Self-motivation when we are weakness.

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Never decline into our problems, got up and tried to keep, because God will not give the load exceeds the limit of our ability. But He knows we can certainly overcome it all with the effort and prayer .... Hanging out hope in the Lord, and He will help you ....

A self-motivation, the more I go for myself, but I wanted to share here, perhaps to be a motivation as well as for you.

Failure is the success that delayed, remove your stress with thanksgiving and prayer

Actually this is what I put in to motivate myself. And I wish I could be mean as well as I shared in this article.

This self-motivation I give to myself, when I'm under stress and felt a heavy mental burden.

Always be grateful for what we get.

Perhaps this is a simple, yet very motivating ourselves when we hit or fell with the many targets awaited and is expected to occur, but the fact not as our wishes .Says our gratitude in three ways.

Let's give thanks with the heart.
Let's look around us, and look at the facts. There are still many people who have experienced more difficult circumstances than we are experiencing. The reality of this will make our hearts soft and would be grateful for favors which some people can not enjoy it.

Say Thanks in words and prayers
Blessings that we feel we will not get is Giving the Lord, Who created the universe and our all. Let's express our gratitude in prayer and words.

Show gratitude in deeds.
Give thanks in deeds not only in terms of sharing the material. Share your happiness to people around you, at least with a smile, be nice to each other and sincerely in love.

Let's do our hobby when stress.
Conducting personal pleasure when we are stressed it helps us in reducing the mental burden we feel. Because by doing a hobby, we usually enjoy and feel more relaxed. I love to make craft, and when I'm stressed, I'll do it with my two children. Make a flower or decoration of clay is one of my hobbies, and I started to teach my kids about it. There is a separate preoccupation that I got, and have a positive impact in reducing my mental tension.

If the situation is not as we wish.
There are times when we feel very disappointed in the fact that we face. When what we design properly and we guard, turned out to get results unlike the original expectations. At a time like this, reassure yourself, if this position is the initial step toward what we want. Surely there's a silver lining. Whatever the condition was. Stay doing the best we can, because it shows our quality.

Pay attention to, estimating, and fishing opportunities.
Each of us has opportunities to success. But few people are able to utilize this opportunity. Sometimes we see there are opportunities, but has limitations, eg lack of capital, lack of expertise and others. That is what the society, the existence interact, socialize, and bertolong-help. By working together it will produce a positive fit with the goals and desires. Refine the ability to see opportunities.

Hanging out with people who are highly motivated and positive thinking.
Well, in the circumstances we are psychologically weak, join with the people who have high motivation in his life, has a positive and successful way of thinking. Just like the perfume merchant, the merchant must also be smelling fragrance by itself. It is undeniable, I think, and behave in a neighborhood or community is very influential on us. Do not hang out with people who are motivated tend to be weaker and fleeing to the negative association, when you are weak mentally in a condition you will find yourself in a negative association.

Lets pray and always hold ourselves to God.
Sometimes in trying to have ups and downs. Barriers and obstacles in the move. Make sure to myself that all was a silver lining. Maybe it is God's way to educate us. We will not be educated like in school, but we are educated through the events. We'll get a lesson from the larger scale university. of university life.
May we include people who can give benefit to others. May God allow it .. Amen ..
It is not something to change if it does not start to act, and when the most appropriate time to start it if not today.

Let's try to do in our life....Good Luck for you.....


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author avatar Jerry Walch
4th Jan 2011 (#)

Well said.

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author avatar Denise O
4th Jan 2011 (#)

I agree, well said. Being perfectly honest with you, I need to work on a few of these.
Thank you for the reminder and for sharing.:)

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author avatar moengiel
4th Jan 2011 (#)

Thanks Jerry and Dennise...

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author avatar bbudoyono
4th Mar 2011 (#)

Nice tips, thanks.

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