidney learned his ones, twos, threes and ABCs when he was three and showed a love for numbers so the young Sergeant William Mullers decided to teach him basic math. Sidney learned fast and on the first day of school, compared to everyone else, he was ahead with his math in his kindergarten class.
Sidney and Archie Jameson went to the same school, shared the same room, and shared the same clothes, shoes, food and everything else as well. Those two were permitted to be around each other 24/7 and they were. Then Victoria came into their lives, and then everything slowly began to change.
The little girl named Victoria was the daughter to a friend of Lizzy Jameson’s. And very quietly, Victoria came from a shadier side of Lelkshire and knew all about Sidney Rogers and who his mother was. She was amazed, as a six-year-old girl to actually find the boy whose mother committed suicide with him still inside her. And she didn’t know what to think. Worst of all, she didn’t understand the feelings she had for him for she was too young to understand them.
Sidney was Victoria’s little celebrity and Sidney never acknowledged this because he didn’t understand what she was talking about or why she would breathlessly stare at him in the playground. Victoria began to socialize herself with Sidney and Archie; this lasted for a very long time. But the whispering didn’t start until second grade when Sidney began to question his origin and who his mother really was. Because even he had the feeling that Lizzy Jameson wasn’t his real mother, which this notion, defied all that he was told throughout his childhood.

* * *

Sidney Rogers is now nine years old and everyone is acting strange around him. Children in his grade are whispering to each other while looking at him. His teachers tend to all hesitate when they look at him to call upon him when he was to answer or ask a question. Was this out of the possibility that they feared him or they knew of his past? Maybe both? Because Sidney eventually became very quiet all of a sudden at that age. He would go deep into thought and stare off and only Archie, Victoria, Lizzy Jameson, and Cholé Batêr were able to break him out of the spell.
This is when Sidney began to pay attention to everyone else and he then realized that everything in his life was all a lie.

* * *

Sidney began to explore the world around him. He began to question as to why everyone was whispering and staring because it all fairly became quite annoying. He started to look around news articles with the minimal amount of reading skills that he had and then finally, he found exactly what happened to him. And now, this is where Sidney Rogers, would commit his first crime. And take his first known life. His father. Gustavo Rogers.

* * *

Page 28

Victoria watched Sidney cross the street. He approached the bank and opened the door; he stepped inside and disappeared from view. She closed her eyes and made a wish that she wasn’t there and could just disappear into thin air.
In the bank, the security officer, Gustavo Rogers, who just got out of prison a month ago, stood watch where he always stood. But this time around, he was now an old man who turned a scary shade of white for a hair color. He couldn’t do much and no one understood why he was still working around people. Or why he didn’t fess up and die, like the pedophile that he was. He didn’t, because God never likes ugly.
And so, Sidney Rogers, innocent and young, little did everyone know that it was he who would become the necrophiliac, butcher, and murderer nicknamed “Sean”. But now, Sidney Rogers was about to commit his first crime.
He walked up to Gustavo Rogers, with a pair of scissors tucked behind his back and said:
“Gustavo Rogers?”
Gustavo, who had seen this before, tried to ignore the boy but the boy was persistent until Gustavo said one word: “What?”
“I’m Sidney Rogers”
The moment he said that, Gustavo’s eyes widened in terror as he then quietly tried to shoo him away and out of the bank. Sidney continued in what he had to say as if nothing happened.
“You made me. But you starved my mother. You tried to kill me and I am going to kill you” he said.
Sidney then took the pair of scissors out from the back of his shirt and stabbed Gustavo Rogers in the stomach. Gustavo yelled like a wounded boar and staggered back. Sidney yanked the pair of scissors out of his stomach and then reached up and stabbed Gustavo Rogers in the heart. Gustavo Rogers fell, clutching Sidney Rogers. He looked up at him with dying eyes and in his last moments, Gustavo Rogers reached up and clutched at Sidney Rogers’s throat. Sidney sensed this and cut at one of his wrists and blood spurted from a severed vein.
There was blood seeping from his mouth, stomach, wrists and chest. He turned a deadly shade of pale and his grip slowly relaxed on Sidney’s throat. By then, other security guards rushed in and wrestled Sidney Rogers to the ground. They then drew his hands behind him and locked the handcuffs around his wrists. Sidney Rogers didn’t even make a move to resist.

* * *

The Young Sergeant William Mullers and Captain Gregory Fowler, and Officer Lizzy Jameson were in traffic when they heard the report of Sidney Rogers. Lizzy turned on the sirens and rushed straight to the bank where they stood in quiet shock that Sidney Rogers killed the man that made him and now they were forced to take him into police custody where Sidney Rogers began his decent into hell. Whilst Victoria watched from across the street as then Young Mullers and Officer Jameson escorted Sidney to the back of the police car where Captain Fowler sat.

Page 29

Then Officer Jameson drove off with Sidney in the back with handcuffs on. He did not glance back to notice that Victoria had tears in her eyes. For Victoria held a growing love for Sidney. But now, Officer Jameson pulled up in front of the police station. They stopped out front and Young Mullers opened the door for Sidney. Sidney stepped out with his hands cuffed behind his back and Young Mullers took Sidney Rogers gently by the arm and escorted him into the police station where he took his mug shots and fingerprinted him. Every other day after this, Sidney Rogers and William Mullers would be at odds with one another for the rest of their lives.


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