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With services available to all and many options and people to choose from, one is forced to embellish a bit.

Embellish a Bit.

Before the advent of money, people would trade favors for favors; a carpenter might put up a shed for a farmer and get a cow for his troubles, or a fisherman would trade some of his daily catch for aid from his local healer. This, of course, could not last. It left too much to chance; the fisherman might like the baker more than the farmer, thus giving him more fish or first pick. So currency was invented. A fairer way to barter and make payment. Or so you would think.
It then became about who could tell the better story. One fisherman would proclaim to have the freshest fish, whereas another would boast about the size and tastiness of his fish. Anyone with a saleable skill would, by virtue of competition, would have to promote their own product, skill or talent just to keep eating. And so the world goes.
In modern day the "saleable" skillset is not as obvious as in days gone by. Every foodstuff is available in the local supermarket. The skill a person needs to push to get ahead now is not necessary, it is just that we have been led to believe that it is. Public relations is the new skill. Can you persuade someone that you are the one they should pay x amount for your expertise? Do you have the drive, determination and character to inspire others? Leader? Of course you're a leader! That why you headed up that project way back when. You're not a follower, you're a leader! Right? Well hold on one moment. If we are all dynamic, go get 'em, inspirational leaders, who the heck is following?


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